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Yikes – is tonight every a tough night for the betting tips.

We have just three games on the board and every one is tricky.

In the first game, the Chicago Blackhawks visit Philadelphia. You’d like to think the Hawks would kill them, espefcially with their current form and Crawford – but we’re getting a reather weak price on that one.

The Oilers host the Avalanche. Varlamov is Varlamov but the Avs don’t really have anything to play for at the moment. Right now it’s just a case of “Let’s keep winning and hope for the best” but you know the doubt has to be creeping in. They have a chance but it’s slim. Oilers however – Ference is out.

Then you have the Stars vs the Flames. I’d LOVE to tip the Stars as a win over the Flames is HUGE for them, and they have the players to do it. They also are a good matchup for the Flames. BUT the odds really aren’t there.

Ugh, not a pretty night. Let’s analyze each game and I’ll come up with something! Whether you guys want to bet it or not is up to you.

Flyers vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

The Blackhawks are 9-2-1 looking at the last 12 games. The Flyers have basically given up on the playoffs at this stage. Hawks are on a push for home ice and it’s all about keeping the motivation going. Blackhawks in regulation at 2.05 is fair.

Oilers vs Avalanche Betting Tips:

You have to go with the “Because it’s the Oilers” rule here, and bet against them. Why? Because it’s the Oilers! Ference being out is huge for them, and the Avs still have that slim chance of the playoff. Odds to win with OT/Shootout are 1.68, to win in regulation 2.10 and -1.5 is 3.00. Honestly the latter two have solid value. If Avs hope to make the playoffs they need to WIPE THE FLOOR with teams like the Oilers. Either/or is fine, or split the unit bet. I’d probably do the handicap myself as I feel that has great value.

Stars vs Flames Betting Tips

Both teams need this win so freaking bad. I can’t see any bet but the Over with the theory that there will be a lot of reckless hockey. I would LOVE to bet the Stars but 1.95 just isn’t enough value here.

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All the stats point to an under 5 @2.15! for the Chi/Phi game. Not sure if the bookies are missing this one in the over price but it is worth the bet. I agree with the over in the Cal/Dal game for sure. Though Benn is a question mark, could be a factor.


I just noticed that sports interaction requirement for the 100% sign up bonus is 10X the initial deposit + the bonus?? Boy that is high no? If you are using a solid bankroll management could take a long time betting 1 unit or 1% of your bankroll to release the funds?


It depends a lot on the sportsbook. 10x is on the higher side that you’ll see with bonuses but there are a lot of books that have the same rollover. It really depends on how much your bankroll is at and how much you are betting. If you’re focusing on bonuses to build up the bankroll and have a small one, books like Bet365, Paddy Power, Stan James etc would be the first ones to go to.


Ok let me get your opinion..I am starting with a $50 bankroll looking for a 100% sign up bonus, the ability to place $1 bets and have my account remain in CDN $ so as to avoid currency conversion. Your recommendation?


Are you willing to forego big deposit bonuses? For example with Bet365 ideally you have a $200+ bankroll to get value out of it. But there are enough bonuses around that it’s not that big a deal. Check out their promotions at http://www.betnhl.ca/go/bet365.php