avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, March 24th, 2017

That was quite the awesome night of hockey as we went 2-1 with the NHL Betting Tips.

We won with the Leafs beating the New Jersey Devils. That was a great game by the Leafs. I said to Scott yesterday this is the type of game the Leafs will win if they’re a playoff team. We were a bit nervous about their back to back record going into it – but they want to make the playoffs and this is the games they have to win.

We also had the Oilers to win by at least 2 and holy smokes what a game that was. I had that one marked as a loss so many times and I was raging to my Edmonton friends about the Oilers. For them to keep fighting and win that game – that’s the sort of thing that may give them a chance in the playoffs.

We lost with the Caps/Jackets over. Bobrovsky was in beast mode. If he can carry that sort of form into the playoffs it’s going to be hard to bet against the Jackets.

Tonight we’ve got 4 games on the board. The Sharks will look to turn things around in Dallas, while the Penguins host the Islanders.

Tricky night.

Penguins vs Islanders Betting Tips:

I do think the Penguins win this one slightly more than half the time, but there are enough factors here to steer me towards a nice value bet on Islanders to win incl OT/SO but only if Fleury is in net.

Penguins have a few injuries but they’re a deep team and it doesn’t affect them as much as it affects most. However the Islanders usually match up well about them. Penguins struggle a bit and have a negative record on the 2nd leg of a back to back.

Obviously there are factors that negate the pick. It’s the Penguins, for one. Also their home record against the Islanders away record and the wildcard Halak being in net.

However I feel the odds are favourable to back the Islanders here.

Canada: 2.70 Odds at Sports Interaction + $20 Free Money Line Bet.
USA: +170 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.70 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

Ducks vs Jets Betting Tips:

I actually feel better about my Islanders pick than this pick, despite the fact that everything suggests a Ducks in in Regulation is the way to go.

Ducks have won 4 of their last 5 of course I personally tipped them on the “1” which was a loss against the Buffalo Sabres. The Ducks have been inconsistent all season so it’s been hard to back them and it was frustrating backing them against the Sabres only to see that sub-par performance.

However if Gibson is in net I’ll take the Ducks tonight. Jets look to have a few players missing and are coming off that loss to the Kings last night. Jets are pretty solid on the second leg of a B2B but the Ducks really should be beating them here.

Canada: 1.85 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: Best Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 1.85 Odds at 888 Sports.

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Western RattlersD

No clear picks with these four. I have three leans:
1) Tampa to win in reg, (strongest lean of the three)
2) Pittsburgh Under 6.5,
3) Anaheim to win in regulation because they still need to win some games, but they and Winnipeg are volatile in different ways)

Petri Kontiola

Red Wings, Islanders, Sharks and Ducks.

Mārtiņš Zālītis

Petri, u are the real MVP!

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Like every pick today, might not take all in reg though just to be safe, probably take Isles and wings ML

Tomislav Štefanac

Minnesota and San Jose in regulation! 100$ bet today!

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Minny does not play today

Tomislav Štefanac

In croatia betting is in todays offer, perhaps because of time zone difference… :/

Oliver Trigg

Also Minnesota lost… awkward

Western RattlersD

If you mean Minnesota at home to beat Vancouver (considered a Saturday game in North America), I’d have to agree. In regulation. Even though Minnesota isn’t playing well recently, neither is Vancouver, 3-5-2 in their last 10, who are even worse on the road, and they know they’re out of the playoffs.


2 for 4 last night. Winnipeg let me down. That’s okay this week has been tricky most my bets are leans and don’t have money being placed. These tips are just the same as if I was placing money.

Fri Mar/24
Pittsburgh/New York (game goes to OT)
Detroit ML
San Jose -1.5
Winnipeg /Anaheim ovr/6.5


Has much more value if you place money. Otherwise it is just a @!+#” guess as if you were seated on the toilet reading the newspaper. Ahah


At least I’m saying when I do or do not place money. The bets are still educated. It’s gambling. Look at the March 20th games, there was tons of upsets. Lots of folks are chiming in but not playing for the time being. I’ll still be cheering my bets as if I placed somthing and keeping track of all the games.


The first sentence was a serious opinion, but overall I just took the opportunity to make a joke. Nothing personal.


Looks like my first pick was a good one. Woot!


Lol. I didn’t say they weren’t good. I hope you had placed money on it!


I know…. I did not place. 🙁 but that’s okay. I pick to stay in the game.


🙁 Just bet when you feel confident for that! GL


So close to was an OT game yesterday with Devils. But the “almost” doesn’t pay money… :S

Bolts ML @ 1.952



I am also playing this combo for fun:

Isles +0.5
Bolts 1P ML
Sharks in reg.
Jets 1P ML

@ 21.04 w/ 0.2u

Henry Del Valle Sr.

NYI ML – I trust Halak will do enough to keep NY in the game and perhaps the Isles pull of the upset late or in OT. This is Pittsburgh’s third game in fourth nights and off of a back-to-back. Also have to handicap that the Pens have so many guys injured right now. Pens have a game Sunday vs Philly and maybe, just maybe, they look ahead to their in-state rivals. I never pick a team based on “they need the win more.” Nope. Not in any sport will an opponent play down and let you win just because you “need the win more.” I think the Isles provide excellent value and it is a great spot play.

SJ ML – I love Aaron Dell. I think he might be the best back up goalie next to Chicago’s Scott Darling and maybe NY’s Aanti Raanta. Sharks have lost four straight. They haven’t scored much. Oilers and Ducks are sneaking up on them. The sense of urgency is building. I think the Sharks bounce back here and revenge their 1-0 loss during the week. Sharks haven’t lost five straight all season and I believe the streak ends here in the Big D. One thing that has remained a constant is San Jose’s 5-on-5 defense, and that’s an excellent unit. Dallas is poor on the power play and terrible at killing penalties. Stars on a back-to-back, I see no other side than Sharks.

TB/Det Under 5.5 – Vasy starts for TB and he’s been great and I hope the Bolts defense shows up tonight. There are a lot of strong trends for the Under. The Under is 4-1 in TB’s last five ina B2B spot. The Under is 6-2 in Detroit’s last eight home games. Under is 7-3 in TB’s L10. I also lean to Tampa but not an official play.

Ducks in Reg – Anaheim is 9-0-1 vs Jets. Jets have lost their last five visits to Anaheim. Winnipeg is 5-12 vs the Pacific Division.

Good luck all!

Steve Dimase

thinking big bet on parlay sjs PL, sjs over thoughts

Arto Reinikainen

Another edition of “quick thoughts”:

NYI @ PIT (pick: Islanders)

– Man, i’d really like to go for the Islanders here. It’s amazing how the oddmakers have them as such big underdogs considering the fatigue spot and all the injuries for the Pens. Halak is a wild card, but Fleury really scares me. He’s been great lately, had a shutout in his last outing and in his last 5 games he’s posted a good record 3-1-1. You already know the Pens won’t just roll over and show their belly, especially at home. 80.6% home win pct. is the best in the entire league. I know the Islanders get up for these games against the Pens, and they’re fighting for their lives. Combination of those 2 things will make them extremely competitive. Can they do it though? It feels too good to be true to have odds like these and then see them getting it done in a building where only 7 teams have come away with the W this season. Oh well, im giving it a shot. At least there’s no concerns of the Islanders not giving the effort.

TBL @ DET (pick: Red Wings)

– Tampa’s dominance over Detroit in the last few years have been just amazing. It seems like no matter what the Red Wings do, they lose. Just more reason to believe they really want to stick a fork on the Bolts playoff hopes, that would be sweet revenge. Trust me they want to beat this team badly. Pressure is on the Bolts obviously and that tends to make you look a lot slower, not to mention the fatigue spot. Vasilevskiy has struggled the last little while and the Bolts are still leaking goals. Im not going to say the Wings have played great recently, but at least they have some confidence winning 3 of their last 4 games. This might be more of wishful thinking, but i really like the Wings to win this game. Not like it’s unjustified though, as mentioned above there are many reasons to believe the Bolts could struggle in this one.

SJS @ DAL (pick: Sharks)

– Tough one. If the Sharks didn’t lose to Dallas a while ago, i’d go for the home underdogs to further increase the Sharks frustration. But when we’re talking about professional athletes not wanting to lose to the same team twice, that always brings out the competitiveness. Niemi will probably be in net for Dallas which is good news for the Sharks scoring struggles. But still.. i can’t help to think that the Stars are in a good position here. Im going to pass up on this game and the pick was selected by flipping a coin.

WPG @ ANA (pick: Jets)

– Im going for OT. Looks like a vintage last “10-15 games of the season” type of game. Every reason to believe the Ducks will win, but it’s tough to get up for these games against teams completely out of it (see: loss to Sabres in SO, loss to Canucks getting almost shut out by Richard Bachman). Jets have been pretty good lately, and would love to have some payback on the Ducks after that loss earlier in the year. Because of B2B and how good the Ducks (especially Bernier) have been lately i trust them not to straight up lose it in regulation. For what it’s worth, last year in April we had this exact same game, and the Jets won in SO.

Good luck !

Danil Burdov

i would pick pens-isles over 4,5 and sharks to win this one even tho they are strugling. im avoiding bolts-wings even tho i think bolts should take this one incl OT and i would go over with duck-jets game


Islanders, lightening, Dallas, jets.