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Yeah that seems about right. Back the over featuring a team that is top 10 for GF60/GA60 and the last meetings between them have seen all the goals? Two goalless periods.

We’ll laugh about this season one day.

It reminded me a lot of that Oilers/Leafs first meeting in the season with a more defensive style. Frustating as well because it was very physical to start and looked like the type of game we were hoping for.

Apparently there was some issues with the ice too. So that’s fun. Hey life could be worse – we could be Oilers fans. Man has it been a long week for those guys. Three games against the Leafs and a combined 13-1 result for Toronto. Ouch.

Let’s look at todays games – I must admit it’s one of those days where I look at a lot of the matchups and just groan. I am super swamped for time today so barely any write-ups here just super quick thoughts. This is one of those nights where it seems like a could be a day of the dogs.

Islanders vs Sabres:

I see no real reason not to take the Islanders. Checked my horoscope and it didn’t say tonight will be a bizarro night so that’s a good sign. Islanders hot. Beaten Sabres a couple of tiems this season. Buffalo not good.

Islanders in Regulation

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Hurricanes vs Red Wings:

Expect Canes to win. Would have to be Canes -1.5 They’ll have fans here. Honestly I was ready to skip this one but just everthing I read from the Canes they are PUMPED for this one. They’ve had a tough schedule so as long as they don’t get complacent it should be fine.

Canes -1.5

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Islanders in Regulation

Penguins vs Flyers:

No bet here. Think Philly might pull it out but man the Pens might be one of those teams where when they are a rare dog they end up pulling it off.

Devils vs Rangers:

Can’t really back any team with any confidence here. I’d lean Rangers or under.

Predators vs Panthers:

Preds actually geting some in the win column. Panthers are one of those teams where I like them and their work this season but I just don’t have that confidence. This is one of those games where I look at the schedule and just expect a surprise dog win. No bet but I do kinda like Preds here. Panthers though been good on the road. Odds not worth a play on either side.

Flames vs Senators:

Yeah remember when we took the Flames last time out? No bet here. The way hockey works Flames will win by like 4.

Canadiens vs Jets:

I don’t hate that Jets price I gotta say. Very tempting.

Blackhawks vs Lightning:

No bet here. Tampa are heavily favoured but I actually think Hawks might give them some trouble here. In saying that pretty much every Hawks fan expectation for this is they get absolutely hammered.

Stars vs Blue Jackets:

If I am having trouble going to sleep tonight I’ll turn this game on. In saying that the last two against each other were absolute bangers ha. No bet.

Canucks vs Leafs:

Love what the Leafs did in Edmonton. Possible letdown spot? We’ve seen it before.

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Geir Aage R Jensen

Flyers win, I am very confident, 8 units
Also like Devils, Predators and Sabres

That Guy

Its more likely all 4 of those putcomes dont happen but we never know ahead of time, best of luck, i have the opposites on a parlay with a few ml nba games added prior to seeing your comment


What nba games you like ?

Per Andersson

Never seen him write that he is very confident though. But yes. My Norwiegen friends often bets on the underdogs. Right or wrong? impossible to say these times 🙂

Geir Aage R Jensen

Looks like Flyers suck tonight 🤮

Muhammad Jomha

Habs in reg +100
Panthers in reg +100

Been rolling the NHL of late. Best of luck everyone

Danish Dynamite

Canes PL
Islanders Reg