avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, March 31st, 2017

It was a 1-1 night for us last night as our big underdog play of the Ottawa Senators didn’t pan out.

It ended up being an extremely poor performance from the Senators who have now lost 3 in a row. Not the best time of the year to go in a slump.

We won with the Bruins over the Stars as they look like a team who really deserve to be in the playoffs and it’s impressive seeing the changes there since the coaching change.

The Leafs also secured a massive victory last night at the expense of the Predators.

Only the one important game in the East playoff contention tonight, with the Islanders facing off against the Devils. An absolute must-win game for the Islanders who have had 3 losses in a row including two crucial ones against the Flyers and Bruins.

In the West, the Kings hope to cling to their pipe dream as they take on the Canucks. The Blues visit Colorado and the Flames host the Sharks as both those teams aim to wrap up a playoff spot.

Let’s get to it:

Islanders vs Devils Betting Tips:

If the Islanders are a playoff team then they come out here and dominate and win. Simple as that.

They’ve lost two crucial games that has really hurt their playoff hopes against the Flyers and Bruins. This after that hard fought battle against the Penguins.

I don’t know if the Islanders truly are a playoff team. They’ve had a real big mix of wins and losses however they do seem to a lot of games close and fight hard.

With 4 road games up next this is Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals for them in a series where they’re down 3-0. They lose this one they can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.

In a game this important going up against the worst team in the East, I’ve just got to put my faith in them being able to do it.

Islanders to win in regulation

Kings vs Canucks Betting Tips:

Have to go with the Kings in regulation for the same reasons I’m going with the Islanders.

This one is a cold hard fact – if they lose in regulation they’re out of the playoffs. And really if they want to make the playoffs they need to beat the Canucks convincingly and scare the crap out of the teams above them.

I heard one of the Sedins earlier talking about how they’re lookng forward to their role as playoff spoilers etc and that all sounds good except they really haven’t shown that. They don’t play like one of those “no pressure” teams when they don’t have a chance anymore. They step up some games but the majority of games they’re going through the motions.

With their backs against the wall I’ve got to take Kings in regulation tonight.

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Parlay Caps and Blues PL, gonna take a shot

Roy Walschots


Petri Kontiola

Red night last night. Hope tonight will be a green one.
Rangers, Blues, Sharks and Yotes.


What about Canucks TT o2.5 @ 2.6 odds?

Oliver Trigg

Blues PL (Avalanche leak goals like hell)
Caps PL/in reg (not entirely decided)
Flames ML (Sharks too bad to back)
Kings in reg (Canucks home form so bad so no way kings lose this let alone in OT),
Rangers ML (with the injuries of the Penguins I can’t back anything else),
Blackhawks ML (Blue Jackets off back to back and loss)
NYI ML, (Islanders were so poor yesterday- so poor they’ll want to prove something tonight)

Western RattlersD

To WIN in reg: St. Louis


Flames, Blues, Caps all in reg.

Straight Up Winners
Pens, Isles, Jackets, Flames, Blues, Caps, Kings

If you like totals have to think Kings/Canucks stays under 5.5


Combo tonight!

Isles, Blues, Kings, Caps (Regulation win)



I will take a shot on Yotes @ 3.81

Last game at Verizon Center, Caps were only winning by 1-0 up to the middle of the 3rd period. Yotes tied and then Caps scored 3 in last 5′. Holtby is not confirmed yet and I think he will seat today.

This time I am expecting the same low motivation by Caps and a little more effort by Yotes. Has I don’t like the card too much, this is enought to me to gamble a little for great odds!


Arto Reinikainen

Damn, i thought about it but didn’t have the nuts ๐Ÿ˜€

Well done !


Nice juicy profit! I had this game under my eye since the last one between them ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also Avs but for me its impossible to bet both in the same night. Lol. You did well too on Avs to OT! Cheers!

Brenden Crundwell

Parlay Blues in Reg + Caps PL

Adrian Zalewski

what about
wash, la, stl, boston
in regural time?

Arto Reinikainen

Tonight’s edition of decently quick thoughts:

PIT @ NYR (pick: Over 5.5)

– This should be a great game. Both teams going through some tougher times, but in my opinion the Rangers haven’t been as bad as the Pens recently. It’s not often you see the Pens lose big time even if they try their hardest to win, but that’s exactly what happened against Chicago. Definition of injuries catching up. However, they do get Guentzel and Hainsey back for this game, boosting both their offense and defense, while the Rangers will be without their #1 defenseman McDonagh. Does this mean the Pens click right away while the Rangers get notably worse? Not necessarily, the Rangers blueline will want to step up and it’s only 1 game, so the loss of McDonagh could hardly be noticeable. Hainsey hasn’t exactly had an easy time on the Pens, and Guentzel is no Geno. So the Pens don’t have the usual advantage in terms of rosters. I was initally going to give the Rangers a shot, but Lundqvist + their home struggles put me off. However for entertainment purposes, i think Over 5.5 is a decent bet.

NJD @ NYI (pick: Devils)

– Game that the Islanders should absolutely win, but will they? Easier said than done. I don’t think the Devils have been that bad lately. Last 2 games they’ve played went to overtime. Getting away from home and 2 days off is a positive. Pressure is so humongous big on the Islanders right now, and they haven’t been able to buy a win at home lately. This game in my mind fits the mold of a potential upset. Devils would love to spoil the Islanders for sure. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.

CBJ @ CHI (pick: Blackhawks)

– Blue Jackets have no offensive flow right now. Blackhawks seem to be the opposite. If this is another game that Bobrovsky steals then so be it, but the Hawks are able to slice through any defense now and if the Blue Jackets give up goals they’re not going to win this game.

STL @ COL (pick: OT)

– You know what? Im giving the Avs a chance here to have a good game, something i thought i wouldn’t do anymore. Tyson Jost makes his NHL debut and the Avs showed a lot of fight against the Caps – something they haven’t shown in a long time. The Blues beat the Avs 2 times in Colorado in the past month. No matter how bad your team is, these professional athletes aren’t just going to sit around and watch the same team get the better of you 3 times in your own building in such a short period of time. First game they lost 3-0, 2nd game they lost 4-2. With the positives they can take from the game against Washington, and the excitement of adding a player like Jost, i kind of like the Avs chances to get this game to overtime. The Blues are one of the most overrated teams right now. Yeah – they’re playing great, but their roster isn’t really that good.

SJS @ CGY (pick: pass)

– The Sharks are playing well enough to win this game. Haven’t been overly impressed by the Flames recently. But with the Sharks goaltenders not having that much confidence, and their potential fatigue spot and the Flames opportunity to clinch a playoff berth against a divisional rival, i just can’t make myself go for SJS. I feel like passing and just seeing what happens is the way to go.

LAK @ VAN (pick: Canucks)

– Canucks have been able to elevate their game against the Kings this season. SO loss in LA, 2-1 win at home and then 4-3 win in LA the last time they played. It’s not that surprising that the Canucks have been a good match for the Kings, when they play well they like to play a defensive style, have some guys that can finish and Miller seems to step up his game against the Kings. So what ends happening is that the Kings bang their heads against Miller and then Canucks capitalize, and if the Canucks get on to the drivers seat, LA seems to have little success coming back against them. Kings playing their 3rd game in 4 nights. Canucks getting back Stecher and Eriksson, and Molino makes his NHL debut, so the morale should be pretty good heading into this game. But despite all the good things for Vancouver, im not too sure if they can win. Because honestly the more i think about this game, the more i came to the conclusion that literally anything could happen. From a Kings blowout win to OT to Canucks blowout win, feels like anything is possible. But considering the odds, i feel like the Canucks are maybe worth a shot. Personally i’ll see how the first games go, and then if i get some profit throw in a small stake here.

WSH @ ARI (pick: pass)

– I still remember last year, 4th of April when the Caps played the Coyotes. That was probably a top 3 moment of that season for me when i went for Coyotes -1.5 and they ended up winning 3-0. I don’t have the same vibe for tonight’s tilt, but how can i go for the Caps after what happened last year? Pass.

Good luck !


Rangers ML and St Louis -1.5