avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, March 5th, 2017

We only had the one tip last night and it came through with ease for us.

We had the Jets to win in regulation against the Avalanche and they did just that winning 6-1.  The Jets scored 3 times in the first, twice in the 2nd and once in the 3rd.  Graeme said that if the Jets want to make the postseason they need to win games against teams like the Avs and they showed that they are ready to make a push with this convincing win.

The Habs beat the Rangers 4-1 for their 5th straight win, the Hawks beat the Predators 5-3 for their 7th win in a row and the Caps beat the Flyers 2-1 in OT.  Lots of good games last night.

If you have a look at the league leaders in goals there are some new names you don’t normally see.  Sure Crosby is there but there are also 2 rookies who have scored over 30 goals.  It’s nice to see some rookies there to show us what we can look forward to for the next decade or so.

A decent day of hockey today with 7 games. 

Blues vs Avalanche Betting Tips:

The Blues have lost 5 in a row and find themselves in 9th place in the West.  This is a team that had high hopes for the season.

The Avs are still comfortably in last place in the league 16 points behind the Coyotes.

Over the last 10 games between these teams the Blues have gone 6-2-2.

Just like the Jets last night, the Blues need to win games against struggling teams like this.   They have had success against them and I like that to continue.

Blues win in regulation

Canucks vs Ducks Betting Tips:

The Canucks are 3-6-1 over their last 10 games.  They are 7 points out of the playoffs and have some strong teams they will need to pass in order for them to make it.  They have a bad road record this season going 9-20-3.

The Ducks are in 5th in the West.  They have gone 5-5 over their last 10 games and have a great home record of 20-7-3.

With the way these teams are playing you have to like the Ducks chances.  The Canucks might be starting Richard Bachman in this one and he hasn’t played at all this year.

Ducks win in regulation

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Smoking Barrel

What about Penguins-Sabres going over5,5?

Western RattlersD

I shy away from great teams playing lousy ones for O/U; late in the season, teams just want the win, motivation is low, and if Pitts can get a lead and clearly shut down the Sabres threat, they’ll put it on cruise control and it could easily go under. 3-1? 2-0? I’ve been burned by Pitts before this year on that situation. Still depends on how horrid the bad team is. Pitts will not stop skating and horrid defenses get scored on.


Hey guys, Here’s what I got for today

Carolina Hurricanes/Arizona Coyotes – total Over 5½ (+115)

Buffalo Sabres/Pittsburgh Penguins – total Over 5½ (-125)

Good luck today.

Petri Kontiola

Combo in regulation:
Flames,Wild, Ducks, Blues and Coyotes.


Are you for real?

Petri Kontiola

No. Actually i’m Teemu Selanne.:))


Let’s become a bit creative! :))
Isn’t it tempting to take one of these:
Buffalo ML ODD 3.35
I think this is the biggest ODD I’ve ever seen. Look at the Detroit game, just look at it.
New Jersey ML ODD 2.4
because of the H2H and a maybe suprising change of New Jerseys form. Do you see it? They lost the last 4 games with tight scores.
Vancouver ML ODD 3.15
Please try to fill out this line:
Win – Lose – Win – Lose – Lose – Win – ?
And then this line:
Win – Lose – ?
The ? could fill out a Win, doesn’t it? Or is a lose the natural case in these rows.

And some others:
Flames win? Really? Wow, I can’t believe they will win. Why should they win now?

Oh Minnesota why do you lose against strong teams? You want to win this, I can feel it. But are you able to win it? Look at your home record against them, just look. Maybe you should take a rest today.

What are you doing Colorado!? Wake up!

Carolina, I think it is too early for a revenge, You are still the favourit? Come and show us, that you are.

Does this help you, lion mate?

This post will be updated later.


Oh wow! Good game, Flames! May I rest in silence. Hahaha :)))


Not great pickings today, lots of evenly matched teams playing and bad odds.

I like Ducks in reg. Nucks have AHL goalie in net and are on b2b.

Small bet on Sabres PL. They are outmatched by Pens, but Pens don’t always show up and Sabres will have no problem getting motivated.


Henry Del Valle Sr.

Pitt/Buff O 5.5
Pitt PL
Pitt TT O 3.5
Stl in Reg
Wild TT O 2.5
Ducks in Reg
Devils ML

Best of luck!

NHL Daily Tips

Like it. Doubting Devils ML and Pitts over 5.5 but GL anyways!

Henry Del Valle Sr.

4-3 night, minuscule profit. However, when Pens were down 2-0 I took them live for +113 and that worked out well. Ducks are trash after losing to a Canucks team that was on a B2B and playing a goalie off the grocery store parking lot.


I have only one game tonight.

Sharks win in reg %100

Good luck everyone.


Nice to read you! 🙂


🙂 I guess you are agree with me. We both know wilds are not stable team 😉


The goaltender stats are against us, the rest is with us. I don’t know whether it is good to go on reg! Every time we do that, we lose, don’t we? 😀


Yes mostly we lose 🙂 I dont bet in reg. much but today I am so confident that Sharks will win tonight. Sharks are way better team than Wild. Dont care the games that they suprise me with their losings but they are more motivated in big games. Btw Sharks also my favourite one to say who is going to win the Stanley Cup this year.


I tried my best the last days to help you, Maybe you picked Vancouver? For the next weeks, I will become quiet again and just post my underdog bets. Next is maybe Tuesday. I have so much work to do. I just made an exception for this weekend, because it was fun to see you again and helping me out! I’m like done with the NHL season, because I made 4 times the profit I expected. I cant wait for the new season to start from 0! This will be huge fun. I think the Penguins will win the Stanley Cup. They are such a badass team with 0:0s in the first period, 1:1 in the 2nd and a massive over in the 3rd. I saw this too often this season. I don’t know whether they play with their oponents like with a toy to destory them in the third or whether they just get warm after an hour. But they are capable of destroying goals like no other team. Would be also nice if San Jose makes it. I hope I see you next season again here.


Thank you for your affords mate. Your afford on nhl is impressive and helpfull. I like seeing you here and hoping to see you next season as well. I am so confident that Sharks ll make it and l ll bet on them. Value is 28 atm. Its really great . Btw dont really trust canucks much. I have only one game tonight and waiting already seeing that.

Take care mate! I ll miss you to see you again


What about Sharks win in regulation, and pens-sabers over 5.5?


Flames vs Isles -5.0


Jeremy Patoine


Everytime i got on under bet.. 150 goals in first period anyway


Insane!! Today many unpredictable results also happened in european football. I am happy to be at 0 (small profit). GL


What do you guys think about Anaheim and Blues to score first?


Isles ml
Ducks reg

NHL Daily Tips

Tonights picks

FLAMES TT over 2.5


Tarasenko, STL
Rakell, Ducks



John UduakD

How sure are we that blue and duck are going to win at regulations

John UduakD

Alright; nice to be here. I’m John and base in Ghana.