avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, March 26th, 2017

A great night of action with lots of playoffs movement.  We went 1-1 with a push

The Bruins beat the Isles 2-1 and with the win the Bruins switched places with the Isles for the 2nd wild card spot and a 2 point lead over them.  The Bruins are only 1 point behind the Maple Leafs for 3rd in the Atlantic.  The Leafs lost to the Sabres 5-2 allowing Boston to gain some much needed ground.

The Capitals beat the Coyotes 4-1 and they now have a 3 point lead over the Jackets and Penguins for 1st place in the East and the league.

The Canadiens beat the Sens 3-1 and now have a 3 point lead over them for 1st in the Atlantic.

The Predators showed up for their game against the Sharks and won 7-2.  The Sharks have now lost 6 in a row.  The Hawks got pummeled by the Panthers 7-0.

A day full of hockey today with 5 games starting at 12:30pm ET.  Could only come up with one tip.

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Flyers vs Penguins Betting Tips:

The Penguins are tied with the Jackets for 2nd in the Metro.  A win tonight against the rival Flyers would put them 1 point behind Washington.

They have lost 2 in a row and would love nothing more than to end this streak in this game.   Their home record is impressive going 29-4-4 in Pittsburgh for the season.

It’s hard to bet against the Penguins when they’re at home.  This season against the Flyers they have won 2 of 3 matchups and will be looking to avenge the last meeting when the Flyers won 4-0.

Penguins win in regulation

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Oliver Trigg

4/7 yesterday – with Senators, Leafs and Blackhawks choking.

Today- Penguins win in reg, Dallas to win in reg.

Penguins lost 2 in a row but are far better at home- only lost 2 in a row 8 times this season, and 8/9 times following a loss of 2 in a row they’ve followed it up with a win. Flyers only have 5 wins in their last 12 games and played yesterday, whilst the Penguins have had rest.

Dallas have been poor, but NJ have been poorer and will be less rested than Dallas coming into this game. NJ come off a loss (again) whilst Dallas will be riding high on confidence after beating the Sharks 6-1. NJ score 2.3 goals per game and are allowing 2.9, whilst the stars are averaging 2.8 goals scored and allowing 3.2. Defensively it looks like the Stars are weak but they are better offensively. On paper they look equally crap. However, with the devils having lost 13/15 games (including their last), the Stars coming off a good win and being more rested I can only back the Stars. Regulation as only 1 of NJ last 12 games has gone to overtime (which they won) , and only 1 of the Stars last 12 have gone to OT- so I believe this game will be decided in regulation.


Well, 3-5 yesterday. Adding a Parlay doesn’t help usually. Nice 37% profit.

Sun Mar/26

Minnesota REG
Dallas REG
Philadelphia -1.5
NY Rangers ML
Bonus: All 5 teams to score first + parlay.
Minnesota -140
Dallas -130
Philadelphia +115
Winnipeg -160
Anaheim – 135
Parlay all 5 @ +1830


Mike Diioia

May I ask why you think the flyers are going to beat the pens by multiple goals on a b2b?

Oliver Trigg

Being the 7th worst scoring team in the league, and failed to even get on the scoresheet last night…


It was an elite team and there was 1 goal the entire game. Hope Pittsburgh brings more than Columbus did or they are taking the PL.

Oliver Trigg

With the Jets and Devils having beaten the flyers recently, I highly doubt they will take the game let alone the puckline. If the Penguins aren’t elite quality what are they?


They are elite. I’m comparing the two. Philly is not a good team. It’s just tonight they take the PL.

Western RattlersD

Pittsburgh is certainly capable of taking the evening off this time of year. If Philly delivers, they may find an opportunity.


They took the PL and more, called it. The rest of my bets were crap but my long shots are hitting every day lol


Nice call bud on Philly! Not many would have considered it. Hopefully the dude that tried to make you feel stupid mans up and congratulates you as well. I always get a chuckle when dogs upset ” elite ” teams lol… Pitts, is FAR from ” elite ” status at the moment. There isn’t enough
ice packs and band aids to manage their injuries. lol

Anything and everything is possible in a hockey game.

Cheers !


Yes, I also had a nice laugh with that as well as it being one of my only winning picks. Lol keeps me in the game at that price.



I’m gambling on that pick. I see this just being one of those games that doesn’t make sense and Philly takes the PL. Their has been lots of upsets as of late with playoff teams and teams that have nothing to lose.

Western RattlersD

Forewarned: TODAY starts an extremely rare event: Detroit plays three days in a row >> at home vs Minnesota, then against Carolina on Monday and Tuesday. I can’t remember ever seeing teams play three days in a row. Detroit should be just about useless on Tuesday, and they have an away game on Thursday against Tampa. That’s a brutal mistake by the NHL to ever let that happen.

Today’s games. I’m leaning for Detroit and Pittsburgh to win, as they both are at home against teams doing back-to-backs. Minnesota just lost to Vancouver at home yesterday! Philly also lost.

Oliver Trigg

No call on Dallas? Flyers also doing back to back…

Western RattlersD

Dallas doesn’t present a “winner” image to me, even though they’re playing such a weak team as NJ, who are the home team. Staying off it. I want all my “winner” bets to be capable of winning.

Oliver Trigg

Dallas won 8 of their last 15… NJ won 2 of their last 15… Not a game the Stars can win??? I beg to disagree, especially when the Stars are not on the end of a back to back like the devils


I think wings-wilds will go over 5,5

Petri Kontiola

Red Wings, Devils, Jets and Ducks.


Today’s games look like more coin flip to me if you dig into recent stats, schedules, aims, tablet position, goalies, injuries and odds value…

Probably Rangers ML…



Can anybody give me som advice about 2 or 3 players today who will do at least one point tonight?

Have some the usual players in mind like crosby or kesler. Any suggestions?

Henry Del Valle Sr.

You should look at dailyfaceoff.com
That is a fantasy hockey web site. They offer a chat like this one and they definitely will give you some great advice


do not get the website :/


Patrik Laine. GL

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I read he was a game-time decision. I want to play the Jets but cannot without him. Such a dangerous player.


Yeah. I was thinking about the over but it’s better to forget it!

Henry Del Valle Sr.

NY/Ana Under
Jets TT O 2.5
Dallas TT O 2.5
Best of luck!


I like the picks, but I feel like the Ducks might take it tonight, even though Rags have had their number.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

That is definitely possible. I like NY here as they are terrific on the road, including 31-9 last two years when the total is 5.5. Lundqvist is back and I think the Rangers play well in front of him.

Steve Dimase

Hope you are right with the NYR need them for a big parlay

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I am sorry, my friend. Reverse sweep. Not good.

Steve Dimase

its all good pal I had them before I read anything on here better luck 2nite


Does Pittsburgh still have all those injuries?

Western RattlersD

The NHL.com site says this, Sunday afternoon: Pittsburgh injuries: Trevor Daley (knee), Jake Guentzel (concussion), Carl Hagelin (lower-body), Ron Hainsey (upper-body), Kris Letang (upper-body), Olli Maatta (hand), Evgeni Malkin (upper-body), Tom Sestito (upper-body), Scott Wilson (lower-body)

berg13 panathas

I think eleven players are out tonight

Arto Reinikainen

Canes ML + Blues ML combo (would be very surprised if either team loses, Canes are playing so damn well right now in every aspect of the game, and the Blues just own the Yotes winning last 9 meetings)

Tampa in regulation (if this was mid-season i’d expect the Hawks to bounce back, but they’ve showed some motivation issues for a few games now and the Bolts will be desperate, kudos to them if they can turn it around over night but like we’ve seen with the Sharks and Wild when you get into that hole it’s pretty tough to suddenly match the desperation level of these teams fighting for their lives. Hawks are also 1-5 after giving up 4+ goals)

Preds ML (Rinne hot, team playing great defensively and different guys are contributing right now, pressure is on the Islanders to get the 2 points. Preds are the better team, their blueline is on another level compared to the Isles. Islanders have done well against the Preds which is a concern, but i think the Preds are in playoff mode and can take on the challenge)

GL !