avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, March 6th, 2016

It’s hard to belive that there is only around 15 games left for each team.  Seems like it was just yesterday that the season started.  

The Capitals beat the Bruins 2-1 in OT and with the win they are the first team to hit 100 points on the year.

Huge win last night for the Flyers.  They beat the Blue Jackets 6-0 and with the win they climbed within 3 points of the Penguins for the 8th and final place in the East playoff picture.

Speaking of the Penguins, they lost to the Flames 4-2.  It’s a crucial time of year for them and to lose to a team that has struggled like the Flames it hurts their chances.  If they had won they would have jumped Detroit in the standings and been 1 point behind the Islanders for 6th place.  It just shows you how close the teams are at the bottom of the East.  

A nice night of hockey for us with 6 games.

Penguins vs Devils Betting Tips:

The Penguins are coming off of the loss last night so they will need to pick up the win in this one with the teams behind them gaining ground.  This is a crucial time for Pittsburgh and they’ll need any and all points they can get.

But the Devils will be without Cory Schneider so this will only help the Penguins.  New Jersey is having a rough go while they try to catch the teams ahead of them going 3-7 over their last 10

I would like to take the Pens in regulation but their recent play when on the road has me liking them for the win including OT instead.

Penguins Win 

Islanders vs Rangers Betting Tips:

Any time these teams play each other it’s a good one.  They are currently in 2nd and 3rd place in the Metro Division but they both have a ways to go to catch the divison and league leading Capitals.

These teams can score goals.  The Islanders are ranked 7th with 2.81 and the Rangers with 2.78 in goals per game.  Over their last 10 meetings they have averaged 5.30 goals.  I like this one to be a high scoring game as all signs point to that happening. 

Over 5

Oilers vs Jets Betting Tips:

Two of the worst teams in the West in this one. 

Over their last 10 meetings they have averaged 6.20 goals.  And their goals against per game is at the bottom of the league too ranking 26th and 25th.

With nothing to gain or lose, both teams getting hit hard by injuries and a history of high scoring games I like this one to go over.

Over 5


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Jape Maalindog

Penguins, Stars? and?



Jape Maalindog

Penguins, Islanders, Jets?

Arto Reinikainen

Senators win 100%

Michael Bishop

good call!!

Arto Reinikainen

Hopefully. Mid-way through the 3rd and it’s a 1-1 game and the Stars haven’t had a shot in the 3rd period + Senators just had a goal taken away from them due to a close offside (damn you Hoffman). So win or lose, for odds like that this game was already worth it.

Michael Bishop

been following your picks for a while and ottawa had the W in hand, not a bad pick at all!


Hi Arto, what makes you say that?

Arto Reinikainen

Well, i think they’re just better in this game. One of those games where you see the teams and think (in this case) Dallas is probably going to win. But after looking into it theyre without Klingberg and Sharp, not playing well at the moment and don’t even have much of an edge over Hammond in goaltending. Stars are one of the most overrated teams.

Sens have the home advantage and i feel like their morale is at a good level to take on this challenge.




Super !

Arto Reinikainen

Damn, the pressure just got to them. Played a very good game and had every chance to win it but not this time. If Hoffman just waited a split second on the blueline they would’ve got a lead but alas the goal was challenged and overturned. For those odds it was worth it anyway.


How do you feel about over 5.5 in this matchup?

Arto Reinikainen

With the Senators and Stars playing it’s never a bad choice, but im not that good on goal bets so can’t say for sure, it’ll probably be close.


Yes, Dallas!

Arto Reinikainen

Also like the McDavid-show to continue tonight vs the Jets. 2.80 odds in regulation (2.01 ML) are, again, very good value and better than they should have.

Arto Reinikainen

Other teams to win:


Outstanding work! I missed the Oilers pick 🙁


Great job Arto


I agree with S&G but try to stay away from anything worse than -130

I like salami over. 32 is low for six games and anyone of the games could go 6+ especially with these goalies and the playoff scramble.

Pens, BH and Stars reg
Wild ML
Wild & Pens score 2.5+

Good luck boys


@betnhl where are the betting stats for march?


Red Wings, Devils, Stars and Rangers.
Datsyuk, Henrique and Seguin to score.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Best bet: Wild ML

Other winners: Stars, Bhawks.

At a birthday party and not allowed to be on my phone! Lol Good luck all!


Tonight I wil go for Senators +2,5, maxbet! I feel very confindent on that one.


Stars-Senators 2-1 , WIN!

Eduardo Caldeira

Fleury is not playing which makes me a little curious about the Penguins situation.. It’s a must win for both so over 5.0 @ 2.05 seems also a good price ..


Good catch, thanks my man!

Eduardo Caldeira

🙂 I did still go on the penguins… glad I didnt share also the wild… impressed with the blues… even with important injuries they have been so solid


Blackhawks (in reg) – The new players seem to be meshing well now and the Hawks are always tough at home. Mrazak (sp?) is solid though and should keep things interesting, otherwise I would be looking at the puckline.

Penguins (in reg) – The Devils are really going to miss Schneider, and the Pens have some work to do with regards to solidifying their playoff spot. Edouaro updated that Flower is out too though, so the Over is looking mighty tasty!

The Battle of New York – The King is out, but Raanta has been playing well. JT and the boys will look to take advantage, but this one is just too much of a pick’em for me. S+G mentioned going with the Over and I have to agree. At 5 we should see at least a 3-2 game and hope for an empty netter.

The Sens are looking better, Dallas is winning again and both score tons of goals, but the Over odds are poopy. I’m passing on this game, but there might be some long-shot value on the Sens in regulation.

I like the Jets to win against the Coilers in regulation. Edmonton is in a race to the bottom to win themselves yet another 1st overall, and they will stop at nothing … shame.

The Wild and Blues is another pick’em, but I like the Blues’ chances on the road. The Wild are coming back down to earth a little and the Blues are getting dog odds on the ML despite being the better team.

Good luck all!


New York wins 100%

Arto Reinikainen

Very ballsy pick man, not sure about that.


NYI beats NYR 100% 🙂

Dilan Hama

Hey !

My tips :

Blackhawks V Red Wings / Over 5

Senators V Stars / Sens Over 2.5



I love how everyone is picking up on lion’s way of predicting:

100% this
100% that

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah it’s becoming an inside joke, (not in a disrespectful way to lion ofc) as nothing’s ever really 100% lol.
But if you’re right you look very good xD


Everybody loves to be good:) especially when you pick NYR NYI over 5 and they do 7 in first period. That is what I call 100% 😀


So far so good 3/4