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Well I had the Pens to win in regulation so of course the Sabres won 4-3 in a shootout.  Looking at the results from yesterday I would have lost any tip I had.

The Canucks beat the Avalanche 3-1.  The Avs were the obvious favorites here but the Canucks were able to win the game.

The Leafs beat the Devils 3-2.  I liked the Leafs to win but it to get any value it would have to have been the handicap and that didn’t happen.

And the final game saw the Hawks beat the Ducks 4-2.

10 games tonight.  I have to keep these quick.  I have to get myself packed up as tomorrow morning we leave early for my daughter’s hockey tournament on the weekend and I have to work tonight so won’t have time. There was nothing I liked enough tonight to have a tip

Lightning vs Bruins Betting Tips:

Big game here.   If the Bruins can win they move into 3rd in the Atlantic switching places with their opponent tonight. 

The Lightning have lost 2 straight and are 4-6 over last 10,  the Bruins have won their last 2 have gone 7-2-1 over last 10 and have won 5 of their last 6 games.

With this game meaning so much for both teams in the standings it’s tough to call a winner.

Panthers vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

Yet another game where the odds make the decision for us.

The Panthers are favored here and to get any value we would have to take them to win -1.5.  With them being on the road I don’t have much confidence in them covering,  if they were at home I would.

The Panthers have gone 2-2 over last 4 games and 2 of them needed extra time. The Habs are still in last place in the leagues but have played better with St. Louis as coach.

Stars vs Canes Betting Tips:

The Stars are on the road here and they haven’t been that good when playing away from Dallas.  Their road record is 14-16-2.  They are in the 8th and final wild card spot in the West but have only a 1 point lead over the 9th place Knights.

The Canes are in 1st in the Metro and are tied with the Panthers for 1st in the East.  With the Pens gaining a point last night in the shootout loss the are only 2 points behind them.

They have played once this season with the Stars winning 4-1.  With this game meaning so much for them I expect them to come out flying here but it’s against one of the best in the league so it will be tough.

Wings vs Isles Betting Tips:

No idea who wins here.  The Wings are in 11th with 59 points in 63 games, the Isles are in 10th with 63 in 61.

With both teams so far out of the playoffs who knows how much motivation, if any, they will have for this game.  The Isles have been playing well over last 10 going 7-2-1 but they waited to long to start playing like this and the hole they are in is too deep.

Flyers vs Blues Betting Tips:

To get any value on the Blues it would need to be the handicap and they haven’t been playing great going 3-4-3 over last 10.

The Flyers have been bad all season with some lengthy losing streaks. 

With the Blues slumping and the Flyers being the Flyers I have to skip this one.

Canucks vs Wild Betting Tips:

The Canucks must be feeling good after that big upset last night.  They are only 3 points behind the wild card.

The Wild are on a 3 game win streak and are in 3rd in the Central and a win here would help them as the Blues are in 2nd but only 1 point ahead.  They play tonight.

I would say the Wild would be the play here but the Canucks have won 3 straight road games and must be feeling great after beating the Avs last night.

Senators vs Jets Betting Tips:

Still not comfortable tipping a game with the Jets playing.

Sharks vs Oilers Betting Tips:

The Sharks have won 2 in a row,  the Oilers have lost 2 .

The Sharks are starting Kahkonen after he came over in a trade with the Wild so he is a good goalie but how quickly he has success with his new team is the question.

The Oilers are in 3rd in the Pacific and are only 3 points back of the Kings who are in 2nd.

With the new goalie the Sharks may use that as an extra gear and with the Oilers within striking distance of the Kings it’s a tough game to call.  To get any value on Oilers we need it to be -1.5 and I can’t back that.

Predators vs Knights Betting Tips:

As always,  I have to skip games with the Preds playing.

Hawks vs Kings Betting Tips:

The Hawks won last night and after the moves they made they have settled in to the roll of spoiler.

The Kings have been a good team this season and being in 2nd proves that.

I would say the Kings should win this game but the Hawks won’t just lay down, bite the pillow and take it.  They may show up after winning last night.

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