avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, March 22nd, 2019

A 1-1 night for a slight loss with the NHL Tips yesterday.

We had the Habs in regulation and it was a nice and easy win there as the Habs move into 2nd place in the wild card race.

The Hurricanes lost and the Philadelphia Flyers got a key win as did the Florida Panthers. It’s highly doubtful Philly or Florida will make it but they just keep churning along. I really hope it’s the Hurricanes and Habs. Both those teams deserve it.

In the West, I went with the over in the Stars vs Avs game. While neither team was rocking the overs recently they’ve both been creating a lot of chances and giving up a lot of chances so it had a lot of potential. It was one of those games where I knew a goal would open it up. Alas it took until near the end of the 2nd period for that goal.

A tough one for the Stars but they are still in pole position. The Chicago Blackhawks of course lost to Philly which was gutting as I’ve been rooting for them. They’re not out yet but it just seems that the closer they get to the playoffs, the more they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

What a loss that was for the Jackets. Ouch.

Capitals vs Wild Betting Tips:

One thing I like this year is reading the comments, and not seeing too many people bet a team because they “HAVE” to win.

I’ve always felt that’s a common mistake to make. While I’ll always look at those games first when it comes to tipping, I really have to gauge whether a teams got “it” or not. The Blackhawks for example are showing they don’t have it. The Coyotes are the same.

Wild are another.

If they had ran the board in March or came close to it, they’d 100% be playoff material. They had a tough little run of games with the Panthers, Sharks and Stars. However losing to the Avs was a tough one. And there’s been a couple of games where things haven’t been going their way – Stars and Panthers game – and they’re unable to up their game at all.

They seriously need a win tonight. They’ve got a tough schedule coming up so they need all the confidence they can get and a road victory over the Capitals would give them that.

But I’ll believe it when I’ll see it. Caps are on a roll for the most part, and seem determined to take the Metro. They’ve had a couple of fighting losses and bounced back immediately so I can’t see that latest Tampa loss affecting them.

If the Wild are able to pick themselves up, go out to battle and pull off a big win tonight then so be it. But they just haven’t shown this month that they are able to do so.

0.5u on Capitals to win in Regulation

Canada: 1.94 Odds at Casumo
USA: -110 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 1.94 Odds at Casumo

(Odds correct as of 2019/03/22 8:13:41 AM EST but are subject to change.)

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