avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

After an incredible February, we unfortunately started March off with a 1-2 night.

We got the win with the Bruins in regulation, although man was that a tight one throughout. Made for a very fun game to watch from a betting perspective and it was good to come out a winner.

We lost on the Hurricanes/Devils over as they could only total 4 goals, and Oilers vs Sabres ended up being a solid performance by the goalies. The offenses had a lot of chances as we expected but both Talbot and Lehner pulled off some great saves.

Tonight is a much quieter night in the NHL with just three games – two of which feature heavy favourites. The Washington Capitals are expected to blow away the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Anaheim Ducks are heavy favourites against the Montreal Canadiens.

Capitals vs Leafs Betting Tips:

The Capitals are at some of the lowest odds you can see them in hockey. Currently 1.31 and dropping fast.

Here’s our tip: don’t bet this game. The odds in regulation or the handicap don’t make it any better. However there is zero value in this Leafs team at the moment. Their offense just looks so uninspired.

Seeing so many people jump on the Capitals despite the odds. At that price in hockey you’re playing a very dangerous game. If you must bet it I’d take Over 5.5 but I can’t recommend that based on the weak Leafs offense right now.

Canadiens vs Ducks Betting Tips:

After a couple of solid results, the Montreal Canadiens were brought back down to earth with a thumping from the Sharks.

I expect this to continue with the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks offense faltered slightly against Oilers and Sabres but bounced back against the Kings.

The Oilers/Sabres games are a slight concern with the way the Ducks played against weaker opposition. However the Canadiens aren’t close to Oilers/Sabres territory. Montreal will raise their game and that will cause the Ducks to raise their game.

Anaheim play a solid defensive game at home and I like them to grind out the result here.

Ducks win in regulation.

Canada: 1.78 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: -125 Odds at GT Bets
Everyone Else: 1.78 Odds at 888 Sports.

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I’m gonna take a shot on these three games


Leafs, Red Wings and Ducks.
Ovechkin, Datsyuk and Silfverberg to score.


Def taking the ducks tonight but I want a part of the Blackhawks Redwing game I’m leaning towards Redwings have been looking pretty good what’s ur alls thoughts


I say Blackawks because they need a win to regain top spot in the division. and Detroit are playing good but Detroit is a shaky team and to be honest I wouldn’t bet on this game but if I did I would take CHI or the OVER 5


For sure blackhawks. Howard where HUGE for them last game. If his perfprmance is just ordinary or even pretty good they will loose. He ned to Come up huge again. Besides Kane the line whit toews and Ladd looked fucking awesome last game.


I wanna see what lion has to say about the redwings/Blackhawks before I push submit, but ducks are a for sure w tonight


CAPS -2.5

Dennis Houle

MTL has a shot. Canada needs a team in the playoff. Bettman knows this.


Agreed I believe that Anaheim has to lose eventually (I think) and the HABS need a win to tie with NJ and OTT. But the problem is Anaheim is two points out for top spot in division and to end a 8 game winning streak against MTL seems unlikely, but I am gonna take a chance on the HABS

MSF Wireless MSF Wireless

Good day, despite the fear betnhl but in my head I’m still firing a 20 unit bet on Washington in regulation. Got it at -170 but I mean they should just completely run them over. I’m that confident they will win by at least one goal.

Not betting the oher 2 games but I can see Detroit beating Chicago. Anaheim is gonna not only beat Montreal but gonna crush mtl.

Good luck all, let’s make some money!


20 UNIT BET?!?!??? You crazy mang!

MSF Wireless MSF Wireless

It is a crazy bet but the caps are gonna take advantage huge here. Let’s hope for the best lol. It’s a break even or double for me. I’ve had a good start to my week. I just feel it’s the safest bet out of the three games despite the terrible odds. If the Pittsburgh game didn’t go to overtime I can’t see this one going.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Wash has won 4 straight from Toronto, outscoring them 17-6 in the process. I don’t think you have anything to worry about here.


I completely agree. This is almost a guaranteed win Caps at home despite the almost non-existant value. My issue is the 20 unit amount …. unless he meant $20

Edit: Mind you -170 in regulation isn’t the worst I’ve seen.

MSF Wireless MSF Wireless

Meaning 2k lol.


I wanna do what you do!

MSF Wireless MSF Wireless

Man that was very hard on the heart. But hey that’s the name of the game. Get the rush and get the money :)))) I’m on fire I bet the last 2 goals live in the Chicago game. Great odds. What a week so far. I always bet the under 5.5 on the mtl game pressed 5 units. Let’s hope this stays low scoring.

MSF Wireless MSF Wireless

Geez that was a very intense 3rd period. Respect 2 Toronto they played a very very very good game. Glad I won that huge bet :))))))))).


Happy for you. Your heart must have been pumping!


-170??? I would stay away from that like the plague, awful odds. Ha at least you got it better than the -200 on bodog, I would have passed.


Tonight picks,

Caps vs Leafs OT
Wings vs Hawks OT
Canadiens win

Don’t trust on caps tonight. I am totally agree with Graeme. Even its better if you don’t put big money on it because you can be sad in the end. I go for OT and not sure who may win after it.

That game is very important game for both side. Wings are always weird team and I never liked them. Hawks are very strong and they ll play for title. I think game ll be under 5.5 and OT.

Canadiens are only for crazy people like me ?. If you are looking for high odd then go for their win. Ducks are leaking and can see that they ll lose soon and that may happen tonight. Canadiens ll win tonight.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I am throwing a unit on the Maple Leafs for the odds and because I can. Thank you!
Ducks in REG — Agree w/ Graeme. This is not the spot to take Montreal. Maybe the next game. Quack quack to the bank!!!! And I disagree with the assertion the NHL needs a Canadian team in the playoffs; people will watch and follow anyways.
Blackhawks ML — Detroit is coming off a successful road trip and I am betting that the RWs, in their first home game back, will be flat. Mrzek doesn’t look like he will be healthy enough to be in net, so Detroit will be pinning its hopes on Howard–again?
Good luck all!


Wow bodog has Ducks -140 FT…pass on that, no bets here I guess, that sucks.


Putting a small quarter unit on Leafs to score first at +155, only because Caps have been notorious for allowing the first goal lately, the only value I can find.

Eduardo Caldeira

got unlucky… 3 PP for the leafs and they let in a goal first

Michael Bishop

Washington -1.5
Detroit ML
Anaheim -1.5

Simon Pekala

Any thoughts on Anaheim – 1 at 2.40?


Like it. They should win, and at least its a push if its close.



Arto Reinikainen

I really dislike going for low odds, in other words the heavy favorites, but i guess 1.93 combined odds for Caps & Ducks to win isn’t the worst thing in the world. I doubt they’ll get easy wins though, especially the Caps – they’ve had the tendency of not having their minds in the game early and then get their game going when they fall behind. All of this is understandable of course, they don’t have much more to play for than pride at this point, and that’s drawn out when they’re trailing.

At the same time i can’t see either Toronto or Montreal winning today. These type of games usually end up for the favorites one way or another. If the Habs felt like this is a must win game then maybe, but i doubt it. Im sure they aren’t really in the mindset of chasing a playoff position anymore, because even if they made it they know they won’t be winning anything with their current group (Petry out for the season, gave up Weise, Price out for god knows how long). They aren’t interested in anything else than a cup. And they just won two games in a row before losing one, so it’s not like they’d want to snap a losing streak.

Wings-Hawks is very much a 50/50. I can make cases for both teams but nothing to really make me feel confident in picking either of them. I guess there’s a pretty good chance for OT, but im not totally feeling it.

Kind of poor night but hey at least we have a ton of games tomorrow. Good luck.


No sense me commenting today when Arto expressed my feelings exactly.

Arto I saw you copy my picks yesterday!! ^_^

Arto Reinikainen

Really haha ? ? i generally don’t look at others picks before i make mine so i don’t get confused, but if we had the same picks then that’s neat

Eduardo Caldeira

I went with the Under 5.5 and Under 6.0 RT with the caps – leafs… washington should win but I dont think its gonna be such a big run over… dont forget they played yesterday… I think the bookies are insane with the odds… its because lots and lots of people are backing the caps

so it makes the under raise which I like it at 1.94… seems fair price, just hope that bernier doesn’t screw it up
Under 6.0 RT @ 1.60 at 1xbet both odds… so 7 goals looks a lot for this game… Im not going to say 100% but seems safe


So far one for one with the CAPS. LOOKING GOOD IN CHICAGO Hopefully Habs can pull out a win