avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

After 2 games where the Montreal Canadiens completely rolled over to weak opposition, the Habs came back on fire last night with a 4-3 victory over the Anaheim Ducks. Of course we were on the wrong side of all 3 of the games, which prompted Scott to message me last night “I’m not picking any Habs games for the rest of the year?”.

I then replied “What about the Habs playoff games?”. And then we laughed and laughed and laughed.

It is amazing though to see such jekkyl and hyde performances and as a Habs fan it is particularly frustrating.

We won with the Capitals in regulation as they dominated the Ottawa Senators, bouncing back strong from their loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Sharks had 37 shots on goal last night but couldn’t get it in once as we lost that one.

We had a social networking exclusive tip of the Coyotes to win and they did that. We hope to amp up our social networking game and introducing live betting soon as we’ve been slacking a bit. So be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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Had two small cashes last week, but the week before we had this gem:


I’m always looking for the big value plays like that and have picked up some huge wins over the last year including a 100/1 place. Plus hey – you’ll need something to bet on when the hockey ends!

With only two games today, we thought we’d warm up for the NHL Playoffs by giving our separate opinions.

How it works when it comes to the playoffs for all new readers – is we both give our separate opinions for the games. We keep track separately how each other does and the loser has to buy beer and wings. When it comes to the stats we only count the tips we both agree on. So even if Scott says “Over 5.5” in a game and I say “Penguins to win”, and the final score is Penguins 5-3 Canadiens that wouldn’t actually be counted in the stats.

It works out well because we both favour different metrics etc, so it allows you guys to get much more insight. Plus in all honesty it’s bloody easier for us. You should see some of the arguments we have trying to convince each other to back a team or an over/under sometimes. If there’s a game we are opposed on, we have to try and convince each other on that pick. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it ends with us beating the shit out of each other.

We’ll do that today:

Senators vs Islanders Betting Tips:

Graeme: Ottawa are starting to tick me off. In a must-win game they go out and lose to the Sabres 3-1 and don’t look motivated, then the very next night they hammer the Habs 5-0. This is the next back to back game for the team after they lost to the Capitals last night. They’re going against an Islanders team and “the wheels have came off the bus” has never been a more accurate statement.

I’m slightly concerned about the Islanders form at this time but this is the ideal game for them to turn things around in a big, big way. Obviously Halak being out is a huge loss – I know what it’s like to lose your goalie, believe me! They’re playing a Senators team who have traveled to get here after losing against Washington. They’re at home. They’re rested. I don’t have full confidence in the Islanders, but if they’re going to turn things around then this is the game to do it. Islanders in regulation.

Scott: With the Isles barely clinging onto a playoff spot, and the Sens in 12th needing to gain 7 points to get to a tie for 8th with the teams in front of them not winning at all, there is more on the line for the Isles here.

They were once in 2nd in the Metro but with their recent slump the Isles need to snap out of it now.  They have a 2 point lead over the Flyers and Wings and need a strong finish to ensure they make the postseason.

Isles in regulation

Canada: 1.90 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: -125 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 1.90 Odds at 888 Sports.

Rangers vs Bruins Betting Tips:

Scott: The Bruins are on a 3 game losing skid and need to get back to winning to keep ahead of the Isles and their playoff predicament (see above).  The Bruins may be without Rask in this game.

The Rangers are fighting to keep home ice advantage and will take any opportunity to gain points.

The Bruins are ranked 3rd with 2.90, the Rangers 6th with 2.79 gpg.  I like there to be goals in this one.

Over 5

Canada: 1.84 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: -119 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 1.84 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

Graeme: These two have played twice this season with wins for the home teams. Bruins 4-3, and Rangers 2-1. They play here in New York with Rangers running hot and cold when it comes to the form but they did get that big win over Florida. Bruins haven’t won in regulation on the road for 5 straight games and have lost their last 3 against LA, Anaheim and San Jose.

They may be without Rask tonight and even if he isn’t he seems to be struggling a bit with injury. I’m going to take Rangers to win here.

Canada: 1.77 Odds at William Hill.
USA: -122 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 1.77 Odds at William Hill.

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Arto – good call on Ducks-Habs game. I am not worthy 🙂

S&G – like the picks today. I’m a Bs fan but don’t have confidence in them in this situation: They are in the middle of a grinding west coast-east coast road trip, 1-4 in past 5 and Rask is likely out and Gustavsson is unreliable. The only thing they have going for them is 2 days rest. On the other hand, the young guys were probably out chasing tail in Manhattan last night and will be hung-over. NYR have a great home record, the momentum and the better goalie.

My non-NHL pick of the day in CBB is: Florida +2 over George Washington

good luck boys


This is the kind of positive posts I like to see… 🙂 , by the way thanks for the last friday Northern Iowa pick!

Arto Reinikainen

Don’t worry about it :), one of those things where i would’ve looked stupid if the Ducks won 5-0. And you have no idea how tempted i was to go for them. Staying away from these kind of games is one of the hardest things.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Love your picks and thought process. One note in CBB, home teams in NIT are 23-3 straight up and 18-8 ATS. I think the public likes FL, being from the SEC conference and all. Valpo and BYU both won and covered at home last night to back this trend.


good call on the Florida game. I ended up doing a teaser with this game and covered the spread. are you betting other sports besides hockey?

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Thank you! Any time a ball is thrown or hit, I am betting on it. Lol. But seriously, I wager mostly college hoops, football, some NBA and some NHL. I admit that NHL is my weakest sport so I love to get on this board and read/share thoughts.


Update re: Bruins tender from Boston Globe beat reporter: Rask in net.


Did you see the Flyers game last night?

It was fucking epic ending, tho i did loose money on that ending.

0-2 to flyers 3 min left, Columbus gets a penalty with 3 min left, looks kinda good. Columbus takes the goali out and play 5v5 and get a goal, 2 min left, goal dissolved. But still they manage to get 2-2.


Well, what do you guys think on New York Vs Ottawa, rangers should win this home right?

Tobias Pettersson

My tip for tonight is Rick Nash to score, Bruins are in a slump with a tough schedule and Nash just scored his first goal after the injury last game and he’s always been a streaky scorer.


Nash to score and Rangers to win was at around 5 odds! very good tip 🙂


tonight playing
in regulation small stake

Also both games over 4,5 medium stake.


well they both win – should have played medium stake :). Over I didn’t play luckily but I played 3rd periods on Islanders and Rangers and Islanders didn’t win – so it was little profit only. Then again live betting on tennis yesterday was bad :(.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

BOSTON ML 100% – Rask will be in net, even though he is not completely healthy. NYRangers penalty kill is horrific, we know this. Girardi and the rest of the D men have struggled. Rangers are coming off a much-needed win against Florida. The Bruins have not lost four in a row all year. Coming off of three straight losses, the Bruins are a perfect 4-0 in those situations. Boston is pretty darned good on the road. I am going to take my chances on this trend continuing, gimme the Bears 4, Rangers 2.

NYIsles in Regulation 75%. Boys of Brooklyn bounce back after dropping one to Philly. It’s a huge game for points, obviously and if they don’t get it done here against a so-so Sens team, write them off. Gimme Islanders 3, Sens 1.

Eduardo Caldeira

I agree With The tips just Not to sure but maybe The Over is better than The rangers Win.. Maybe I will play them all but divide stakes on the second game

Last night wasn’t good for me but it’s been a good run, the Ducks could have beaten the Canadiens easily in my opinion… Not taking anything away from them but the ducks just gave up too many pucks in their defensive line so they got punished well. Montreal did not play that great but checked a lot putting up a great fight

The over well you could have had a machine gun and Elliot would have caught all of them what a machine he was last night



Pick of night

Bruins win %90

Good luck!


Islanders and Bruins.

Arto Reinikainen

Went 5-5 last night for a small 1 unit profit. But i was extremely happy with that. Sure – a couple of 50/50 picks i’d like to have back, but this is the most balanced night i have had for a while when it comes down to +7 game rounds.

It just feels like my game is getting there and just in time for the playoffs. My goal for this season was to have more complete predictions, as i’ve been an OT specialist/good on value bets, but had a hard time trusting favorites. Well the end result is at times i’ve been succesful in getting all kinds of games right, but other times when things have started to go downhill it’s been a real struggle to get back to the winning side. And my OT game has taken a huge hit this year as well. I used to get a huge 40% of my OT picks right and that was the main source of profit for me.
Anyway, i believe whenever things are tough you can come back stronger than ever as long as you learn from all of your mistakes. And i believe im going in the right direction.

Playoffs are a fantastic time to bet, most of the time you don’t need to worry about teams not showing up and can focus just on hockey factors. After ~70 games and trying to figure out where teams are at when it comes down to work ethic every single night is starting to get real boring. And speaking of playoffs, i love the way you’re going to post your picks S&G. To be honest i’d like to see that in your regular season picks as well.

Alright enough of rambling, my thoughts of tonight:

Islanders – Senators is a tough one. I mean the first thing i can think of is multiple ways how this game could be a horrible one to watch if you bet on the Isles. I can already imagine yelling at the Senators: “why don’t you just give up, you’re not making the playoffs!!”. Sens have two choices here, either they go out and look like a beaten team or they decide, well, we have a game tonight so might as well be a huge pain in the butt for these Isles – hockey players tend to do the latter. I mean, in a way it can also be a relief for this Sens team to finally let go of the playoff hopes and start playing fun hockey. And there’s no denying the pressure is on the home team. Also, it’s hard to trust Berube. I mean, the guy has played 9 games in total this season (AHL+NHL). This is no doubt the toughest game for him so far in the NHL. How will he handle the pressure, or will he look like an average AHL goalie tonight ? I thought about over 5.5 as well, since the Isles could be too careful and tentative giving the Sens the lead (either at the start or midway through the game) and after gathering together in the locker room they force their way to victory, but the value isn’t as good as i hoped considering the Isles offensive struggles.

Bottom line – if you’re looking to go for the Isles tonight, i wouldn’t bet with those odds. Instead, look for the Senators to get the lead, then go for Isles ML. I mean, if the Isles blow the Sens away (which honestly is not easy to do in this situation) you won’t lose any sleep over giving up these odds we have now.

Rangers – Bruins is again, on the tougher side. If this was the playoffs i’d go for the Rangers no doubt. But it’s always hard to judge whether or not a team feels like playing against a good team is enough of a challenge to draw out the grade A work ethic. I mean the Bruins are looking to win this game no matter what. They’re ready to battle it out. Rangers got a bit of a breather after that win over the Panthers, but are they ready to match the Bruins will to win this game ? Also Rask has a massively better record vs the Rangers than Lundqvist has vs the Bruins. He could have a big game tonight.

Im thinking about going for value in Bruins regulation win because i think it’s worth it, but at the same time if i had to guess i’d say i lose that bet. One of those games, hard to make a decision whether or not to sit out.

So no tip for that one, but there’s my thoughts anyway.

Good luck as always.

Arto Reinikainen

PS. For what it’s worth, a year ago i would’ve gone for OT on the Bruins-Rangers game, but now im just not sure.

Eduardo Caldeira

yap that goalie is good… but the problem of the isles wasnt defense but yes lack of offense… and they got it tonight when they needed it

But anyways it passed above 2 odds… pretty reasonable to jump at


Isles and Boston tonight!


I think the HABS screwed everyone over last night….Check out this ticket I played in my area of Montreal…The HABS screwed me over $500, it’s the only mistake on my ticket. Anyway I went 1-2 last night on my picks….I guess we have a New York Theme tonight in the NHL….so here are my picks tonight…..Boston to win….Ottawa +1.5


Oups forgot to post file