avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, March 25th, 2016

It was quite the night of hockey last night with upsets galore.

We went 2-2. We won with the Flyers beating the Avs. Flyers had to come from behind twice in that one but they prevailed, hammering the net like crazy and a quickfire double with 6 minutes left put them up 3-2. An empty netter wrapped it up with seconds left.

We also won with the Coyotes/Stars Under 5.5 goals, which we posted on Facebook and Twitter. Coyotes won 3-1 and Domingue put up a great performance to keep the Stars out.

We lost with the Sharks over Oilers. Sharks blew a 2-0 lead as Reimer had flashbacks of playing with the Leafs. That was a crushing game because it also killed our Home Teams -2.5 bet. However nights like last night are the reason I love betting the Salami – for entertainment reasons. It was a blast watching the Leafs deciminate the Ducks, and then flip over to see the Devils are negating that with a thumping of the Penguins. Then the Ducks come back and the Home Teams bet looks buried in the water as the Habs also get some late goals – 3 in the 3rd period to be exact. However the Wild and Jets ran up the score, and it was looking good. Then Oilers happened.

What a thrilling night of hockey that was.

With only 3 games again, me and Scott thought we’d do our individual analysis of each game as opposed to together – much like we did two nights ago and will do in the playoffs. We went 3-0 2 days ago but more importantly man it was fun. Whoever does the worst tonight, will be supplying the beer when we meet up for Easter dinner this Sunday.

Let’s get to it:

Devils vs Capitals Betting Tips:

Graeme: The Capitals are hoping to confirm home ice advantage still, while the Devils are still dreaming of making the playoffs. The Devils have picked up two massive wins lately with a home win over the Blue Jackets, and then a stunning 3-0 win in Pittsburgh. Now they have another tough task as they visit their divisional rivals in Washington. I’m going to take Over 5 in this game. Devils are desperate and need the win and will have to throw caution to the wind, while I also don’t see them shutting out the Capitals as they did the Penguins last night.

Canada: 2.00 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: -105 Odds at GT Bets
Everyone Else: 2.00 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

Scott: With a win the Caps can all but guarantee their 2nd Presidents Trophy with only the Stars having a chance to pass them. The Devils still have a shot at the playoffs but things are looking worse for them with each passing day.  They sit in 10th place, 6 points out of the playoffs. The Caps are 8-2 against the Devils over their last 10 meetings including all 3 games they have played this season.  I like that trend to continue.

Caps in regulation

Canada: 1.88 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: -120 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 1.88 Odds at 888 Sports.

Lightning vs Islanders Betting Tips:

Scott: This game could be a preview of a first round matchup.  The Lightning could move into a tie with the Panthers for 1st place in the Atlantic with a win. The Isles are in 6th in the East but only have a 2 point lead over the 8th and 9th place teams. Greiss should get the start for the Isles and he has gone 1-4-1 with a 2.64 gaa since Halak went down. I like this game to be a high scoring one. Over 5.

Canada: 1.76 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: -130 Odds at GT Bets
Everyone Else: 1.76 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

Graeme: This should be a good one. Islanders recovered from their slump with a win over the Sens, and Tampa look like they’re back to playing solid hockey. I like everything the Tampa offense are doing at the moment. They just look like the chemistry is there again and you have to remember the Islanders are still missing Halak which could be lethal against a team like Tampa. Lightning in Regulation.

Canada: 2.11 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: -110 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 2.11 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

Blues vs Canucks Betting Tips:

Graeme: These two teams played a week ago in Vancouver, with the Blues winning 3-0. Some tight goaltending has seen the Blues record two shutouts in a row. Nights like last night make this one look ripe for an upset as everything points to a Blues win. But I just can’t see it. If it happens, it happens but I’d rather be on the side of the team I believe will win, rather than take the Canucks because the Leafs, Devils and Oilers won the previous night. That sort of mentality just makes no sense. The odds aren’t too great so we’ll go with Blues -1.5 with 5 of their last 6 regulation wins covering the puck line.

Scott: The Canucks are tied for last place in the West with the Oilers but have 4 games in hand. The Blues are in 2nd in the West and with a win could move into a tie with Stars for 1st. Elliott has been amazing since his return from injury.  He has 2 straight shutouts and his team is 8-2 over their last 10 overall. I like the Blues to continue their strong play against a down and out team like Vancouver.

Blues -1.5

Canada: 2.08 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: +105 Odds at GT Bets
Everyone Else: 2.08 Odds at 888 Sports.

Experimental Betting Systems:

(Our 1st period systems are based on 3 levels of confidence that the system has for each pick. Ideally all 3 systems will be winners long runs, with the high confidence system doing the best but with the least amount of picks etc)

1st Period System High Confidence: Tampa Bay Lightning (2.70), Vancouver Canucks (4.50)

1st Period System High Confidence: New Jersey Devils (3.90)

Bet 1st Periods at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv or 888 Sports..

Americans: Bet 1st Periods at BetOnline. or Bovada.

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so surprised the kings shit the bed last night. gonna stay away from teams who have clinched here on out. any thoughts?


If that’s the case, why go with Blues PL, they will definitely make playoffs? It’s unlikely they will lose, but with Elliott in shut down mode and a lock for playoffs, they may coast tonight. We’ve seen good teams–LAK and Ducks–be complacent when playing weak teams and pay the price. I’m just playing devil’s advocate, but I don’t think the PL is a lock by any means.

Tobias Pettersson

I agree with you here, i’m staying away from games like these for the rest of the season. Been burned lately on PL bets on Ducks, Sharks, Kings etc against weak teams.

The odds are just too bad to go for the big favorites right now imo.

benny norgren

Hi !
What u guys mean With PL bet?

Tobias Pettersson

Puck Line, aka handicap bet. So in this case STL -1.5 = They have to win by 2 pucks.

benny norgren

Ah okey, my sites Only call it handikapp.
I Will go Hard to night, have loss big 2 nights in a row and looking to Win big t night 🙂

Tobias Pettersson

I would suggest on not going hard tonight, imo this is not a good night to go hard on. Big favorites at a time where big favorites doesn’t win enough to warrant their favoritism 😛

benny norgren

Yeah i agree With you on that, but to night i leave all stas and analys and go on my hut… its really fun to do somtimes! 🙂 but when u put it so i Will lower a bit and drink more beter during The games 🙂
Where u live btw?
Sweden? If so are u playing The playoffs?


loving the blues PL bet! going with it. Thanks and gl


Crazy night in the NHL punctuated by an out-of-control Ducks-TML game. The young Leafs are definitely not laying down. I finished up last night in the NHL, helped out by the BS Over.

Thin pickings in the NHL tonight, but you have to make it fun. I have low unit wagers on the following:

NJ Devils/WAS Capitals un5 -115 – Two hot goaltenders are going to make this a tight game. 3-1 Caps

WAS Capitals(Team Total) ov2½ -132 – Caps will win with ENG

WAS Capitals(Reg 60 Min) -½ -116 – see above

WAS Capitals -1½ +170 – see above

STL Blues(1st Perd) -½ +105 – 1-0 Blues at end of 1st

STL Blues -1½ +110 – Sure, why not? This game could also be U5 with Elliott in shut down mode, Oshie out for Blues and Nucks anemic offense.

Non-NHL POTD (pick of the day) – If you took my Oregon -3 pick last night you were a winner. Today I’m going with Indiana/North Carolina ov158½ -105 The Hoosiers are the #1 shooting team in the country, shooting 50.5% as a team and they are the 5th best 3-point shooting team in the country at 41.6%. The Tar Heels are one of the worst teams in the country ranked 234th at defending the long range shot with opponents knocking down 35.4% against them from beyond the arc. The Tar Heels have averaged 82.4 ppg this season while shooting 47.8% as a team while the Hoosiers have averaged 82.5 ppg this season. The O/U is 20-8 for the Hoosiers in their last 28 non-conference games and 6-1 for the Tar Heels in their last 7 non-conference games.

good luck boys





LA, Ducks, Sharks all screwed me lol. What a disaster last night.


Wooohooo! Took your Picks and the Over in TB game! Great night!


tonight i won’t be able to place bets before midnight (which is 7pm EST) so I might resort to no bets or live betting. Easter Friday is no gambling by law here so the betting site is down.
My picks though would be
TB in regulation
TB over 4,5 or maybe even over 5,5.

Afraid to bet on STL in VAN as VAN keeps screwing my picks hehe, with NJ – they seem to be on fire lately…not sure… maybe 3rd period Caps..

Arto Reinikainen

Time and time again i find this quote to be the best one i ignore way too much. “Hardest games in the NHL to win are the ones where you’re overconfident”.

Im seriously going to hang this quote on my wall. Last night should’ve been a goldmine but i just have no confidence atm. I hope we get one more night like that before the regular season is over. Until i get those right i can’t justify saying i know my shit.

That being said it was a frustrating night as well. Each of the teams i picked were the better team overall in the first 2 periods but just couldn’t score more than one goal, and that ended up costing them. At least the Leafs got it to OT and live-bet on the Oilers when they were down 2-1 put me slightly on the winning side.
Caps-Devils is a tricky one. Last nights pattern doesn’t work on this game. Caps know Devils are playing great hockey and they’re well aware nothing comes for free tonight. But im asking myself a question. Are the Devils just too good to pass on right now on home ice ? Caps road form isn’t all that great, they lost 3 straight before riding that 1st period outburst against the hopeless Sens.

Answer would likely be yes against many other teams, but i think this is the type of game where the Caps having Devils number makes a difference. Devils are in a position where they feel like they can beat the Caps and focus more on getting payback than doing all the little things right. Caps are just so much better they will take advantage of the Devils defensive mistakes. And while i kind of like Over 5 here, i honestly don’t see the Devils having easy time to score on a much better team and Holtby tonight.
If i had to make a pick it would be Caps in regulation. But im also very much concerned about the game going to overtime, so im going to pass on this one. Besides, those odds again are hardly worth it.

Also going to pass on the Blues. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of those boring one goal wins for the Blues tonight.

Only pick for tonight is Bolts-Islanders OT @ 4.00



Hey brother, sorry that BS miss last night. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts re: today. that was some serious back and forth on the Caps-Devils game 🙂 I’m with you the entire way, but for fun I placed some tiny bets ($5) on the game because I think the Caps prevail in a low scoring affair. If Wedgewood gets the start for Devils, It will be interesting to see how he fairs vs the league’s top offensive team. He has stopped 66 of 67 professional shots which isn’t anything to sneeze at for a rookie. It’s really difficult to pull the trigger on the dawg for one of these lopsided games, especially if it’s a substantial wager. My bank roll isn’t big enough to take big chances, but it might be fun to experiment a little with small bets to see what happens. I know there’s a system that plays dawgs only in baseball, but I haven’t heard of anyone doing that for hockey. @betnhl have you?


Arto, here’s one for you: Blues -.5 first. Nicked up Nucks going b2b in OT loss should be slow in first, plus it’s the end of the road trip vs superior team – scheduled loss. I don’t know about PL, but I feel pretty good that Blues will be all over nicked up Nucks in the first.

Arto Reinikainen

You’re probably right and that’s not a bad bet for sure. But after last night i cant make myself go for them. I feel like its better to be a bit paranoid than let me start feeling good about heavy favorites again.

Eduardo Caldeira

I have some concerns but my ideas would be

Over 5 and washington RT

Tampa RT and over 5

St Louis PL and probably under 5(but I don’t trust this under I think it could be so uncertain)

The thing is I think there will be an upset and the ideia is where lol


Too many people here go with Tampa Bay. Islanders have been pretty good against them. I go with Brooklyn & parlay with the Blues.


Went 2-2 as well……..weird night though…Lot of Big Favorites tonight….M Picks are : Capitals in Regular Time; Islanders + 1,5 Goals ; Canucks – Blues -4,5 Goals…Once again -4,5 Goals, its NO!!! typo….Have a great Good Friday.. Remember NO MEAT.LOL