avatar Written by Scott on Monday, March 21st, 2016

It was a 1-2 night last night with the regular tips although the 1st period system got the Penguins winning the 1st period correct – so you were in the black if you bet on that.

The Penguins beat the Capitals 6-2.  The Pens jumped into 3rd place with the win.  It just shows you how close the standings are in the East when not long ago the Pens were at the bottom.  But they can’t feel comfortable yet, they have 88 points but the 8th place Wings have 83.

The Flames beat the Canadiens 4-1.  Big game from Flames goalie Backstrom who picked up the win in his first game in over a year.  Rust?  What rust?

The Avalanche and the Wild both won their games so the Avs have 80 points in 8th place, the Wild have 79 for 9th.

A slower night with only 4 games but 3 of them involve teams in the playoffs.

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Flyers vs Islanders Betting Tips:

Should be a good game.

On one side you have the Flyers who are pushing hard to make the playoffs and are currently only 3 points out but have games in hand on the team they are chasing, the Red Wings.  On the other you have the Isles who are in 7th place and only 5 points ahead of the Flyers.

The Isles have lost their last 3 games, Halak is out and that’s hurting this team, the Flyers lost their last game but are 7-2-1 over their last 10.

I like the Flyers play of late and when they play a team like the Isles, who are slumping and without their starting goalie, I like their chances to come away with the win.  Plus there is decent value for the win.

Flyers win

Panthers vs Rangers Betting Tips:

Both teams come into this game looking to get back into the win column.  Both teams are in the playoffs but at this time of year points are still at a premium to better their chances at home ice in the playoffs.

This is the 3rd and final game between these teams after splitting the first 2, this could come down to the goalies.

It looks like the Panthers are going to start Roberto Luongo, who has been terrible when playing at MSG where he has a 3.67 GAA.

Henrik Lundqvist should get the start for the Rangers.  He has been fantastic against the Panthers and had won 6 straight against  them before losing in January. He also has a 1.91 GAA against Florida.

Rangers Win


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Atte Tamtam

AL montoya will start for panthers….


Montoya is 7-3-0 with a 2.21 GAA and .920 SV% on the road this season and tonight he faces a Rangers team that has lost five of seven. I like the Cats tonight

David McGillis

This is a pick that I wholeheartedly


Flames are 5-9 in last 14. 11-23 on the road. 2.4 GF / 3.2 GA on the road. last 5 they have done OK, but with Hiller in net they are a weaker team. Flames website confirms that Hiller starts tonight.

David McGillis

I stand corrected. This mornings reports on the Fan960 radio were stating Ortio might get the start over Hiller tonight but Bob Hartley just came out and announced that Hiller will get the nod.

Either way, even with Hiller the pylon in net I am still siding with a Flames win tonight (just not in regulation). I chose to look at the results from the respective teams last 10 games not the last 14. Heck, both teams have similar results over past 15 games or so. Lately, it hasn’t mattered who Hartley has put in net as the tenders have been competing very hard day in & day out preventing Calgary from gaining a better potential draft lottery percentage position.

Cheers! ✌

David McGillis

Jonas Hiller, the Pylon!

Atte Tamtam

Yeah lets go panthers 🙂


Thanks. Everything we read said it was Luo but looks like they are planning on alternating. Oh well we wrote the tip already have to stick with it.

David McGillis

No you don’t. Picks aren’t booked till drop of the puck! We will give you a mulligan on tonight’s FLA/NYR game!!

Cheers! ?


tonight medium stake TOR in regulation.


I think all home teams will win tonight.

David McGillis

I respectfully disagree siding with all visiting teams to come ahead in the win column with the possible exception of the FLA/NYR game which I predict will go into overtime or even a possible shootout. Good Luck tonight ?


I like the TML all over Calgary tonight. Hiller starts for Calgary and he has been terrible. Toronto is nicked up, but those kids are working hard for a place in the show and have beaten better teams than the Flames, who are flaming out. Also, over 1.5 for first and TML to score 2.5+

I like the Flyers too. Isles are limping into the playoffs and the Flyers are flying high going 8-4 in last 12, including some huge wins against good teams.

Kings ML & score 2.5+ – I think the Kings are playing better than any team in the league right now, and I’m not a Kings fan. They have great chemistry, solid at both ends and are getting some great tending from Quick. They are not a team who is going to let a little trip across the country keep them from coming out hard. They are playing with playoff intensity and have a point to make with western conf teams. They absolutely destroyed the CBH a week ago and the Preds are their next victim.

CBB playoffs – Take S Carolina ATS vs Georgia Tech. 75%

good luck boys.

David McGillis

You have confirmation that Hiller is in net tonight? Word locally is that Ortiz will be between the pipes tonight. If so, my prediction is a Flames win in regulation for tonight’s ‘lottery bowl’


Who the Hell is Ortiz??

David McGillis

LoL! My bad, i meant Ortio NOT Ortiz. Dumb smartphone autocorrect.✌


Pity would love to see Tito in goal for them.

David McGillis

Too funny! ?


David Ortiz (Big Papi) is trying out life after Red Sox as NHL goalie. He’s so big, there won’t be any space to squeeze a puck by him.


flames website says Hiller is starting.

David McGillis

I stand corrected. This mornings reports on the Fan960 radio were stating Ortio might get the start over Hiller tonight but Bob Hartley just came out and announced that Hiller will get the nod. Either way, even with pylon Hiller I am still siding with Flames win tonight.

Cheers! ✌


Hi friend,

I especially like Calgary to spit fire and burn TML’s rookies. Gaudreau, Monahan, Hamilton, Brodie and captn’ Gio, those guys all by themselves can roll over Babcock’s line-up. I think bookers clearly underestimate CGY since they have an interesting NHL line-up considering «only» offense.


Hiller been struggling this much this season makes me feel this game is an +5 goals as CGY could reach this mark by itself, because the game will be a wide-open one and that Hiller will start.

I find values in these positions:

+1.5 and +2.5 goals 1st period at 2.02 and 4.50
+2.5 goals 2nd period at 3.30
CGY to win being one goal behind, regular time at 7.50

My other thoughts later on. Cheers


Indeed I’m taking CGY ML 2@2.02, in regulation @2.75 and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G CGY-1.5 @4.00.

#Scott #Graeme I’m surprised you didn’t find any value in this game, I’m curious to have your thinking going into this game.


Interesting thoughts, I’m not convinced that Flames will win, but I do like the over odds


Sorry for not responding sooner Pat. There seems to be an issue with Disqus where the e-mails notifying us of comments come in later so didn’t get a notification of this one till through the night.

We stayed away because other than their last two results the Flames have been very poor on the road and we weren’t convinced they’d ride their momentum. More importantly however we stayed away because the Leafs are wild right now. Some games they look so out of their depth, other games they’re looking fantastic. They’re just too hard to predict right now.

David McGillis

Alot of Dawgs will be barking at the rink tonight:

FLA +123
PHI +119
CGY +105
LA +104


Atte Tamtam

I will take flyers, Florida, kings but maybe overtime in that game…. toronto vs galgary is a tricky one…


Hello there everyone,

I have limited time, so I will be short and explain my positions later on coming back from duty. Good information given by couple of guys if you get to scroll down, so there you go with my picks:


CGY multiple picks as posted earlier.

PHI to collect a point vs NYI & CGY regular time @4.51

CGY to score +2.5 goals, NYR/FLO DRAW & PHI ML @16.13

Cheers, goodnight to everyone.

Eduardo Caldeira

ridiculous man… why so many bets on calgary? with PL, ML and RT … easily you would just pick one…

Luan Duong

Under 21.5 total
Home -0.5

Those are my picks, if someone got any insight give me a shout.

Johnny Hockey

Halak is out, Isles want to bounce back, Flyers are on fire – I think Over 5 is a very solid pick here. What you guys think?


Hi everyone…I’ve been here about a month now so here are my picks for the 1st time…….Rangers -1.5….Flames to Win…Take the Flyers with +1.5 Goals….Good Luck to everyone…..Hope everyone wins BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TONIGHT

Arto Reinikainen

Alright lets get back to winning. Time to get out of this slump.

Rangers ML @ 1.74

Notes: Panthers will make a game of it for sure, they’re a very good team even with a couple of injuries on the back end. But anything else than a win here is just simply unacceptable for the Rangers. I’d probably go for them regardless, but Lundqvist vs Montoya just makes it even more sweeter. Thing is though, the Panthers have scored the first goal in each of their last 6 games and have had quite strong starts (duh). And if you look at how they’ve lost to the Isles and Red Wings recently, they just got outmatched in the 3rd periods because both teams needed the win more at the time. And this is again the same type of game. So am i going to go for the meh odds now, or wait for them to score the first goal which is a strong possibility and then go for the blueshirts ? Especially when you look at the last 2 home games for the Rangers, they didn’t have good starts. When the stakes are high the Rangers are a pretty good comeback team at home. Something to chew on, but i definitely see this is as the type of game where the Rangers take over in the later stages rather than right from the get go.

Flyers ML @ 2.12

Notes: It’s hard to ignore how good the Flyers have been lately. Last game was their first bad game in a while, i think their preparation for the game just failed as it was a 4 point game in front of your home crowd, It’s not always easy to come out and do what you’re supposed to do when the pressure is on. But i doubt that game will carry over to this one. Fortunately for them they get another chance at a 4 point game right away, on the road where there is less pressure. Im 100% confident the Flyers will bring it tonight. But so will the Isles. They’re in a slump but haven’t lost in regulation in their last 7 home games. Must win game for them as well, but something’s gotta give. I just think the Flyers are a bit better at the moment, and when you get underdog-like odds for the team you think is better ? Just have to go for it. High chance for OT and if the Isles do win, i think they win in OT/SO. Over 5 also another decent option.

About the Halak situation though, i don’t think the Islanders are getting poor results because of bad goaltending. I’ve heard from many Isles fans that overall, Greiss has actually been better this year and from what i’ve seen, i agree. I mean not much of a difference between the two of them and Halak is probably more talented (yet so inconsistent), but yeah, IMO it doesn’t make much of a difference who the Isles have in goal atm.

Leafs-Flames = I think the Leafs will win. the Flames are rolling but b2b, 3rd game in 4 nights, you’re winning games, don’t need points and then you face the Maple Leafs ? I mean, if the Flames somehow show a good effort tonight then kudos to them, but to me this is the typical off-night type of game. Bernier has won 4 of his past starts vs Calgary and we all know how bad Hiller’s been this year. Also give credit to Toronto, they are actually playing well rather than just relying on the other team sleeping on them.
BUT 1.78 ML odds for the Leafs ? Forget it. I don’t trust them enough, in fact i wouldn’t be surprised if this game goes to OT and Calgary steals the win in the OT/SO despite the Leafs maybe “deserving” the win. By the way, have we even seen the Leafs with 2.3 regulation win odds this year ? Lol.

Kings in regulation @ 2.70

Have to ride the hot team. They have the makings of a big winning streak. And if they win i think they’ll get it done in regulation.

Tobias Pettersson

I see tonights games the same as you, got Kings ML though. Hard to look past Kings when you get these odds on them, almost doesn’t matter who they play when you get 2.00 for Kings ML 😛

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah it was one of those games no matter how it ends up, it wasn’t a bad pick value considered. Didnt work out this time, but shying away from teams streaking will leave you kicking yourself a lot of times.

Tobias Pettersson

I won’t count them out just yet, it’s still the Kings. They can come back from 0-3 in one period 😛

Really annoying though that i have a parlay with 4 games and only Kings look to miss 🙁


betting live on TIE when 3:1. Looked good at 3:2 but now not so good after NASH scored :(. Also have LA in combo bet – need them to win the period..

Tobias Pettersson

I had the quad parlay, got the first 3 right but needed the Kings comeback 🙁

Tobias Pettersson

1-3 and the hunt is on, let’s go Kings! 🙂

Eduardo Caldeira

Had a Good night last night just went wrong for the Blackhawks … Like i said going for the Canadiens was killing yourself, they are in a complete slump , didn’t even scratch almost an old goalie who hasn’t played for a while.. That should of just been avoided , too much emotions on a team that has no heart.. Canadiens have been a joke almost all season.. Sad to see but true.

I like your picks today so I’m just jumping on that , Montoya is the goalie and I believe that the isles – flyers could have goals also

As a Calgary Flames fan I would be careful tonight… Clearly Calgary is better but with Hiller I believe it’s gonna go to Toronto… He just leaks so bad… I would go for the over .. Much safer or let it go down and take the 4.5 totals … It’s almost guarantee that it will have lots of goals

Kings and Nashville it’s hard to find value.. I do like the predators and kings to be a low scoring game but it’s tricky.. I’m just gonna stay away from that game


Rangers, Philly, Leafs, Kings good luck!!

Arto Reinikainen

Interesting case today that i forgot to mention as i found it out just before the games started.

I found Kings 2.05 ML odds, and Preds 2.02 ML odds. So i split 50 units on both, as it was 100% chance to win lol.

Not often you see something like this. I recommend always to keep an eye out on odds across multiple sites.

Tobias Pettersson

LOL, that’s crazy, easy .07 profit for you.

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah, basically one free night out xD

I know professional people always look for these, but this is the first one i’ve ever found.

Tobias Pettersson

Kings up to 2-3 now 😉

Arto Reinikainen

Go go !

Tobias Pettersson

Crap, 4-2 🙁


Thats hilarious! I hope the game doesn’t end in a tie!

The NHL has decided to reintroduce ties for one night only … doh!