avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Well it’s about time.  After a rough patch we had a perfect night going 2-0.

Our first tip was for the Flyers to beat the Islanders and they did just that winning 4-1.  With the 2 points the Flyers moved closer to 8th place and still have a game in hand on the Wings.

The last tip was the Rangers to beat the Panthers.  When we posted the tip it was thought that Luongo was going to get the start and he’s been terrible at MSG.  Then later in the afternoon it was announced that Al Montoya was getting the start.  But we still picked up the win when the Rangers won 4-2.

The other games of the night saw the Leafs beat the Flames 5-2.  Big game from Leafs rookie Nylander who scored and added 2 assists for his first career 3 point night.  And the Predators beat the Kings 5-2.  They now have a 7 point lead over the 8th place Avalanche.

A full night tonight with 10 games.  And come tomorrow morning it will be fun to see where the teams have moved in the standings.

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Ducks vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

The Ducks are still trying to fix the horrible start they had to the season.  They come into this game winners of their last 2 games. They’re 13-3-2 over their last 18 road games.

The Habs have April 9th circled on their calender.   That’s their final game of the season and can move on from what has been a forgettable year for them and their fans.  They have so many great players but the injuries they suffered this year were just to much for them to overcome.  We have backed them over the last little while as they still showed fight but when arguably the best goalie and defensemen in the league are out, and you throw in Gallagher, Desharnais and Petry,  this team needs some rest.

The Ducks are trying to hold off the Sharks who are only a point behind them, and in the process catch the Kings who lead the Pacific Division.

With so much on the line for the Ducks, and the state of the Habs roster I don’t see this game ending any other way.

Ducks in regulation

Canada: 1.97 Odds at Sports Interaction
USA: -120 Odds at BetOnline.
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Blues vs Sharks Betting Tips:

The Blues are in 2nd place in the Central and 3rd in the West.  With a win tonight they would be tied for 1st in both.

The Sharks are chasing the Ducks and are only one point behind them.

There last game was a 6-3 Sharks win on February 22nd

Over the last 10 games between these teams there has been an average of 7.20 goals. They have some fiesty, high scoring games and I expect this one to be another one of those.

Over 5

Canada: 1.80 Odds at Sports Interaction
USA: -130 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 1.78 Odds at Pinnacle Sports

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Capitals vs Senators Betting Tips:

After one of their worst losses of the year, 6-2 against the Penguins, the Caps will be looking to come back and capture the Metropolitan Division and the East.

The Sens have been battling to stay in the playoff conversation but will need to pass 4 teams to get there. 

This is the 3rd and final game between these teams with the Caps winning the first 2 by scores of 7-1 & 2-1.

With a win meaning so much for the Caps, it’s hard to bet against them.

Capitals in regulation

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Experimental Betting Systems:

(Our 1st period systems are based on 3 levels of confidence that the
system has for each pick.  Ideally all 3 systems will be winners long
runs, with the high confidence system doing the best but with the least
amount of picks etc)

1st Period System High Confidence: Philadelphia Flyers
3.00, Anaheim Ducks 2.65, Tampa Bay Lightning 2.75, Ottawa Senators 3.60.

1st Period System Low Confidence: Vancouver Canucks
3.35, Edmonton Oilers

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Americans: Bet 1st Periods at BetOnline. or Bovada

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My picks for tonight are:
Blue Jackets, Ducks, Jets and Oilers.


Tonight picks,

Flyers win
Hurricanes win
Senators win
Canadiens win
Wild win
Hawks win
Coyotes win
Blues win

I will put all in one!

Good luck everyone!


all in one? as in parlay? Now how many times have you gotten so many games right? Waste of moneys. Good luck though.


I bet with small amount when I put all in one ? I remember a day that I had 11 in 12 but such things are not happening so often. I just bet and play today is one of those days ? Good luck my friend.

Arto Reinikainen

I do this as well with 7+ games. Only bet 0.5 units, so even if it is a lot of money in the long run, i don’t really care. I hit a 10-game parlay once (only regulation wins and draws) and man, that feeling (and the money) was priceless.
And it’s not like i completely lucked out on it. Have had several 7/9, 9/11 type of nights as well.
Of course it doesn’t make any sense to bet like this for people new to the NHL, but when you reach the point that hardly anything surprises you anymore, from my point of view it’s not impossible for the stars to align and your hard work paying off big time.


I love lion’s picks. You can usually guess them beforehand: they will be the opposite of everyone else’s 😀
But Lion King, we need percentages on these puppies.


Updated ☺

Shaun Gardner

How do you justify senators and Canadians and the wild all winning?


You’re new here, aren’t you?

Shaun Gardner

I’ve been reading up for a while but, new to sharing a view..


Senators needs to win. Capitals dont have anything to worry and they play relax and enjoy it. It doesnt matter much for them if they lose. Otherwise capitals are best in this year.

Canadiens are weird and hard to trust them but it is their last chance. Ducks are very good but dont trust them in that game.

Wild are good. Arent they? They were very unlucky last few games. They do like such games and if they want to keep their hoped for playoffs then must win.

This is the way how i make my decisions

Good luck!


S&G: liking the picks today. Wish my site allowed me to parlay with wins in reg.

I also like Ducks PL. Montreal has totally tanked and the Ducks are a very good team. I don’t know if they are coasting at this point but the value makes a light bet on the PL here.

Star-BH O5.5 – even without Seguin, Stars have potent offense and they are shooting against Darling who has gone 2-8. Looks like BH might be shooting against Niemi who is just about as bad. 6 goals in this game is not hard to imagine.

LAK-Wild O5 – total 5+ is 8-2 for both these teams. Kings dead legs will be gone from cross country trip and they’ll come out hard against a Wild team that is very motivated to get the last WC. Odds of push or better are very good.

Red Wings ML – I like the odds for a team that has found their groove recently and is very motivated to stay in the playoff picture. Bolts, on the other hand, have been struggling with injuries. Detroit has owned Bolts this season and Howard has been beast vs Bolts, going 2-0-0 with a 1.00 GAA and .961 SV% in the first two games of the series.

No CBB tip today, but here’s my NBA tip: Grizzlies over LAL -3. High confidence

good luck boys.


With out a doubt Habs are hurting but “Best Goalie and defensemen “haha that is just ignorant to say


Nah it’s perfectly fine and our statement is accurate.


Sure !!


Where’s your pics iceman?


In the process…

Eduardo Caldeira

Best defender is a laugh lol, as for price I don’t think he is the best , but he is a top 5 goalie for sure


Yes I agree with you Eduardo but I love when Habs fan always say Best Goalie and Best defender is just too funny ahahahahahah


I’d say any defenseman who has won the Norris and is a multiple time nominee deserves to be mentioned when talking about the best defenders in the NHL.

And agreed with Price I mean he only won the Hart & Vezina last year lol. No big deal.

And it wasn’t a Habs fan that wrote the above post. If anyone is showing their ignorance it’s you.


Hey whatever makes you happy …


It doesn’t matter ,is just ignorant to say some thing like that no disrespect..

Tobias Pettersson

I wouldn’t say they are the two best players in their position either, but it’s hardly a reach to do so. You can make a good argument for both Price and PK so i have no idea why you are busting his chops about it.


@Scott: What is this “system”? Something you developed yourself, or does it have a name, please?



Arto Reinikainen

Probably something they created. After a couple of years i realized there’s so many games, teams and stuff that matters. It’s impossible to think every single game in your head and not miss something. Like this night for instance, 10 games is a lot and without any type of system to give you some kind of insight before even thinking helps so much.

It took me 2 years to develop a system that with that only, i could be on the winning side. And im still trying to improve it. Unfortunately my pc crashed completely a couple months ago and i lost all my files, so i’ve had to re-create a lot of it and can’t remember everything, so im back in the trial and error phase :/

I don’t know what type of approach they went with to make one, and what kind of stats they keep track on, but yeah it’s likely they just made one themselves. For example that’s why the 1st period system is still experimental, as they’re trying to figure out which stats actually matter the most and what doesn’t matter at all.

Arto Reinikainen

Hurricanes win
Blue Jackets win
Senators win
Red Wings win
Jets win
Wild win
Blackhawks win
Coyotes win
Sharks win

I don’t trust the Ducks tonight and think it’s not worth the risk. BTW they said in the Ducks broadcast that the players told them they don’t really care about their position in the standings, as long as they make the playoffs it’s all good. And i think this is the case with a lot of teams (thus we always see so many upsets this time of the year, tough to predict when teams show up and when they dont). And it makes sense, i mean the Ducks have been in the playoffs many times and know they have to be ready to beat anyone anyway. And statistically in the later rounds home advantage hasn’t been as much of an advantage as you’d think. Just my 2 cents.


With great respect my friend, I just can’t see the Habs beating the Ducks, even if the Ducks are treating it like a scrimmage. Now, if you told me they were putting an AHL roster out there I’d go along with you, but the Ducks can clinch tonight and that’s worth playing for. Once they clinch, I see them letting up a bit, but not before. If they win, next up is TML and that’s a team that has a legitimate shot at knocking off the Ducks.

Arto Reinikainen

I didn’t say they would beat them though. For the Ducks it doesn’t matter a single thing if they win in OT/SO as opposed to regulation.

There is not a single NHL game you can treat as a scrimmage and win in regulation (unless your goalie saves your ass) ^^ I’ve unfortunately proven myself this time and time again. Besides, the Jets aren’t that much better atm and they took the Ducks to OT on sunday.

All im saying is i don’t like the odds, and think it’s smart to pass. If i had to pick a winner ofc i’d choose the Ducks.

PS. The Ducks have basically clinched already. I mean who is going to catch them ? Coyotes are 20 points behind… And this is what worries me.


Valid points, thanks for the insight. I always learn from hearing your reasoning.

Arto Reinikainen

Np man. I definitely understand why you would see the Ducks taking this game 10 times out of 10. And with hot Gibson in net, who played well against the Habs the last time around, they will most likely win ^^
Just one of those games that i have so many bad experiences from that i’d rather sit back and see what happens. Hopefully they get it done 🙂


tonight 2 game parlay medium stake


in regulation.

Alexandre Didelot

Tampa Bay Lightning – Detroit Red Wings ?
i want to say Tampa


I am inclined towards Tampa but not so much that I would bet. Could be anything…. :D. Maybe OT? 🙂


Over 5.5 (even)Dallas vs Chicago

Over 5.5 (+120) Canucks vs Jets

Carolina Hurricanes -135

Columbus Blue Jackets -110


Tonight I like



Great picks for great minds?

Johnny Hockey

What you think about the Flyers? They played last night, but are absolutely on fire! @artoreinikainen:disqus @betnhlca:disqus :disqus

Arto Reinikainen

See above ^^

I personally would pass on the Flyers tonight and see how they do, then go from there. They will win a bunch of games before the regular season is over so we will get our chances to hop on board, but this game is just so iffy.

But don’t let me get in the way if you feel like the Flyers have no problems showing grade A effort tonight – decent possibility of course.

Johnny Hockey

Thanks man 😉

Arto Reinikainen

Welp, Mason stole the game for them.

Point was there though, before the game if i knew that the Jackets would outshoot the Flyers 2/1 i wouldn’t have gone for the Flyers.

Gotta hand it to Mason though, tough game last night and to come out and be their #1 star tonight – not easy.

Tobias Pettersson

I hated the Flyers before, i hate them even more now. From now on i will always close any Flyers-bet i have with 3 min to go.


Sorry didn’t see this till now Johnny. We would have said no bet due to the odds. It was very tight and before the odds came out we decided if either team was 2.10 or above we’d bet it for value thinking it was a real evens game. Both were 1.90 which was as we expected so no pick there.

Arto Reinikainen

Alright so i posted my picks a couple hours ago but had to make some adjustments after looking at the odds.

Tonights theme is value no doubt.

Sabres ML @ 2.25

– Now initially i was thinking about the Hurricanes or OT, but i can’t deny that the almost 100% healthy Sabres (-Ennis) are just clearly the better team. Also they already beat the Canes twice this season, so who is to say they couldn’t do it one more time ? Yeah the Canes will want to win for a change and end this losing streak, but i don’t think the Sabres are happy about losing to the Leafs either. Should be a close game regardless, but i just can’t overlook these odds. Sabres are being downplayed in this one and i want to take advantage of it.

Blue Jackets in regulation @ 2.60

– I know this will look like a weird pick for a lot of people, but hear me out. Flyers are rolling there’s no question. But the moment i saw this game this morning i thought to myself “oh man this is going to be a letdown game for the Flyers isn’t it”. Whenever you’re playing well and face a team that isn’t as good as your team, there’s a chance you’re going to be overconfident. After two 4 point games, this one will look like a walk in the park, especially because the Jackets are missing their captain and they’ve lost a bunch of games recently. But the Jackets are always a tough opponent for the Flyers, and they love being the underdogs at home ice. Bob is an ex-flyer and players usually want to show up against their former teams. If this isn’t enough, the Flyers are playing their 3rd game in 4 nights. Doesn’t sound so weird now does it ? I mean, there’s obviously a chance the Flyers prove me wrong and with 10 games left in the regular season their awareness is off the charts, but if the Blue Jackets win i think they win in regulation. Not quite the value i was hoping for, but good decent enough to give it a go.

Senators in regulation @ 3.25
Also over 5

– I’ve been going back and forth on this one. But i came to the conclusion that this game should be like the stanley cup final for the Sens. Caps won the first 2 meetings and are the best team in the NHL. Sens can’t lose a single game at this point. For all their inconsistency and inability to beat weaker teams when they need to, there’s no denying sometimes the Sens are magical on home ice. Im not sold on the Caps looking at this game as a “must bounce back” type of game. They know they’re a lot better than the Sens, and had been playing well again before that loss to the Pens, and they’re already running away with the Presidents trophy. Maybe i let the value get to me, but i can definitely see the Sens playing one of their best games of the season tonight.

Bolts – Red Wings OT @ 3.85

– Detroit has finally got into that playoff mode. Meanwhile Bolts are not playing as well as they’d like. I might be kicking myself for not going for the great value in Detroit because again, i think they’re downplayed heavily in this one when they really shouldn’t be. Without Filppula and Callahan these two teams are as even as they come. At first glance Bishop vs Howard favors Bolts, but Howard won his last 2 games vs Tampa and was solid giving up only one goal in each game. Anyway, i just think there’s a solid chance for OT and i choose to chase the highest value here.

Wild in regulation @ 2.40

– Losing 2 in a row is very typical after a winning streak. Wild want this game more as they need every single point, that race with the Avs is tight as F atm. Last game was a great confidence boost for them when they beat the Hawks. Kings are a bit better sure, but the Wild are an underrated team and can get this done. Im a bit worried because the Wild always struggle to score goals and these teams generally have low scoring games. But the reason i go for the regulation win is, if the Kings manage to get it to OT they probably win it then.. the Wild are a disaster in 3vs3 and the only saving grace they have is Coyle who is magical in the SO.

Blackhawks ML @ 1.76 ML
Also over 5

– Not going to be easy, oh boy. But if the Hawks lose yet another game i’ll be disappointed. Stars are playing well but they’re without Seguin and Demers. Anyway, the Hawks are not the type of team to struggle this heavily on home ice for long. They’d rather do it tonight and i feel like the Stars are just the right type of challenge.

Sharks in regulation @ 2.25
Also over 5

– They were a bad home team earlier in the season. Well they’ve made a complete 180. Firing on all cylinders and ready to take on any challenge. I think they’re just a bit better than the Blues and can win this one.

Other notable picks i was thinking about but chose to pass on:
Ducks in reg
Canucks-Jets OT
Coyotes ML

Now im aware there’s a bunch of 50/60 games tonight and i could look like a complete fool when it’s all said and done. But hey that what gambling is about.

Good luck !!

Arto Reinikainen

Actually looking at the Sharks-Blues game, i have to change my mind lol.

I missed the fact that the Blues lost both meetings this season. They’re out looking for revenge & are rested while the Sharks have played quite a few games recently and just lost Vlasic.

Blues ML @ 2.20 seems like a good idea.

Arto Reinikainen

Woah this is the season for the Sens. Caps came to play and are running with it. Oh well, it was 50/50 for me how the Caps see this game and i chose wrong.


Congrats guys on going 2-0 last night….I went 2-1 for my 1st time out….Let’s say a little prayer for everyone in Belgium tonight, it’s very sad day. Now getting back to the NHL. My Picks for tonight
Anaheim in regular time; Tampa Bay; Ottawa +1,5 goal(s)….Good Luck to every on Tonight…WIN BIG!!!!! In memory of Belgium

Eduardo Caldeira

tbh im with these tips today… didnt have time to check properly.. had also a great night everything I got it right.. just got the last game wrong but like I said I didnt bet on a game I was going to avoid

GL to all im with betnhl tonight… just a little concerned of the over… but in long term I see value


Tobias Pettersson

btw S&G, have you done any calculations on whether the 1st Period system is better suited for DnB or -0.5? Do you lose too much value when you go DnB or is it team dependant (as in some teams draw more then others)?


Not yet Tobias. Plan to do that during the Summer though once we have enough sample data.

Tobias Pettersson

Okey, look forward to that. I would assume that it could differ from team to team though.


well it hasnt been a good night for me. I better go sleep, its late here. Good luck to all 🙂

Tobias Pettersson

Rough night here aswell, Flyers imploding was not good for me at all. Can get saved though if Sharks win and i hit my livebets, might even turn a profit if all is well (i don’t expect it though).


Yeah had fliers too and they screw it up at the last minute baah. My live betting isn’t doing much better either, even though little better than my main bet kings and ducks. GL :).

Tobias Pettersson

I got Jets and Jets -1.5 along with Kings to turn as my livebets, so looks doable. Haven’t been watching the Kings game but i glanced at the stats on waronice and looks like they can turn it around.

29-13 in 5v5 Shot Attempts.


Yeah Kings could win still or go into OT, but had them on parlay with the ducks, so that is done. I got them OT in a combo bet , but the way my bets are combined I can’t make profit anymore, also I somehow managed to bet 1st. Periods instead of third, not sure how…hehe.

Tobias Pettersson

I just remembered that i still have my biggest unit bet left with the Over 5 in Sharks-Blues too, so my night can still be saved.

Jets scored 2-0 with a few seconds left so the livebets are in there. Went with kind of small bets for the livebets today though so still in the hole.