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Happy Easter Everyone!

We went 1-1 yesterday. The LA Kings beat the Oilers in regulation as expected – but man did that game not go as expected. The Oilers came to play and that was a fiery affair with an absolute ton of goals. Was a very fun game.

We also had the Capitals in regulation but the Blues blew them away 4-0. That was big for the Blues and Jake Allen and will give them an absolute ton of confidence as they near the playoffs.

It’s a much quieter day in the NHL with just three games taking place. The Devils visit Carolina at 5pm EST, the Penguins go to New York to take on the Rangers and the Canucks host the Blackhawks.

We’ll be doing the alternating picks again:

Hurricanes vs Devils Betting Tips:

Scott: The Devils sit in 10th place with 80 points, the Hurricanes in 11th with 79.  This is a huge game for both teams.  They both still have a shot at the playoffs and if they think they have what it takes then this is a crucisl game.

The Devils are 5-4-1 over their last 10, the Hurricanes are 3-2-5.  But with the Devils injury issues and the Hurricanes being at home, I like their chances to come out of this game with the win.

Hurricanes win

Graeme: A very interesting game with the Hurricanes priced at slight favourites. The Hurricanes are coming off a 4-3 loss last night in overtime against the New York Islanders. That was a tough one and now they’re facing a rested Devils team. Both teams need a win here as they push for the playoffs. However with the Devils priced as underdogs despite a better recent record, solid road wins and ideally Wedgewood playing who is in beast mode, I feel they are the team we have to back here. Devils to Win. Don’t bet if Wedgewood isn’t starting.

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Penguins vs Rangers Betting Tips:

Graeme: Penguins are pretty decent underdogs in this one. Bit surprised at that. They’ve got their issues and they’ve got some injuries going. Penguins also beat the Rangers last two times they played. The odds make this a Penguins win for me.

Scott: This could be a preview of a first round matchup in a couple weeks which wouldn’t be a surprise as they have meet each other in the playoffs the last 2 years with the Rangers coming out on top in both of those series.

The Penguins are fighting to hold off the 6th place Islanders who trail them by only a point. They are averaging 3.75 goals over their last 8 games and are 8-2 over their last 10.

The Rangers come into this game on a 3 game win streak. They are trying to ensure that they will have home ice in the playoffs

Overall the Penguins are ranked 6th with 2.81 and the Rangers 5th with 2.85 in gpg.

Over 5

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Canucks vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

Scott: The Hawks need only a point to guarantee themselves a playoff spot for the 8th straight year.  They picked up a big win last night against the Flames and hopefully that was the kick they needed to turn around their recent slump. 

The Canucks are in a free fall. They have lost 7 in a row and sit in tied, with the Oilers, for last place in the West. With nothing left to play for the Canucks may just mail this game in to improve their odds in the upcoming draft.

Blackhawks in regulation 

Graeme: You really can’t count on the Blackhawks at the moment. However the Vancouver Canucks are in horrible form and when Blackhawks win on the road it’s been in dominant fashion. I’ll go with Blackhawks in regulation here.

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CHI in regulation
Hur-Devils over 5

Tobias Pettersson

I’m going with Hawks -1.5, Devils ML, Pens ML and Over 5 in Rangers-Pens.

Also have Nash to score.

Arto Reinikainen

Went 8/10 last night, was fun !

At first glance i expected the Blue Jackets and Canadiens to come away with the upsets, but then realized both the Rangers and Preds had the motivation to win – Rangers had lost 3 in a row (IIRC) against the Habs and Preds of course wanted to win the game for Johansen.

All in all the night was the complete opposite compared to the one we saw on thursday. This time every single big favorite had a reason to win.

Boston – in a slump
Rangers – losing streak vs Montreal
Islanders – in a slump
Predators – RyJo
Kings – in a slump
Hawks – in a slump

And what do you know every single team won. Proof that as far as these dogs vs big favorite games go, it’s 100% about your attitude.

Anyway, for tonight i’ll take

Devils to win @ 2.05
Rangers to win @ 1.77
Canucks in regulation @ 3.70 (dont judge :D)
Rangers-Pens Over 5 @ 1.76

Good luck !!


way to go brother! Losing night for me, I broke even on hockey and lost my CBB bet.

Tonight I have Devils to win. They are really playing well and I see that continuing. I don’t know what they are playing for, but they are on a roll!

Chicago in regulation for all of S&G’s reasons.

If Pens-NYR O5 (-130) had better odds i would take it.

Non-NHL TOTD – UNC blows away ND. The Tar Heels are the superior team here and they are 4-0 ATS in their last 4 games against a conference opponent. The Tar Heels are 6-1 ATS in their last 7 neutral site games and 6-1 ATS in their last 7 games when playing a team with a win rate above .600. The Tar Heels lost on the road to Notre Dame back on February 6 however they lost by just 4 points and yet had 11 more turnovers which will not happen this time around. Notre Dame also went to the line 38 times in that 4-point win over the Tar Heels which will not happen in this Tournament. The Tar Heels avenged that loss with a 78-47 rout over the Fighting Irish in the ACC Tournament, and I expect a very close result tonight.

It’s almost playoff time, WOO-HOO!

good luck boys!

Johnny Hockey

Lot of high scoring games – I can’t ignore the odds for goals at Canes-Devils. I’m not sure about that, but I have to place a bet on the Over 5 @2.10 – Just for my certain

– Rangers-Pens also Over 5

– Hawks in regulation

Johnny Hockey

Lot of high scoring games – I can’t ignore the odds for goals at Canes-Devils. I’m not sure about that, but I have to place a bet on the Over 5 @2.10 – Just for my certain

– Rangers-Pens also Over 5

– Hawks in regulation (Also if Leighton will play? Have to say that I don’t know him that good

@betnhlca:disqus @artoreinikainen:disqus :disqus – Would be nice to hear/read your thoughts 🙂


depends who’s in goal for Devils. I think it’s risky.
Rangers-Pens Over – I don’t like the odds at -130+ but it’s probably going to happen
Hawks reg – I put my money there

Johnny Hockey

Yeah, i know it’s risky. But I like the odds – Can imagine an open game. Maybe I will place just a small stake on that…

Whats about Leighton?

Thanks for sharing 😉


Devils & Hawks


what would you say about blackhawks taking out the first period?got odds here in aus at 2.56


everyone taking Devils and thats what I also went for seeing most ppl backing Devils.. and they are playing horrible bad 🙁 should been 4-0 to Carolina inside 15mins actually.. Devils are lucky to be only down 2-0.. good choice Scott..

Arto Reinikainen

I saw it as a 50/50 game and because of 2.10 odds for the Devils i felt like it was worth the value. To me it was weird they were considered underdogs despite better record lately (two very evenly matched rosters, so the team having more confidence shouldn’t be the underdog right?).

But yeah that 1st period was garbage. If they played like they did the last 2 periods for full game they probably win, but props for Canes, one of their better periods i’ve seen them play.


totally agree.. i watched the first periode and it was like the Devils were sleeping.. had like 2 shots compared to 13 of the Canes, who could have scored 2-3 more goals just in first periode.. However Devils tried all they could in the end, but was late.. :/ only if they had played 50% of what they did in the last 2 periode would been enough.. well well that is how the game is. New matches new chances 🙂

Luan Duong

Pens ot


way to call it

Eduardo Caldeira

no tips for today (28th)? been so quiet this


Does anyone have some picks for today? Devils screwed me over yesterday, so in need of some value bets.

I’m thinking


Tobias Pettersson

I’m staying away from all the favorites today, hate the odds. Going to put a small bet on Toronto then probably playing a few Overs aswell, like the games for Over today, lots of lines at 5 which look good.

Arto Reinikainen

IMO Wings just can’t be trusted atm. I actually think the Sabres can come away with the upset (at least 3.75 odds made me think so).

Like the Over pick a lot. And Flyers in all honesty should win the game. I don’t see a reason why not (except complacency after getting the lead or w/e, but after losing the last game and needing every point with only ~7 games to go that would be a massive disappointment).


Thought of going with Wings for many of the same reasons, you give for a Flyers W. They are in a similar situation coming from a loss and need to bounce back in order to make it to the play off. Though you right, Wings have been playing some inconsistent hockey. Think I’ll go with the O 5 instead.

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah it’s very much the same type of situation, but i see the Sabres in a closer proximity to the Wings than Jets to Flyers. They can make the game a difficult one, kind of like a stick that bends but doesn’t break and then when you let go it slaps you in the face 😛

Wings generally have had troubles scoring goals (like getting shutout by the Leafs) and their defense is leaky as well. Sabres have their confidence back where it needs to be in order to win these types of games.
I mean, a Detroit win is probably a bit more likely, but the odds were well worth the value for Buffalo (and vice-versa not for Detroit).

Tobias Pettersson

Nothing tonight? 🙁

Arto Reinikainen

Im thinking Flyers in regulation, Sabres in regulation (value), Coyotes in regulation and Bolts in regulation.
I also like a few OT’s. Avs-Preds, Oilers-Ducks and Kings-Sharks.

Also like Wings-Sabres Over 5 and Ducks-Oilers Over 5 combo.

But yeah agree with you, i think there’s going to be some good value available tonight and only a couple of the big favorites win in regulation.

Tobias Pettersson

Yeah, i’m staying away from picking a winner in most games, have a small bet on Leafs for value and another slightly bigger bet on Yotes… Might follow you with the value bet on Sabres too though.

Otherwise i don’t see value in picking winners, i’ll save that for livebets. I do however like quite a few Overs, especially Caps-Jackets, Preds-Avs and Oilers-Ducks.

I’ll follow your OTs with small bets aswell, i’m not familiar with picking OT games so better start small 🙂