avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Well we had another tough night last night. 

The Penguins beat the Flyers 4-1.  Bizarre situation when Letang scores what looks like a good goal, to have the goal go under review, have the refs call it no goal and then moments later they decide it was a good goal.   But either way it was a win for the Pens who distanced themselves for the Flyers in the standings and are now in 5th place. 

Huge win for the Red Wings last night.  They beat the Panthers 5-3 and remain in 8th place in the East with 83 points, 3 more than  the Flyers who have 2 games in hand.  I’m not a fan of the Red Wings but I want them to make the playoffs which would be their 25th straight appearance.  They are currently at 24 straight which is the longest streak of the 4 major sports.  Incredible.

The Sens kept their slim playoff hopes alive with a 5-0 win against Montreal.   3 of their 5 goals were shorthanded.

Alright let’s have a winning night with the NHL Betting Tips for Sunday, March 20th.

Wild vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

These teams have been evenly matched over their last 10 games where they’re both 5-5.

The last game between these teams was back on February 21st and it was the Wild coming away with the convincing 6-1 win. 

The Wild are in 9th place but only 1 point behind the Avalanche. 

With the Hawks snapping out of their slump on Friday when they beat the Jets 4-0, I see them putting together a win streak as they try to get back to the top of the Central and West standings.

Blackhawks in regulation 

Capitals vs Penguins Betting Tips:

The Caps are close to securing home ice advantage in the playoffs and the Presidents Trophy should come soon after that.  They have 107 points for 1st place in the league and have 3 games in hand over the 2nd place Stars who have 96 points.

The Penguins are in a little better position after yesterday’s win but need to pick up points to better their chances.

The Caps have been solid all year and they look forward to the games against the Penguins.  The Pens are without Malkin but have been great over their last 10 going 7-3 and have won 5 straight.  Crosby has quietly climbed into 3rd place in points.

Over 5

Flames vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

The Flames will be giving Niklas Backstrom the start which will be his first start in 14 months.  You have to wonder how much rust he will have.  He’s a 38 year goalie who hasn’t played in over a year.

The Habs are limping to the end of the year and I’m sure they can’t wait to get this season over with and try to forget what a miserable year it has been for them.

With both teams all but eliminated from the playoffs, I’m going with the team who will be taking on a rusty goalie.

Canadiens win


Experimental Betting Systems:

(Our 1st period systems are based on 3 levels of confidence that the
system has for each pick.  Ideally all 3 systems will be winners long
runs, with the high confidence system doing the best but with the least
amount of picks etc)

1st Period System High Confidence: Pittsburgh Penguins

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You are too much emotive about the Habs

Shaun Gardner

Have are not playing well and the flames have picked up a few big scalps at home…

Shaun Gardner

My thinking tonight;

What does everyone else think?


I Agree with you 100% but I feel somewhere there might be an upset or maybe not. So I will stick with it

Shaun Gardner

I wasn’t sure about the Sharks but after watching them destroy the Rangers with 56 shots on goal at home, if they can carry that form through to tonight…


Ducks, Blackhawks, Avalanche and Habs.


Devils, Caps, Habs, Hawks


Ducks – Hawks – Flames – Colorado – SJ




Eduardo Caldeira

I think it could go for the flames but with that goalie it’s kinda uncertain … I can’t take the Habs after last night lol i think it’s a game to stay away or go for the over

Habs at that odd has no value if it gets over 1.80 maybe.. Too favourites that It doesn’t make much sense


Brief check-in to make sure I mention a couple picks. Arto and I have debated at length of the value/importance of back-to-backs and I’m still not convinced they don’t play a factor.


Those four teams are all playing teams that not only JUST played last night, but have had to travel immediately after that game to get to whichever city they are playing in tonight. The Sharks are going b2b as well but stayed home. The Pens didn’t exactly have to travel far.

I don’t think EVERY game is going to pan out, but I feel if you take all 4 in regulation, you should end up ahead by the time the dust settles.

Arto Reinikainen

I meant b2b’s with good time to rest before those games. Say, you have 2 days off and then 2 games in a row.

Sharks play their 3rd game in 4 nights, so they could be tired. Although they played early yesterday and late tonight, and that game was over in 50 minutes, so i think they’ll be fine.

Hawks, Flames and Caps didn’t play last night.

Arto Reinikainen

Nvm, Habs Pens and the Wild played last night ^^ Missread your post.


Haha, those are my picks ^_^

I’m saying the travel/lack of rest falls on thier respective opponents.


Anyone worried about the Hawks starting Darling? He was solid his past 2 starts but still a little unsure even though the wild played late last night into a shootout


I think Crawford is hurt so they don’t have a choice.


No I knew that I just meant how do you think he will do in net?


I think he’s got a very good team in front of him and he won’t be the factor if they somehow end up losing.


Time to win tonight,

Ducks win %90
Devils win %70
Canadiens win %100
Colorado win %90

I will put all four in one coupon!

Good luck everyone!


You aren’t sleeping yet, I hope mate.


Where are you Lion King? It’s no time to sleep.


I am from Estonia. Big time differences ?

Arto Reinikainen

Not many positives in the past 3-4 nights. Had to take a rare night off yesterday after the early games. Was like “nope, i can’t do this” even though i started to go through the games. I’ve got the overthinking mode on and have no mojo as far as value picks go. Just feels like making a hockey game prediction is an uphill battle.

So i did something else, came back to my computer 5 minutes before the games started and decided to play a little game with myself. Try to predict every game in 1 minute. And knowing i won’t be placing any bets, i just picked every team that i think were going to win.

Woke up, looked at the results and 7/8 of my teams won. Toronto being the only one i didn’t guess right.

It’s amazing how the mind works sometimes. I mean if i went through all the games carefully in the purpose of betting i probably don’t come into the same conclusions on many of the games and end up losing again.

Sometimes you just need a small break to reset your mind and hopefully that worked for me now.

Arto Reinikainen

Ducks-Jets is such a red flag to me. Ducks pick seem so obvious, but just the odds make my head shake. I mean how many 2 reg / 1.60 ml type of odds we’ve had that failed recently ? I can name like 5 games right away from the past week.

The game in a nutshell: Jets want to win after losing 2. They can win any game atm, just like all the other non-playoff teams. No pressure, nothing to lose. It doesn’t matter they lost the last 2 games and only makes them more dangerous for this one. Ducks _should_ win, as they’re clearly the better team. They’ve lost 2 road games in a row, but won their last game at home vs Boston. They either feel like improving their road play or not. If they don’t come to play the Jets have a great chance catching the Ducks with their pants down.

So do i feel like rolling the dice on the Ducks at those odds ? Probably not. Sure, they’ve dominated the Jets and Hutchinson (who i think is in net) have lost both his starts vs Ducks and very clearly at that, while Gibson won his lone start and only let up one goal.

The way i see it, if i go for the Ducks here and they win i’ll be biting on those odds going forward – and lose more than win.


Agreed completely. I see no reason to place on this game.

For statistical purposes I would select the Ducks.


what do you think about edmonton-colorado match? i’ve got a good parlay going, and only colorado ML is missing, do you think that colorado could win? I could cash out, but if i take the risk and colorado wins, payout will be great.


I think Avs will win this one, you’re more safe including overtime and penalties.
If I will bet this game…I will do excatly the same – Colorado ML.


yeah, I hope so. I dont think that Edmonton can go on to win 3 in a row… they’re pretty bad tbh

Tobias Pettersson

My singles tonight are Hawks -1.5, Sharks -1.5 and Over 5.5 in Devils-CBJ.

Got a few tripples along with those, hope for a rare good night of NHL-betting 😛

Eduardo Caldeira

Avs , FLames both ML Chicago RT and over 5 was – Pitts my thoughts not sure if I’m going to play them all

Arto Reinikainen

Heavily considering going for Caps ML. Around 5 odds.

Caps can keep the game close enough and when fatigue kicks in for the Pens (played last night in Philly, 4th game in 6 nights), one of the best comeback teams in the league can easily do it.


Isn’t it already 2-0 penguins?
nvm ooo I get it

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah it is, hence the odds.


Yeah just understood XD

Arto Reinikainen

I guess OT makes more sense though, i doubt the Pens would let the game slip away in regulation.


Also throwing a cover bet on OT

Arto Reinikainen

Very interesting 3rd coming up, literally anything can happen. Hopefully the Caps don’t come out flying too much, or otherwise they could still take this in regulation, especially when divisional rivals tend to score those late gwg’s. Double losses are always fun


Well I had Caps in reg from the beginning and its been a roller coaster for me. I’m banking on that fatigue *poke poke*

Arto Reinikainen

Oh yeah ofc, im stupid.


Still a double loss if Pens hold on 🙁

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah, this is one of those things that if they hold on, we could look at the games they had in the past week and say they weren’t that tough. Flyers were flat yesterday and Canes aren’t the toughest opponent out there. Fatigue is such a tough thing to predict.

But if they can hold on here, imagine if it was only a normal b2b game without the games before yesterday. That’s why i don’t think regular b2b’s are tough.


Gah! Can’t believe I didn’t go with the over though. In hindsight being set at 5 was a gimmie!

Arto Reinikainen

I guess so ^^

Arto Reinikainen

About the fatigue though, i think this is a good scenario to take notes from. If the stakes are high enough as they are for the Pens atm and you have an opponent like this, they seem to be able to fight through it. If they played, say, the Maple Leafs today, i bet they would’ve been sluggish.

Also now that they fought through this, imagine if they had a game on tuesday. People will think they won’t be tired because they have a day to rest. Im 100% sure tuesday’s game would’ve been tough as hell. But fortunately for them they have 3 days off now.

All this thinking to figure out one teams energy levels, let alone keeping up with where all 30 teams are at a given situation lol.


This was probably the one I was least sure of. I did mention that the Pens didnt have much for travel as the East Coast is pretty close together. That being said I didnt expect the Caps to take this one lightly as there is always the Ovie/Crosby rivalry and they are fighting hard to get Holtby wins.

C’est la vie!


As long as there’s a bloody goal to win the over that’s all we care about 🙂


Its coming, no doubt


…but that was the wrong team 🙁


We hopped on Capitals to win the Race to 3 at 2-0. 8/1 odds for that. Find it hard to see the Pens scoring a 3rd and then Caps still winning.

Arto Reinikainen

Can’t say that was a bad bet, considering odds.

I can still see them taking this in the end, season low 12 shots for the Caps after 2, you’d think the Caps take the 3rd period especially considering how the Pens start feeling tired as the period goes on.

Glenn Olsen

You guys active on twitter for some live tips?


No unfortunately. We’d LOVE to do that but we live about a 30 minute drive away from each other, so don’t watch a lot of the games together live. We’ve tried it before with texting but just doesn’t work out. Might give it a go taking turns during the playoffs.


Oilers – Avs, any toughts lads? Got a little problem with this one – Colorado in reg or ML ?


If you’re taking the Avs I’d take them ML. Such a tricky game to call with the Avs injuries but Landeskog back, and Oilers who either don’t show up and play or show up looking like they’re a cup contender.

Arto Reinikainen

Loss of Duchene and Mackinnon really hurts. And the Oilers are playing well right now. It’s their last chance to beat the Avs this season and there’s no better revenge than taking those important 2 points away from them as they’re in the playoff hunt.

I personally would lean towards Oilers ML but have to admit Brossoit in goal is a bit of a mystery.

Arto Reinikainen

You guys think Smith can stone the Sharks again ?

I mean i’d imagine the Coyotes wanting this game more as they know they have to work to beat the Sharks. For the Sharks though, they’ve beat the Coyotes so many times 1 loss is no biggie, i doubt they’re out looking for revenge. Sharks bombarded Lundqvist last night, maybe they will let the fatigue creep in a bit ?

Coyotes ML odds are set at +3 atm.


Interesting thought. However, I find it hard to see the Coyotes team without Ekman-Larsson beating the Sharks twice in a row. On the other hand, Sharks performance at home hasn’t been too promising. Could be a decent value bet.

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah chose to leave that alone and im glad i did as the Sharks are up 2-0. Just wasn’t feeling it in the end.