avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, March 31st, 2017

It was a 1-1 night for us last night as our big underdog play of the Ottawa Senators didn’t pan out.

It ended up being an extremely poor performance from the Senators who have now lost 3 in a row. Not the best time of the year to go in a slump.

We won with the Bruins over the Stars as they look like a team who really deserve to be in the playoffs and it’s impressive seeing the changes there since the coaching change.

The Leafs also secured a massive victory last night at the expense of the Predators.

Only the one important game in the East playoff contention tonight, with the Islanders facing off against the Devils. An absolute must-win game for the Islanders who have had 3 losses in a row including two crucial ones against the Flyers and Bruins.

In the West, the Kings hope to cling to their pipe dream as they take on the Canucks. The Blues visit Colorado and the Flames host the Sharks as both those teams aim to wrap up a playoff spot.

Let’s get to it:

Islanders vs Devils Betting Tips:

If the Islanders are a playoff team then they come out here and dominate and win. Simple as that.

They’ve lost two crucial games that has really hurt their playoff hopes against the Flyers and Bruins. This after that hard fought battle against the Penguins.

I don’t know if the Islanders truly are a playoff team. They’ve had a real big mix of wins and losses however they do seem to a lot of games close and fight hard.

With 4 road games up next this is Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals for them in a series where they’re down 3-0. They lose this one they can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.

In a game this important going up against the worst team in the East, I’ve just got to put my faith in them being able to do it.

Islanders to win in regulation

Kings vs Canucks Betting Tips:

Have to go with the Kings in regulation for the same reasons I’m going with the Islanders.

This one is a cold hard fact – if they lose in regulation they’re out of the playoffs. And really if they want to make the playoffs they need to beat the Canucks convincingly and scare the crap out of the teams above them.

I heard one of the Sedins earlier talking about how they’re lookng forward to their role as playoff spoilers etc and that all sounds good except they really haven’t shown that. They don’t play like one of those “no pressure” teams when they don’t have a chance anymore. They step up some games but the majority of games they’re going through the motions.

With their backs against the wall I’ve got to take Kings in regulation tonight.

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