avatar Written by Scott on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Only 3 games last night and we had 2 tips.

First we had the Leafs – Blue Jackets game to go over 5.5 and the Leafs won 5-2.  Matthews scored his 33rd goal of the year and Nylander got his 20th. 

We had over 5.5 in the Islanders vs Rangers game but this hit 5 and stayed there when the Isles won 3-2.

The other game of the night was the Ducks snapping the Oilers win streak at 4 games when they won 4-3.  Good game and this could be a first round matchup in the playoffs.

With the Leafs and the Isles both winning the Leafs moved into 3rd in the Atlantic moving the Bruins into the final wildcard spot and the Isles are now only 2 points behind Boston for that position.

A full night of hockey for us with 12 games.  There is sure to be some awesome games at a crucial point in the season and lots of moving in the standings.

Oilers vs Avalanche Betting Tips:

The Oilers lost to the Ducks last night and are now in 3rd in the Pacific only 1 point ahead of the Flames who are in the 1st wildcard spot.

The Avalanche are still the Avalanche and sit comfortably in last place.  They’re also on a 3 game losing skid.

With the Oilers needing points I see a strong game from them in this one.  The last played on November 23rd and the Oilers won 6-3.

Oilers -1.5

Blue Jackets vs Capitals Betting Tips:

2 high scoring offenses, ranked 4th and 3rd, in this a one so I’m not sure why the over/under is at 5 but the tip for this game is Over 5.

These teams are close in the standings and only 2 points separate them.

With a win the Jackets would tie the Caps for 1st in the Metro depending on the Penguins outcome.

Over the last 10 games between these teams there has been an average of the over 6 GPG and I like that to continue.

Devils vs Maple Leafs Betting Tips:

If the Leafs are to have any shot at the playoffs then this is a game they must win.

The Devils are in last in the East and are all but eliminated from the playoffs.

The Devils have a miserable road record too which is going to work in the Leafs favor.

Matthews is on fire at the moment and Nylander is playing great too.  Again this is a must win game for the Leafs and they are going to be ready.

Leafs in regulation

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1 for 3 last night. The Leafs snagging the -1.5 would have made it for a nice profit, even with the other two bets lost. (No money on these tips today either)

Leafs ML
Washington/Columbus (over 5.0)
Oilers Reg
Winnipeg ML

Johnny Hockey

Good picks 🙂

What do you guys think about Sens/Pens OVER 5.5 & Blues in regulation?


Blues play home but they’re too inconsistant this year to pick at 1.7 odds. Last two meetings these teams traded wins as Vancouver won 2-1 on october 18th to fall agaisnt St-Louis 4-3 on febuary 16th. I’d skip this game.

Johnny Hockey

How good is McElhinney? He’ll get the start for the Leafs…

berg13 panathas

Caps ML
Senators ML
Hawks Reg

Western RattlersD

WIN in reg: Toronto, St. Louis, Edmonton
St. Louis highly pressured to win and is on a good roll.
Many other games> playoff ranking situation has wild chaos going on; top teams not showing up and poor ones collapsed or playing over their head.

Petri Kontiola

Was inspired last night to put 2units on my combo. Good for me.:))
Tonight another 2 on Habs, Senators and Avalanche.

David Dockhorn

Good Job Petri Last Night ! Thanks! 🙂

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Good job yesterday, tailed and made somg nice profit, i like these picks too, except for the avs, I mean the oilers on the road compared to at home could be a different ball game, plus b2b for them isn’t too great, but the avs are still a lot worse than the oilers currently, nice odds, but unsure on that one myself.

Tomislav Štefanac

What do you think about Minnesota an St. Louis in regulation? I dont know much about NHL i just watch the table…


My picks for tonight:
EDM ML (tempted to take Puck Line but I’ll stick with ML).
Let me know your thoughts! 🙂


Devils ML @ 2.53



Ottawa ML ODD 2.2 with 1 unit
Tampa ML ODD 2.7 with 1 unit


Stay up the good work! Well done!

Arto Reinikainen

Sup guys. Got nothing to do so here’s my quick thoughts on all the games tonight, with my opinions on who will win each game:

TBL @ BOS (pick: Bruins)

– Should be a great game. Obviously both teams fighting for their lives. Budaj in net could work wonders for the Bolts here as Vasi is struggling, but then again having your backup in the net doesn’t necessarily mean you start to play great defensively. I personally think the Bolts injuries have caught up to them. Bruins have really started to dominate the Bolts recently, so it’s a nice change-up after playing 2 teams that had dominated them (TOR+OTT). I like the home advantage here to help the Bruins find energy and they should have the confidence to beat the Bolts. Don’t necessarily like the odds though, so personally passing on it. I hate the trend of Bruins being clear favorites in every single game, they’re not that good.

CBJ @ WSH (pick: Capitals)

– Getting Bob back in net will be huge for the Jackets looking to bounce back. That loss to the Leafs didn’t mean much (games like that against teams pushing for the playoffs are pretty common this time of the year), make no mistake they’ll get up for the Caps. But B2B + 4th in 6 nights for the Jackets is really tough spot here. Caps are feeling it right now and look like the mid-season Caps again, especially the way they’re scoring. Bob will give the Jackets a chance to win the game, but i think the Caps still win it in the end. Don’t like the odds at all though, rather pass on the Caps, don’t want have anything to do with getting burned by Bob.

NJD @ TOR (pick: Leafs)

– I can’t see the Devils upsetting the Leafs here, at least in regulation. It’s pretty self-explanatory why the Leafs should win this game, and it’s always easier to trust someone to beat spoiler teams when they’re playing well themselves. However, there is a good chance for OT. 3 of the last 5 meetings have gone to OT and the Devils always play them tough. Leafs B2B 3in4+4in6 could result in a slow start, slow finish or just individual mistakes. McElhinney in net. Devils DID just beat the Rangers that was a huge win for them, and playing pressure-free hockey is always dangerous. Again have to pass on this game, as the odds don’t convince me to go for Toronto. Maybe throwing in a small bet on OT if i feel like it. Can’t say the +4 odds aren’t tempting.

CAR @ MTL (pick: Canadiens)

– I honestly don’t have much of an idea for this game. Could go either way. Hurricanes surprisingly are back in the race and they could be peaking just at the right time to make a run for it. That said, Price is back in for the Habs and they can’t be too happy about losing to Detroit despite Julien warning them about spoiler teams. I have to lean towards the Habs, simply because they seem to always get it done at home against the Canes and Price vs Lack is a bit of a missmatch. You have to like how the Canes battle though. Could definitely see OT here with the Canes doing everything they possibly can to pick up a point, as they’ve done in the last 8 games.

PIT @ OTT (pick: Penguins)

– I don’t care who the Pens have out. As long as they keep on playing like they do and Crosby is hot, i have my money on them. Not convinced by the Sens at all right now, they got lucky against the Bruins and lost 4 games in a row prior to that. It just seems like the confidence levels are way different right now, favoring the Pens of course. Last time they played in Ottawa Pens lost 4-1. Im looking for a better effort this time.

ARI @ FLA (pick: Panthers)

– Lately the trend is home teams win games between these two teams. Which is honestly all i base my pick on. I don’t know whether the Panthers still think they’re in it, have they given up and if so are they deflated or relieved? Makes it so tough to judge how this game turns out. Coyotes playing their 3in4 + 4in6 combined with the trend between these two teams i have to go with the Cats. Another game where the odds aren’t good though.

VAN @ STL (pick: Blues)

– Right off the bat i know i won’t be betting on this game. Do i think the Blues will win? Yeah – i have to think so. But at this time of the year these spoiler teams scare the crap out of me and i don’t want to risk it for low odds. Stastny out for the Blues is a big blow. Canucks scored 4 goals against the Hawks. The Blues tend to handle the Canucks well though, but still, better to be safe than sorry.

CGY @ NSH (pick: Flames)

– When you lose to the Caps you just have to shrug it off. And i expect the Flames to do just that. Johnson didn’t have a good game last time he played, but for some reason i have a good feeling he’s going to bounce back well tonight, probably because Elliott finally lost so that takes some pressure off of Johnson to match his play and see this is an opportunity instead. Trend between these two teams in the last 6 meetings has been weird. Either the game goes to OT or the road team wins it in regulation (and even the OT’s have mostly ended with the road team coming out on top). Tkachuk serving his 2nd game of the suspension hurts, but on the bright side Rinne has only won 5 out of 15 games against Calgary.

PHI @ MIN (pick: Flyers)

– The Wild are not out of the woods yet, just like the Caps weren’t either when they snapped their losing streak and then lost to the Preds at home. Dubnyk has still been shaky in the past week and for some reason the Wild have some problems getting up for the Flyers, either that or the Flyers know exactly how to play them. Whichever it is, or a combination of both, Philly has won 4 out of the last 5 meetings. And you know they’ll look like a desperate hockey club out there tonight. With the confidence they have against Minnesota, combined with their desperation level (and maybe the Wild thinking it’s going to be an easy game, after all the Flyers are notable downgrade from the Sharks) i really like the Flyers to come out on top. Some sweet odds as well.

DAL @ CHI (pick: Blackhawks)

– This game could be anything. The Stars don’t want to get swept by the Hawks in the season series, and probably feel like this is a good spot to play spoilers. Hawks had some troubles getting up for the last 2 games, and seeing how Dallas is out of the playoffs, that trend could continue. Or they still feel like playing Dallas is motivating enough to beat them to the ground due to past history. Im going to be honest here – i have no clue how this game turns out. But considering how well the Hawks have played for such a long time, have to guess they probably win. Needless to say not a good game for betting though.

EDM @ COL (pick: Avalanche)

– Maybe this time the Avs finally come through for me. They’ve been up there in the top 5 of most frustrating teams this season. Honestly i feel like i’ve done such a good job of picking those games where they could come away with an upset and almost every single time the first half of the game goes according to plan – they get the 1st goal, the better team is starting to get frustrated etc. and then they somehow still lose it in the end. So take this pick with a grain of salt. Avs have been a money sink this season. However, can’t deny there’s all signs for Oilers letdown tonight.

B2B, 3in4 + 4in6 = fatigue – check
Playing against an uninspiring opponent – check
Won the first meeting against that opponent – check
Last game against a top team – check
On the road – check
Goalie didn’t have a good game last night – check

Honestly there’s so many signs here that the Oilers will think it’s going to be easy, and when they realize it’s not going to be easy fatigue kicks in and maybe your goalie lets up a bad goal or two. Avs are playing without any pressure and honestly they’ve played pretty well the last couple of games. Also they won 3 straight against the Oilers before dropping the 1st meeting of the season. This game is very comparable to the Hawks-Red Wings a while back, Hawks were “looking” to bounce back and then they just straight up lost to the terribad Red Wings.

WPG @ LAK (pick: Kings)

– If this game was played in the middle of the season i’d go for the Kings without hesitation. But it’s the same thing as with the Panthers, hard to say how they’re feeling right now. Do they still think they’re in it, or do they just give up. And if they have given up, do we see an uninterested Kings team out there, or one that plays without pressure? Impossible to say. If it’s the former, they will lose. But if they have any pride here and get up for the game i think they win. The Jets have done a fantastic job with their depleted back end, but going to LA with that d-core and a shaky Hellebuyck will just help the Kings to score goals, and when the Kings score goals they win hockey games. I have a feeling this one might go to OT.

Good luck !


EPIC DUDE But “quick thoughts”? I think not

Arto Reinikainen

Hahaha 😀 i guess they are quick for me, you don’t wanna see my wall of texts i could come up with for almost every game


Cheers !!

I appreciate the post. Well done bud.

Arto Reinikainen

Thanks ! Hopefully im not too off. Wouldn’t be the first 12-game round where you go “wtf” after looking up the scores at this time of the year. At least there’s some surprises thrown into the mix.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Terrific thoughts as always. Arto. Wish I would have looked at your post yesterday! Work is getting in the way of NHL betting and fun. Cheers to you!


Only me who want to place a bet on Arizona tonight. They have been great in the last matches and it looks like the Panthers have given up this year


after one you are looking like a genius

Steve Dimase

like wild ,nj ,cbj ,sens, hawks ,hawks over,, jets, even took avs gl all

Steve Dimase

also have habs and yotes

Arto Reinikainen

Only the Avs can lose a game in regulation where they have a 2-goal lead twice in the game, lol. Im just done with them.

In other news, great job by the Canes. Didn’t think they’d get it done in regulation with Price in net, but what do you know.

Bob had a monster game as expected, wow.

Rask is pissing the Bruins season away.

Devils came close to tying it but Leafs got it done in the end.

Disappointing loss by the Pens in the SO. Save of the year by Condon in that game though. God i hate the Sens.

Rinne got the better of Johnson in that game. That said Calgary hit multiple posts in the 1st, they really needed a goal there. Was too optimistic about Johnson though i guess.

Pretty entertaining night overall. Just a vintage last quarter of the season 12 game round.

Oliver Schütz

had Col/Was over 4.5 – thanks!