avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

A great night last night.  We went a perfect 3-0 for some decent profit.

We had all 3 of our games in regulation and although 2 of them we very close, in the end they all came through for us.

The Rangers beat the Blue Jackets 2-1, the Lightning beat the Leafs 2-1 and the Sharks beat the Habs 6-2.

A busy night with 9 games. Let’s keep the winning alive with the NHL Betting Tips for Tuesday, March 1st

Hurricanes vs Devils Betting Tips:

I’m a sucker for games with an over/under of 4.5.

They have played 3 times this year and there was goal totals of: 5, 4 & 6.

Both come into this on losing streaks and both have slim playoff hopes.  This is one where I feel the Over is a safe pick and both view this game as one the should win.

Over 4.5

Oilers vs Sabres Betting Tips:

These teams aren’t lighting up the scoresheets but they do get scored on a bunch.  They are both in the bottom half of the league in goals against per game with the Oilers allowing almost 3 per game.

This will be the first time that the first 2 picks of the draft play one another.  McDavid missed the first game with the injury that sidelined him for a while.  I see them both trying to one-up each other.

Over 5

Flames vs Bruins Betting Tips:

The Flames are on a 5 game losing streak.  They are 2-7-1 over their last 10 and are all but eliminated from the postseason with the teams in front of them and the ground they need to make up.

The Bruins are in the playoffs but can’t be comfortable with the teams behind them.  They need to win games like this one against a team who has and is struggling.  If the hope to stay in the playoff picture then they need to win this game. 

Bruins in regulation


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lol I am yelling at you to take these picks.
what are your picks?



Luan Duong

If you were to put 1k which one would you be comfortable with


BOSTON to beat Calgary
boston needs a win to get back into top 3 of the division


Too rich for my blood, but I agree. Boston is the safest bet to me, followed by Jersey. The others are too tough to call.


A solid GIC with a 2-3% return ^_^


Come on … that was funny!


Actually ya that’s hilarious lol


Let’s get back to normal!
Canucks, Wild, Bruins and Jets.
To score: Shea Weber, Bo Horvat and Adam Henrique.

Johnny Hockey

Hey guys @betnhlca:disqus – Whats going on with that 1st periods? Liked them really 🙂 Fun to bet 🙂

Greeting from Germany!


The system has just had no 1st period plays lately unfortunately. Hopefully soon 🙂

Johnny Hockey

Ok thanks – Yeah, hopefully! 🙂

MSF Wireless MSF Wireless

Today I’m going with…
M.L parlay- Dallas, Boston and New Jersey (0.5 units to win 2.33units )
Boston in regulation (huge 10 unit bet)
Grand slami over 48.5 (1 unit)

Good luck all!

Henry Del Valle Sr.

agree 100% on all of those

MSF Wireless MSF Wireless

Very happy about the Boston bet huge win here. But anxiety to the wire. What a game. Disappointed with Dallas and New Jersey but not a huge loss there. Also my Grand slami just hit. 10.5 unit night can’t complain. Tomorrow it will be a double or nothing press on Washington Vs Toronto in regulation. Hope all you guys did well tonight.


Parlay: Boston & Dallas (Flames sucks big time & Dallas have a good winning record with back to back games and they are too good to lose 4 in a row)


Great job guys!

I know you all will think that I am bit crazy but today I go with Flames again ? it will be very difficult game for them but fans are waiting that they ll win after 9 loosing streak.

Flames win!

If devils wants to go playoffs then they have to win tonight. Same thing for hurricanes as well. I know hurricanes are in bad form atm but they may make a surpriseeee! No I don’t really recommend you to take that risk and go on with any of those ? but of course best decisions are always what you make ?

Lots of goals waiting from sabres and oilers. Maybe 10 ? hell I am not really good on that.

Over 9.5

Senators may win and of course if they want to be part of playoff. I think they LL even if it is with pains.

Senators win

Waiting for stars win. They LL beat predators tonight. Why? Time to make fans are bit hopeful.

Stars win %100

And here is. Wilds! They must win and they ll. It ll be very difficult game but they showed us against caps that how capable they are for going to playoffs.

Wilds win %100

Good luck everyone!


Devils : it seems like Justin Faulk will be again sidelined

Eduardo Caldeira

The Over between Buffalo and Edmonton seems a little Risky… but since they are teams at the same level it could have “that value”… very hard to predict… Not really sure but I think im gonna give a shot

even the 4.5 could be risky but that I like much more… because they are playoffs teams and must play to win so… that I except a win

Bruins of course… wont say it will be easy but… looks very good even if this time Ortio is back in the net which will make things harder for Boston

The rest today seems a little hard to predict… but I like the Panthers to win also… teams with different types of play and mindset for the season… shouldn’t be a suprise and now maybe hudler is gonna play which boosts there offense


Lads, how about Caps tonight? I’m thinking about Bruins + Wilds/Caps tonight in double. Any toughts?

Btw I’m watching this site for a long time – that’s mine 1st post and I want to give u big appreciation for ur job here.Greetings from Poland!





Haha 😀

Henry Del Valle Sr.

First of all, gents…just because a team “needs” the win, doesn’t mean they will play any better or smarter than their opponent. Also, the misnomer where a team loses at home “isn’t going to lose two straight at home.” Imagine if the Bruins are tied with Calgary 3-3 with a minute left abd Loui Erikkson has a breakaway…So, naturally Ortio is going to say to himself “gosh, Bruins need to win” and he lets in the game-winner. Teams cannot will other teams to lose — it just doesn’t happen. Every team will play hard, especially hockey. We just have to find the teams with a significant advantage to bet on. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Now to my picks:
Wash ML — more of a fade against Pitt, which is in a real difficult back-to-back. It doesn’t matter to me if Fleury or Zatkoff are in net. Wash 4, Pitt 2.
Minn ML — Wild have dominated this series and the Avs are in a tricky standalone road game. They just came off a poor showing in the outdoor game, while Varlomov has been allowing nearly 4 GAA. Look for the Wild to continue its strong play of late. Gimme the Wild (howl!). Minn 3 Avs 1
Boston in REG. Bruins are much more talented than Flames. Flames have been hit with trades, morale has to be down. Hiller or Ortio have allowed tons of goals. I think Lion likes 9+ goals and this could be one of those nights where both Flames goalies get pulled and the equipment manager has to suit up and go in. Gimme Bruins. Bos 7 Cal 2
Devils ML — Canes have been stripped of offensive depth and the few they have left are injured (Faulk). A small concern with NJ trading their best offensive weapon away but I believe Schneider and his devlish buds will make the game a living h— for the Canes. Lack is in net for Canes as of this posting, so even further makes my NJ pick a confident one. NJ 3 Car 1
Leans: Dallas, Florida. Good luck every one!


Good insight and tips.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Thank you, my friend! Hope we have a great night!


Damn you, and your logic! Great share.

Michael Bishop

– Boston -1.5
– New Jersey ML
– Buffalo Over 5.5
– Washington ML
– Ottawa OT
– Colorado OT
– Dallas Over 6.5
– Florida -1.5
– Islanders -1.5

Good luck everyone!


A lot of games between evenly matched teams today. Heres what I like:

Tip + Feeling

Boston (reg) + Over
Devils (ML) + Under
Washinton (ML) + Over
Over + Edmonton (ML)
Over + Ottawa (ML)
Under + Nashville (ML)
Minnesota (ML) + Over
Florida (ML) + Under
New York (reg) + Under

I like the betnhl.ca tips today too. Hopefully March is even half as good as Feb!


You guys rule. Big thanks for awesome tips.
Made my day(s)

Arto Reinikainen

Bruins win
Devils win
Oilers win
Senators win
Predators win
Panthers win
Capitals win

Wild-Avs OT
Canucks-Islanders OT / Canucks win

GL !


Dear Arto, glad you are back.Thank you for insights.


solid night for you Arto

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Bravo, Arto!


You were best of the night Arto. Congratulations