avatar Written by Scott on Thursday, March 28th, 2024

Only 2 games yesterday.

The Sens jumped out to a 5-0 lead after the 1st, including 4 in the first 9 minutes, and held on for the 6-2 win.

The other game was the Bruins vs the Lightning and the Lightning won 3-1.

For today we have 14 games.  Jesus.

Blackhawks vs Senators Betting Tips:

Both teams are out.  Well the Hawks are and the Sens aren’t far behind.  Plus the Sens played yesterday.

Nothing here.

Jackets vs Penguins Betting Tips:

The Jackets are eliminated.  The Pens are 9 points out and have gone 3-5-2 in last 10.

I would think the Pens win here but no way I’m backing them.

Islanders vs Panthers Betting Tips:

The Isles are 6 points back and have gone 3-6-1 in last 10.

The Panthers are in 2nd in the Atlantic and only 1 point behind the Bruins and they also have a game in hand.  They are 4-5-1 last 10.
If taking the Panthers we would have to go in regulation.   And their record over last 10 isn’t that encouraging and seeing how many games the Isles have gone to overtime with and I’m happy skipping this.

Flyers vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

Flyers are in 3rd in the Metro with 82 points in 73 games.  The Caps are in the final wild card spot but have 81 points in 71 games.  The Flyers really need to win.  They’ve gone 4-4-2 last 10 and have lost their last 2 games.

The Habs are also 4-4-2 over last 10 but on a 2 game win streak.

I would think the Flyers win here as they need the points but with their play of late I’m not backing them or the Canadiens.

Capitals vs Leafs Betting Tips:

This should be a good game.

The Caps are playing well and find themselves within reach of 3rd in the Metro.  They are 7-3-0 last 10 and on a 3 game streak.

The Leafs are 5-4-1 last 10 but have dropped their last 2 games.  They are 19-13-3 at home.

I almost considered taking the Caps as they are playing well and the odds are decent but it’s the Leafs and they will need to get out of this funk they’re in.

Wings vs Hurricanes Betting Tips:

Wings need to get back on track.  They are now out of the playoffs but only by 2 points.  After this game they play the Panthers, Lightning and Rangers so they really have their work cut out for them.

The Canes just got beat by the Pens and the Pens only had 22 shots.  The loss ended their point streak at 7 games.

The Wings need points and fast.  The Canes are looking to get back on track.  Could be a good game.

Sharks vs Wild Betting Tips:

Nothing from the Sharks.

The Wild were playing well but have lost 2 in a row and find themselves 9 points out now.  They should win this game but have they shown us enough time back them.  I just can’t bring myself to tip them at this point.  Plus we would need to take them -2.5 and with the way they are playing it’s a pass for me.

Flames vs Blues Betting Tips:

Both teams on the outside looking in.

The Blues are in 9th, 6 points back of 8th.

The Flames are in 11th, 15 points out.

With both teams still having a slim chance they may show up for this game.  I couldn’t tell you who wins it though.

Knights vs Jets Betting Tips:

The Knights are in 8th place with 86 points.  They could, depending on the outcome of the Kings game, move into 3rd in the Pacific.

The Jets have slowly come apart.   They are 4-5-1 last 10 and on a 4 game skid.  They were tied with the Avs and Stars for top spot in the Central but now are 5 points back of the division lead.

Both teams need these two points.  It should be a good game.  I would lean towards the Knights to win but the Jets are at home so they could use this game to beat a good team to get themselves back on track.

Kings vs Oilers Betting Tips:

Kings are in 3rd in the Pacific but the Knights are right behind them.  They are playing well going 7-3 in last 10 and have won 4 in a row.   They are 21-11-4 on the road.

The Oilers are 23-8-3 in Edmonton and 5-3-2 last 10.  They are in 2nd in the Pacific but have only a 3 point lead over these Kings with a game in hand.

Big game with crucial points on the line.   The Kings will have the momentum but the Oilers are at home.

Rangers vs Avalanche Betting Tips:

Should be a good one here.

The Rangers were the first team to 100 points and also the first to clinch a playoff spot.  They are 8-2 last 10 and on a 3 game win streak.  On the road they have gone 22-11-4.

The Avalanche are in 2nd in the Central 2 points behind the Stars and they have a game in hand.  They’re 9-1 last 10 and 28-7-0 at home.

This could go either way.

Ducks vs Kraken Betting Tips:

Nothing here.

Predators vs Coyotes Betting Tips:

The Preds had a huge comeback in their last game to extend their point streak to 18 games.  They are only 4 points back of the Jets for 3rd place in the Central.  They are on a 6 game win streak and are 22-10-3 on the road.

The Coyotes have been eliminated from the playoffs so not much more to say about that.  They’re 5-5 last 10 and have a winning home record of 19-17-0

I want to take the Preds, and believe me that’s not a thing I ever remember saying, but this point streak is amazing.  Would have to be in regulation.  They played each other back at the start of February and the Preds won in OT and in January when the Coyotes won 3-2 and November when the Coyotes won 7-5.  They seem to show up for the Preds so I’m passing.

Stars vs Canucks Betting Tips:

Stars are in 1st in the Central with a 2 point lead over the Avalanche but the Avs have played one fewer game.

The Canucks are in 1st in the Pacific and have an 8 point lead over the 2nd place Oilers.  The Oilers have 2 games in hand over the Canucks.

On the road the Stars are 23-9-5 and are 8-2 in last 10 and on a 5 game win streak. They rank 2nd in GPG and 13th in GAPG.

The Canucks are 24-8-4 at home and 7-2-1 in last 10.  They rank 5th in GPG and 4th in GAPG.

One point seperates them in the standings and with the Stars at 99 points in 73 games and the Canucks 98 in 72.

All things point to this being a good game and I have no idea who comes out on top.

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Why not tipping any games?


Nothing worth tipping. It’s that time of year.


Need to dig little deeper, think there is something 👌


You’re free to post your own tips on here 🙂 We’ll never force bets and betting this time of year can be very dangerous. I wouldn’t expect many tips over the next couple of weeks.


I prefer player props


So why not post what props you are betting on here?


it’s NHL High Danger Day!
Leafs have all sorts of injuries, with many top players out tonight, so the chemistry and predictability there is out to lunch. It’s not surprising in one aspect, as in their last 10 games, the Leafs have had three back-to-back situations with lots of f-ed up traveling, so they’re exhausted, and injuries arrive far more commonly to tired performers. Many other games have conflicting info up the yin-yang. Not much to pick, but here goes:

To WIN moneyline: Nashville
To WIN moneyline: Minnesota
PROP: Washington’s Strome, Over 0.5 points

No game-level Over/Under options, due to all the conflicting matchup situations. The two wins there, I’m not toying with regulation or puckline options this time of year, I’m sick of getting burned where the team DOES win at the end of the day but I lose from being too particular. I can see puckline wins with both of them, but it’s too risky. The Caps Strome should have something of a red carpet rolled out for him (and his teammates) with the Leafs having so many regulars out right now. The Leafs should have far less team control of the puck tonight, with all of sorts of line adjustments going on. Caps are playing very well, they need points, their Wild Card spot is nowhere near secure yet, so should be charged up for this. Wondering about the Caps on the moneyline, but who knows…….


Don’t bet with real money on my opinions.
I’m a stupid better, who wastes tons of units to gain minimal profits.

I take Seattle ML @ 1.4 with 108 units 😄


Okay I bet 121 units, not 108.


Don’t bet with real money on my opinions.
I’m a stupid better, who wastes tons of units to gain minimal profits.

Since there is no new post, Im gonna post here.

Units now: +26.61 🥳, max units in play: 163

I take NJ Devils ML @ 1.77 with 2 units

Asle MartinsenD

Senators – Blackhawks
There’s actually an interesting history in recent years between these two team: In the last 15 games between them, the Blackhawks won 13 (9 in regulation)! The Blackhawks won the last 8 games against the Sens, and the last time the Sens beat the Blackhawks was in September 2018!
The Sens played yesterday and the odds on the Blackhawks is well worth the bet, so I’m gonna be putting money on the Blackhawks to continue this trend.
Blackhawks incl OT/SO

Leafs – Caps
Leafs smashed the Caps in Washington a week ago, and I think they’ll do the same tonight.
Leafs -1.5

Canes – Wings
The Wings have stumbled hard, and their away record is bottom 4 in the conference, while the Canes have the 2nd best home record in the East.
Canes -1.5

Oilers – Kings
I love betting on the Oilers at home. The Kings have been good away this season, but the Oilers score so much at home I can’t not bet on them when the odds are so good.
Oilers in regulation

Avs – Rangers
Again, Avs at home with good odds is hard to pass. Rangers are having a hell of a season, and I really hope they come to play tonight, as this can be an incredible game to watch.
I probably shouldn’t, but the extra excitement makes it worth the bet for me.
Avs in regulation

Coyotes – Predators
The Predators are on some sort of steroids these days. They’re playing the Coyotes and you double your money on the Predators in regulation, so I’m gonna have to go for that.
Predators in regulation

I’ll also be putting money on:
The under in Avs – Rangers
Panthers -1.5
The over in Habs – Flyers
The over in Sens – Hawks
Penguins -1.5
Stars incl SO/OT
Jets in regulation


Filip Forsberg over 0.5 assists – 2.38
Martin Necas over 0.5 assists – 2.72

Just like that.


After missing the first two games I’ve been able to hit Rangers draw after regulation the last two for a decent profit. I am hoping for one more as I probably won’t play it when they face Arizona.

It probably won’t come thru but I was able to get +360, which sold me on trying for one more. These usually are priced between +310 and +330.

No real sharp plays for me however just this, as work, mlb starting, the college tourney and the amount of games made it difficult to find time.

Rangers vs Colorado draw after regulation +360.