avatar Written by Scott on Monday, March 1st, 2021

Wow.  Already through February, as my wife always says “That was fast”.

The Bruins beat the Rangers 4-1.  With the win the Bruins snapped their two game losing skid.  The Flyers beat the Sabres 3-0 for the 2nd time in a row. If the Flyers didn’t have to play the Bruins this season they would be in a much better position.  When playing the Bruins the Flyers are 0-3-2 but are 11-1-1 against the rest of the East Divison.

The Predators beat the Blue Jackets 3-1 and for the Jackets this was their 5th straight loss.  The Blackhawks beat the Red Wings 7-2 and Kane scored his 400th career goal becoming the 100th player to score that many goals in a career.  Ovechkin scored the game winner when the Caps beat the Devils 3-2.

We had the over in the Penguins/Islanders and it didn’t come in as the Islanders blanked the Penguins 2-0. Props to Sorokin for another shutout there.

We’ve said it before on here – sometimes there are losing bets that we look back at and feel it was the right pick, regardless of the outcome. Not the case this time – this was simply a bad pick and we apologize for that.

It’s one when we look back at it was an easy stay away game. A large part of that was simply not knowing how the Pens would react on their first B2B of the season. As it is they looked lethargic and didn’t look like they even cared that they were losing. It was frustrating to watch. This season has been tough to figure out but even tougher when we make basic mistakes like that. While it’s frustrating as hell when teams don’t show up like that – there were enough warning signs here that we should have been aware of it. That was a straight up bad pick.

7 games today.

March 1st, 2021 NHL Betting Tips

Jets vs Canucks

The Jets have won 4 in a row and the Canucks have lost 4 straight.  They have played each other 3 times so far this season with the Jets winning twice.  The Canucks beat the Jets when they were riding high on momentum after beating the Sens 3 straight back on January 30th.

At home this season the Jets are 8-3-1. On the road this year the Canucks have gone 3-8.

With the way these teams are playing we have to back the Jets in this game.

Jets win incl OT/SO

Canada: 1.76 Odds at BetOnline.
USA: -130 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.76 Odds at BetOnline.

(Odds correct as of 2021/03/01 9:36:02 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Flames vs Senators

They played the last two games against each other with the Sens winning the first one.

But the Flames had played 4 games in 6 nights heading into the first one and fatigue played a role in the results.

With the Flames getting some rest I expect them to come ready for this game and pick up a much needed win.

Flames win in regulation

Canada: 2.00 Odds at BetOnline.
USA: -105 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 2.00 Odds at BetOnline.

(Odds correct as of 2021/03/01 9:36:02 AM EST but are subject to change.)

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Geir Aage R Jensen

Good luck


@Scott, but she’s not talking about the month passing quickly

Nuno Teixeira




Matt Martin

Just a quick thought to play a little devils advocate. Van is getting 55% of the bets & wpg is getting 80% of the money. That usually tells me that wpg is probably the right side… Yet the line has moved from -154 to -135. That’s suuuuper fishy. Something I’ll be keeping an eye on as it gets closer to Puck drop.


What did you end up doing?

Western Rattlers

To WIN in regulation: Winnipeg
Lean: TIE after regulation: Florida
Lean: Toronto win
So many awkward teams this season. I don’t think Ottawa is done with Calgary yet. St.Louis is what? Colorado wishy-washy. I’ve been starting to wonder if the upcoming expansion draft, CBA changes and trade talks are freaking out players and ruining chemistry for many teams this season. Go Seattle! (my next “side” bet on the NHL may be on Seattle).
NOTE: upon looking at data closer, I no longer see Vegas clearly as a winner tonight.


I like the over LVK Wild


You were right about Sens

Danish Dynamite






Yep that seems like a team we would have tipped and bet on. smh.

Danish Dynamite



Yet still not as much of a shambles as Helly. Sigh.


@scott, yikes