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Another awesome winning night last night, as we went 2-1 with our NHL Tips. We lost the underdog bet of Tampa beating the Leafs – but we got the nice 2.22 win with the Wild defeating the Red Wings, and the Sharks/Oilers was an easy over 5 goals. We even predicted that it’d be a 6-7 goal night!

The Blackhawks had a big loss against the Ducks completely collapsing in the last 5 minutes – not a good outing for them. Tonight we’ve got 9 games on the board which should be fun – lot of interesting games. The Leafs take on Buffalo, my Habs have a tricky game against the NY Islanders, and Washington have a tough test against the Winnipeg Jets.

Let’s get to the NHL Betting Tips for March 21st, 2013:

Habs vs Islanders Betting Tips: Islanders To Win

The Islanders are quite big underdogs in this one, with 2.15 odds over at Bet365. That’s quite a surprise considering the last two times these teams have faced off.

It’s not just a case of the Islanders winning – it’s the way both teams play against each other. Islanders are just a lot better matchup for the Habs – it’s nothing to do with “bogey teams” or anything like that. The Islanders are just a very tough matchup for the Habs.

With them at home, and the odds at 2.15 then this one is really a no-brainer: as much as I hate to say it, bet the Islanders.

Leafs vs Sabres Betting Tips: Goal in first 9:30

We’re taking the special bet offered at Bet365 where you can bet that there will be a goal in the first 9 minutes and 30 seconds of the Leafs vs Sabres game.

Buffalo always start fast and many of their goals have came in the first few minutes of a period. Leafs are going to be a bit tired after playing last night and traveling – even if it’s a short distance the traveling still doesn’t help. Buffalo had the night off and will be raring to go especially after their victory over the Habs.

I’m liking this one to get off to a fast start with a goal – most likely from Buffalo – and you can bet this at Bet365.

Panthers vs Rangers Betting Tips: Rangers -1.5

The New York Rangers haven’t been killing it goals wise – but this match is set up perfectly for them to go out there and rack up a nice score.

Rangers picked up back to back wins and this is a huge game for them. They’ve been looking on forum lately. Florida meanwhile are hopeless – their playoff dreams are practically over. Sure Florida picked up the win against Carolina – but when you lose 3 defenders to injury it’s pretty much expected that the other team will take over.

Rangers picked up 3 goals against the Devils and will be confident – bet the handicap at 2.40 odds.

Additional Recommendation – Longshot Bet of the Night:

I might make this a regular feature or I might not – undecided right now. However over at Bet365 one of the MANY prop bets they offer is where you can bet the “Highest Team Score of the Night”. Basically you are predicting what the most amount of goals one team will score will be. So the odds are:

0-3 Goals: 67.00
4 Goals: 9.00
5 Goals: 3.00
6 Goals: 3.00
7 Goals: 4.50
8 Goals or More: 6.50

So as you can see – some nice betting odds in there. Last night for example every single winner scored 4 goals, so the 4 goals bet would win.

Despite so many games tonight, I still like that 4 goals bet. I’m looking at all the games and it’s hard to pick a team that’s going to score 5 or more.

So I’m throwing in the additional fun bet of 4 goals the highest a team scores. To find it visit Bet365, click “Hockey” on the left, then under NHL Thursday 21/03 choose “Nightly Props” and it’s there.

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