avatar Written by Scott on Thursday, March 31st, 2016

1-1 last night.

We had over 5 goals in the Capitals vs Flyers game but the goals just didn’t happen. The Flyers won 2-1 in a shootout.  The Flyers moved into 7th place with the win.

The winning tip of the night was Over 5.5 in the Flames – Ducks and the Ducks went off winning 8-3.  They opened the game by scoring 5 unanswered goals.  They traded goals the rest of the way.

A much better night of action with 10 games.  Let’s get to the NHL Betting Tips for Thursday,  March 31st.

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Maple Leafs vs Sabres Betting Tips:

With nothing left to play for, these teams will play while trying to avoid coming in last place.  But for the Leafs I’m not sure that would be such a bad thing.

The Sabres are 3-0-1 over their last 4 games when playing at home.  So going to back them in this one.

Sabres Win 

Canada: 1.81 Odds at Sports Interaction
USA: -135 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 1.81 Odds at Pinnacle Sports

Flames vs Kings Betting Tips:

After getting destroyed last night by the Ducks,  the Flames will be looking to make this game more competitive.

The Kings last 2 games have had goal totals of 7 and 10.  The Flames last 2 games had totals of 11 and 7.

The Flames will be tired after last night so this is only going to help in the goal department and also the Kings chances to get back on track and keep pace with the Pacific Division leading Ducks.

Over 5

Canada: 1.70 Odds at Sports Interaction
USA: -142 Odds at Intertops
Everyone Else: 1.70 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

Predators vs Penguins  Betting Tips:

The Predators are 5-4-1 over their last 10 games  and have lost their last 2 in a row. 

The Penguins are 9-1 over their last 10 and have won 3 straight.

The Pens are fighting with the Rangers for 2nd place in the East.  They will look to this game playing at home and to take advantage of a slumping Preds team.

Penguins in regulation

Canada: 2.27 Odds at Pinnacle Sports
USA: +110 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 2.27 Odds at Pinnacle Sports


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Tampa Bay, Kings and Sharks.


I’ll join you on that one!


not much value in those choices


Not so bad.
I’l make a combo with all 3 @ 4.9.


some value in a parlay, but you didn’t indicate that in your tips.




Tonight picks,

Hurricanes win %70
Canadiens win %90
Devils win %80

Optional picks,

Predators win %65
Leafs win %55
Coyotes win %60

Good luck everyone!


I was on your Habs pick, Lion King. Thanks mate!


Great job brotha!


Calling all @lion ‘s. Paging lion. Come in, lion. We need picks with percentages today.


S&G, I like the tips today, except I see the TML giving Buffalo a game and getting the upset. They’ve given some good teams a run for their money lately and this is the cross town rivalry. The Kings-Flames O5 is -150 so a pass there.

Hard to find value in today’s tilts. I try to stay away from anything worse than -125 so that limits me today. I’m placing some micro bets on the following:

Isles in reg – Isles are still playing for something and CBJ have been abysmal of late.

Yotes/Stars O5.5 – there’s been some big totals with these two teams and I hope it continues

Devils ML – good value for a team that has been playing inspired hockey recently.

Preds ML – good value for a team that has been one of the best down the stretch. Pens are on fire, but Preds are a team that can knock them off this run.

Kings PL – even with Ortio in net, LAK is the superior team espcially at home and against a team that got destroyed the night before and is missing their top scorer

Bolts PL – here’s hoping the Bolts play the way they are capable of and

Wild PL – Wild are still fighting for something and I’m hoping they turn up against a Sens team that has their eyes set on the golf course.

good luck boys

Shaun Gardner

My picks, Rangers, Kings and Sharks.
Was also looking at Stars to make a nice 4 game accumulator..


accumulator.? what does this mean?


All in one coupon i think. These all 4 odds in one gives u “X” aco – multiplier.
Correct me if i’m wrong.


I think he means parlay bet. All games odds combined. Must get all games correct to win.


got it, just haven’t seen that word used in this context. single parlay with 4 teams in NHL at this time of year? good luck with that

Shaun Gardner

All as one bet. We would refer to multiples as singles, doubles, trebles or an accumulator for four or more in the UK.


Rangers -90%
Kings – 90 %
Tampa, Sharks – 70%


Long time, no post, but I’m still lurking!

Some interesting matchups tonight. Here is what I like:

NYI ML – Should be able to take CBJ. Columbus is fighting still, but Isles are trying to position in playoffs and at home.

NYR ML – I think the Rangers have won 9 straight against the Canes or something and should continue the trend. King Henrik is solid and I think the Canes have given up.

TB ML – The Habs can rest easy for a while having actually won a game, and I see them falling back into their losing ways. The Bolts are gearing up for the playoffs and should play well.

Stars/Yotes – +5.5 Goals. I like the Stars to win as well, but feel the goals should be a safer bet. They can hear the Blues’ footsteps and are going to want to make an example of the Yotes who gave them a ride last time.

Kings -1.5 – Flames are hurting pretty badly right now, and with 2 goalies already being used up last night, I can see them trying to play very tight defensively to protect their goalie. The problem is that isn’t their team’s MO and it only works for so long. Won’t be a blow-out like last night, but 4-1 is reasonable.

Don’t like:

Sabres vs. Leafs – Both teams playing harder to lose? I don’t know about this one.

Preds vs. Pens – Preds have been tearing it up lately, and the Pens are trying to make sure they aren’t overtaken. Too tough to call, but if I had to, I would go with the OVER

Devils vs. Cats – Another tough one. I don’t play OT’s but that is what I’m feeling on this one.

Sens vs. Wild – Same as above.

Nucks vs. Sharks – Everything points to the Sharks taking this one, but for some reason the Canucks are a real thorn in San Jose’s side at home. I think the Canucks are doing the subtle tank thing so if you can get decent odds, Sharks should win.

Thanks guys, I enjoy checking in every day for the tips and comments!


agree with most everything bro, but I don’t think Canes will be a cakewalk for NYR tonight. See my comments above. This is going to be a tight game with Canes fighting tooth and nail.

I’m really interested to see how the TML do vs the Sabres. All those AHL players have been pesky as hell and giving good teams a run for their money.

Also, Pred-Pens game should be awesome. I wish I had NHL package because that could be the game of the night. There’s value in taking the Preds, who could easily win this game, but only low units.

Same situation with Devils-Cats game. Look how hard Devils have been playing lately? Cats could be gliding while Devils are playing spoiler.

Sharks are going to beat Nucks, just a question of the margin.

good luck tonight


Canes – NYR, any toughts G&S and others? When im looking on this match-up for me it’s NYR in reg, but maybe i am wrong? Could u help me a bit?


Canes have a lot of fight in them, this game could easily go OT or Canes on top.


Agree with SDB but I am still leaning towards NYR. Might play 3rd period NYR


Thanks for answears. I am decideing between NYR and Pens tonight. Pens are more sure, u think?

Thomas Andersen

Why you challenged the most delicate games? I think Arizona burned the candle down by now. The bottom line of the season is “ok” What would a last game matter?
Columbus ? No!! Good season again. No “expert” predicted any of the 61 points they purchased. C’mon!! Columbus I love you. But today energy must be low??
S.t Jose if logics is still around?


I might pick TOR over BUF. They have had some good results lately against better teams than BUF. Also O5 on that game…


that’s what I am saying!


Hey posters (not S&G), I always appreciate the great insights and discussion, and I have learned a lot from some of you. Just a thought: There’s isn’t a whole lot of value in a comment that just lists the day’s top favorites, especially if those favorites are -200+. We can all see the odds from our betting sites and don’t need to learn that you like the Kings over the Flames or the Sharks over the Nucks or the Bolts over the Habs. No shit! What is valuable is when you post some analysis or at least explain how you are trying to extract some value from your bets. For example, if you said: single parlay with ML Kings, Sharks & Bolts paying 2.5 to 1, then you’re actually contributing something to the conversation. But no one is going to make single bets on those teams, well maybe Arto, but no one listens to him anyhow. 🙂 just kidding bro. thanks for all the great convo, Peace out – SDB


Well said 🙂 The main point of having a comment field is to trade ideas and thoughts with eachother, not just writing your tips for the night without any motivation!

Henry Del Valle Sr.

SDB…what are your thoughts on tonight’s NIT? I kind of like Valpo-2 because they have a very efficient defense and allow only .93 points per opponent possession. GW on other hand allow 1.03 or so and that ranks well out of the top 100 in the ncaa. If you have any ideas, let us know!


staying away from CBB tonight. I took Val the other night but not as confident tonight. good luck

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I should’ve followed your advice…and not played it. GW wins by 16! Sick to my stomach.

Arto Reinikainen

3-0 last night.

Here’s my thoughts for tonight:

Sabres win @ 1.74

– Teams hate losing 2 in a row, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the playoff contention or not. And when the Leafs have played against a motivated team they’ve pretty much lost each time despite their good form. Kane is out for the season, but the Sabres are still somewhat the better team in my opinion. Won’t be easy by any means and just to make sure i give myself the best chance i would go with the ML. Not the best odds though and considering this is not the highest confidence pick out there, might still pass.

Islanders PL @ 2.65

– I mentioned teams hate to lose 2 in a row, and we saw that when the Jackets lost to the Preds and then came out with a good effort against the Caps – but the Caps were just too strong in the final period. And when you lose that 3rd game after a tough battle that’s always a big test to your morale. You either keep battling or go on a big slump like the Canucks atm. Generally these are the type of games you should stay away from because we don’t have access to the locker room – impossible to know how they react. But in this case (and considering where we are in the season) i think the Jackets will lean towards the Canucks route and lose majority of the remaining games. Isles have won all 4 meetings this year and they’re the better team. Perfect game for them to get their offense going against a team they’ve dominated, too many guys are not producing up to their potential. After 2 narrow wins vs the Canes, im predicting the floodgates to open in this one.

Pens-Preds OT @ 3.95

– Honestly i think the Preds will want this game a bit more. Again that 2-loss factor. They’re also the better team as the Pens are without Malkin and Maatta. But because the Preds should be a bit tired here, i think the game drags on to OT. Their first meeting of the season also went past regulation. But i have to admit the Pens are playing the best hockey out of any team in the league right now, and that’s always scary. But the value is there with this OT.

Rangers PL @ 2.90

– Eric Staal. We saw what happened when Columbus visited the music city and Ryan Johansen – the Preds felt like they wanted to blow them out of the water for RyJo. It doesn’t hurt the Rangers lost the last game (to give a bit more motivation for this one), they’re the better team x3 AND have dominated the Canes. Sorry Carolina, i have to say your season has been amazing compared to expectations, but i think you’re getting blown out tonight.
Bolts-Habs Over 5 @ 1.70
OR Canadiens in regulation @ 4.60 (if you’re feeling ballsy)

– Anything could happen in this game. But let me say this: Habs will be competitive. Tampa haven’t been impressive in their last 2 games while the Habs came away with a big W vs Detroit and they won the last 2 meetings. I know technically Tampa should be motivated because they are tied with the Panthers for 1st Place in the Atlantic, but from my experience, teams really don’t care that much about that 1st place. Especially after the Bolts went to the SCF last year – they know they will have to beat any team regardless if it’s on home ice or not. Anyway, 4.60 is crazy value for Habs regulation win and i thought about it long and hard, but if they win, the game will have goals and could very well have enough goals even if the Bolts win, so i feel semi-comfortable with that over 5.

Panthers in regulation @ 1.84
OR Under 5 @ 1.90

– Tough one. Panthers win makes so much sense, but in the NHL that doesn’t always mean much. Trocheck is out for the Panthers, they lost their last game to the Leafs and they see they’re tied with the Bolts for the 1st place. For Florida team new to the playoffs that 1st place might actually mean something and even with multiple injuries to the Cats club they’re still a lot better than the Devils. So there should be bunch of things making the Panthers motivated for this one. Not the best odds making me hesitant to go for them, but i think im going to pull the trigger. Hopefully forcing this one doesn’t end up costing me. Also thought about under 5 – and while i feel like there’s a very good chance it comes through, under 5 is a bet i generally don’t like.

Wild-Senators and Coyotes-Stars i don’t feel comfortable with anything to be honest, and don’t have time to look at the last 2 games.

Good luck everybody !

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Went over Pitt/Nash many times. Penguins are playing better right now but it’s hard to fade Preds. Both have a lot at stake here, but I have a real hard time thinking Preds lose 3 straight games. I think you’re right on in saying this goes OT.

Arto Reinikainen

Man, the Pens are always a thorn on my side, every season. I haven’t liked their team in years and still they manage to have these streaks when then play like the cup champs. I don’t think i’ve backed them even once this month 🙁

Arto Reinikainen

Well shit, i thought the Rangers were playing at home lol.
I was like, where did the Canes get all this jump ?
Oh well, bad mistake. Hopefully the Rangers can still wake up.


Thanks for putting the time and thought into your comments, as usual outstanding effort.

So far, looks like you were right about the Sabres. All over TML and up 1-0.

Isles should have a lot more to play for but CBJ has proven to be pesky and they’ve got a lot of heart. I like Isles too, but BJ won’t go down without a fight.

I took Preds ML for the value, but anything can happen in this one. Preds should be more motivated but Pens are in a groove.

I stayed away from NYR-Canes, too many variables in this one.

don’t agree on Bolts Habs game. Bolts are 4-1 and scoring goals. I think they take it to the Habs, I got the PL

I like the Devils to surprise Cats and win this game. I like the fight they’ve put up recently vs good teams in both wins and losses.

Arto Reinikainen

Fair points, and thanks for the feedback as always.

Tbh i fucked up with that Rangers game, i don’t know why i thought the game was in MSG and the idea was that the Rangers would want to win the game for Staal in front of their fans, but now that’s going vice-versa for the Canes as they’re flying.

Im watching the game and it took me 10 minutes to realize the game is not in MSG LOL

God damn, it’s been a long season xD


😀 maybe jump on live bet and find a way to mitigate?

Arto Reinikainen

Well i actually took the cashback as i got 50% of my stake back and put it on Rangers win in regulation. As i think there’s still a chance they come back but only win By one goal after the Canes will try to throw everything at them in the final minutes.
But in the end not that big of a deal, just 1 unit lost if the Canes win.

Arto Reinikainen

That didnt take long, lol

Arto Reinikainen

God damn that Isles game was such BS, take a 3-1 lead, Greiss with one of the worst fumbles i’ve seen this year to give the Jackets a chance to get back in the game, Isles take the lead back and then a so-so penalty in the final minutes to put Isles on the PK, Nielsen breaks his stick so they cant counter attack for the empty net, Leddy shoots it off the post.. Lol, i’d still make that bet again tho. But figures the first PL i go this season reminds me why i hate PL’s.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Buffalo ML– Toronto is playin their 3rd road game in four nights. Leafs are coming off their Florida trip and may be a bit tired. Sabres seem to have more depth than Leafs. It’s Buffalo’s rivalry game. Aren’t the Leafs still in the running for the lottery? I know they’ve played decently but I think Sabres comes up with a very good effort in front of the home crowd. Swordsmen 3 Loafs 2.

SJ -1.5 Vancouver is embracing the “tank the season” mode. If the Sharks come out interested, they should roll here. Canucks also in the running for top lottery pick as well. Jaws 5, Nucks 1.

Minny in REG–Ottawa is off a back to back and the Wild, I believe, will do everything they can within the rules of winning this game. My only caveat is that Sens are 3-0-1 vs Wild this year, but why should they care? Gimme Wild 4-1.

Arto Reinikainen

For the last 2 games:
Kings in regulation
Sharks-Canucks OT