avatar Written by Graeme on Sunday, March 31st, 2024

An excellent day yesterday as I went 2-0 with the bets.

I backed the Rangers/Coyotes game to go over and that one was nice and easy. The bet was won by the end of the 2nd period, and they ended up racking up 13 goals in total in that one.

Tampa also had a nice and dominant win over the Islanders, to nail the regulation win.

Very happy with that considering the time of year and how difficult betting is. Nice little confidence boost.

We have just the one game today which is the Canucks hosting the Ducks.

The Canucks have lost their last two, with their offense going to sleep with losses against the Stars and the Kings.

The Ducks are on a bad run and just played yesterday.

Unfortunately, Canucks -2.5 would have to be the bet and with their offense the way it is, no bet for me.

Metrics are close to supporting it but the Canucks SCGF is too much of a concern so no bet.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday.

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What were the blues doing yesterday.. It’s been a while I had such a disappointment.


While it may be the time of year when strange results show up, it’s usually somewhat predictable by looking at the playoff race situation, injuries, exhaustion levels, trends and stats. Yesterday’s St. Louis performance was ludicrous. They ARE within reach of a Wild Card position, but have strong competition, so they can’t slack off, IF they want to try for the playoffs.

While they’re usually a team that has not had the ability to control how a game develops, against San Jose, a team that’s now 1-8-1 and with a goal differential of MINUS 131, St. Louis simply didn’t show up to play the game. St. Louis was not on a back-to-back, and had won two days earlier, also at home. They were shut out by San Jose and San Jose didn’t score any powerplay goals. St. Louis Blues fans deserve a full refund for that.


Don’t bet with real money on my opinions.
I’m a stupid better, who wastes tons of units to gain minimal profits.

Units now: +30.03 🥳
max combined units used to win a bet: 163

Then, let’s try this one: Anaheim +2.5 @ 1.8 with 1 unit