avatar Written by Scott on Monday, March 7th, 2016

A good night with the tips last night as we went 2-1.

The first tip of the night was the Penguins to win which they did 6-1.  I had said that I would like to take them in regulation but their road play of late had me liking just the win instead.  Either way it was a win.

The other winning tip of the night was Over 5 in the Islanders vs Rangers game and this was won in the 1st period alone.  7 goals in the 1st period and 3 in the 3rd left us with 10 and a 6-4 Isles win.

The final tip was over 5 in the Oilers – Jets game.  This one stayed low as the Oilers won 2-1.

The Stars, Blackhawks and Blues all won so they stayed at 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the West.  Great time of year with each win meaning so much and teams can easily jump or fall in the standings on any night.

7 games scheduled for tonight.

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Lightning vs Flyers Betting Tips:

This is going to be a great game. 

The Lightning are on fire and come into this game in a 9 game win streak.

The Flyers are in 9th place and only 4 points out of the playoffs. 

Over there last 10 meetings, the Lightning are 8-2 and over those 10 games there has been an average of 6.20 goals.  With the Lightning looking to extend their lead in their divison and the Flyers trying to catch the playoffs, this should be a great game.

Over 5

Capitals vs Ducks Betting Tips:

This is a game that could be a preview of the Stanley Cup finals.

The Caps are the first team to hit the 100 point mark this year and have been consistently successful all season long.  They come into this one 7-3 over their last 10.

The Ducks trailed the Kings by 16 points on January 20th but with their win on Saturday night, have past the Kings and are now in first place in the Pacific Division. They have won their last 11 games.

Over the last 10 games between these teams there has been an average of 7 goals per game with the Caps getting the better of the Ducks going 7-2-1.

Over 5

Experimental Betting Systems:

1st Period Low Confidence: Colorado Avalanche(2.70), Philadelphia Flyers(3.20), Boston Bruins(3.20).

Bet the 1st periods at 888 Sports or if you’re American, GT Bets.


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like these. GL.


congrats. I got 4 out of 5 right on my combo bet. 🙂


What u dont trust me


But of course I do. 100% 🙂


Boston and Sj on the road are amazing and i dont see TB ending their streak against philadelphia who a few games ago got shit on by OILERS


Yeah I remember that PHIL game. I bet on PHIL and they pissed me off by losing…. hope tonight they won’t piss me off again :).



combo bet.

I obviously got my vocabulary wrong the other nights. I said I bet parlay – but that is actually not true, had to look it up hehe. I only bet parlays rarely – such as tonight :
TB over 4.5
TOR under 5.5
Boston over 4.5

I bet combination bets – 5 games, 4-3-2 combinations. 2 missed games is money back, 1 missed or none missed yield profit.
English ain’t my mother tongue :(.


can you explain your combination bet more? it sounds interesting but i don’t quite understand how you have it set up


Its really simple. I bet typically 5 games. Lets call them A,B,C,D,E. Then I bet all possible combinations of these games such as:
4 combinations: A,B,C,D ; A,B,C,E ; B,C,D,E etc….
same for 3 and 2 combinations like so: A,B,C ; A,B,D, etc…. In my country I don’t need to do this manually – I just nlet them know at the betting office this is a combo bet – and how much I bet on each single combination. I usually bet 50 cents per bet on 4 combinations, 2 euros on 3 combinations and 5 euros on 2 combinations. Total is then around 95 euros for the whole combo bet. NHL games usually have odds higher than 2.0 and thus getting 3 games correct pays me money back, 4 correct yields profit of around 100-200 euros and if I guess all the games correctly I woul be around 400-500 euros in profit. Tht however does not hapen often. Past weeks I got 5 games right once – and that was very lucky day :). 4 right I got 3 times. Still this is very lucky. I used to bet more few years back but wasn’t profitable and now I started again – so far been really lucky. Past week I am around 700 euros plus. I wonder for how much longer though haha.


Also known as Round Robin Betting.

The returns can definitely be worth it!


Okay, so what are your combinations for tonight? I’d love to play your bets if you don’t mind. I’ve been on a very terrible run with NHL recently and I’m looking for ways to change my fortune. Thanks mate


See my original post, the first five games i have bet as combo :). Sorry i am on mobile.


Alright man. Done the same. Hope they come in. Goodluck to us all. Cheers


good luck!. I certainly hope so :). With NHL anything can happen hehe.


well PHIL pissed me off again. Fingers crossed for the rest of the games..


Well yesterday was a disaster :(.


Tampa Bay ML and 4.5 over (reg.) in the FLA-BOS

Atte Tamtam

i will take over 5,5 goals in phi vs tamba / colorado vs arizona and galgary vs san jose….. and boston on regulation =) what do you guys think?

MSF Wireless MSF Wireless

Hey Guys, so last week i finished 10 out of 13 for a huge return.

Today i’m going with…

1st parlay= M.L T.B-Boston-Sharks 1 unit
2nd parlay=Tampa vs PHI over 5- M.L St Jose- Caps vs Ana over 5 1unit

M.L Van 1 unit
M.L Bos 1 unit
Boston vs Flo over 5 1 unit

Good Luck Everyone!


Seems like my inspiration is gona from a while.
Maybe tonight will be a better night.
Flyers, Leafs, Bruins and Ducks.
Burns, Duchene and Rakell to score.


Going to go a little overboard on the Caps/Ducks game here.

I like the over 5 that @betnhl suggested but if we’re hoping or 5+ for payday, I may as well take the total at 6 because either it pushes or the payout is worth it going over 5.

I like the Caps to win the first. Taking the +1/2 as I think they will come out jumping.

They have OV set for shots at 5.5 and although he has had games with 10 shots I think that was when he was trying for his milestones. I think this is pretty high so will take the Under.

Caps are getting dog odds on the regulation win as well and they always compete against the big boys. Going for broke on Washington! (Figuratively of course, always game responsibly!)

Arto Reinikainen

Agree, going to bank on the Caps snapping that Ducks winning streak tonight as well. It’s rare to have the Caps as semi-underdogs (Ducks on home ice + the massive winning streak). I think they will show who is the boss.


Caps have played 5 games the last 7 nights and Ovechkin is questionable to play as he could be facing a possible suspension for tonight game. I probebly pass at this game. But if i would play i would cash up for the Ducks.

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah good point. I didn’t realize that, they just had 4 games in 5 nights ? What kind of schedule is that, don’t think i’ve ever seen it before.
I cancelled my bet and went for OT instead.


You have a gift!

Arto Reinikainen

I wish lol 🙂


Washington has played 5 games in 7 nights.


Fair enough. I think I’m actually going to pass on the total as I have this feeling it’s going to end up being tighter than I thought. That being said when the best team in the league is considered the underdog … You have to play it right?

Arto Reinikainen

Im all over that O5 on the Flyers Bolts game. I think it’ll be a great one to watch with a lot of drama (and goals). OT Is highly likely IMO.

Bruins win
Leafs win / O5 (not sure which im going to go for)
Sharks win
Avs win
Caps win / O5
Kings win

100 % 😉

Good luck.

Michael Bishop

loving the picks arto! I’m on the same page so let’s hope we’re right!

Chitown Sharp

Totally agree with OT for Flyers/Bolts. Good value there.


*Arto drops mic*


A missing Leafs win robbed me of alot of money. Good thing a bunch of others landed. But that one would have been nice. Sooo close too!

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah the concern for me was whether or not they’d be able to close out a tight game due to their inexperienced young guys and lack of winning lately, so i leaned towards the over. Although if i could go back in time and had to choose a winner again i’d go with the Leafs, since i thought they had the better chance to win and there was no way to know if they’d be able to close it out or not, and well when you have a 3-1 lead in the 3rd the odds were in their favor. Too bad it didn’t work out :/ But we have this game as a good reminder now going forward, it’s going to take a lot for them to win and it’s better just to avoid betting on them.


Has anyone taken into consideration the fact that Washington has played 3 games in 4 nights? They have also played 5 games in their last 7 nights. This is a very tired team.


Hello? Seems to me that no one took that into consideration.


Noted. They DID win however!


Flames 80%
Capitals 75%

Chitown Sharp

Sharks/Flames O5.5 – both teams averaging over 3 goals per game over the last 30 days.
Sharks in Regulation – might even be worth playing the puckline at +175
Kings in Regulation – Not really good value on the ML, but I’d put a little on the Kings in regulation, I think they come through tonight in a low scoring game.
Flyers/Bolts OT – I agree with Atro, very likely.







Thomas Andersen

As I play high collected odds and with enthusiasm – partly on NHL, I enjoy the competition. Bottom ranked teams suddenly starts a winning streak. But 2-1 is not good enough for me.It must be all right all the way. Today’s outstanding winner should be NY Rangers against Buffalo. Exiting games like the ones above seems more tight from my estimation. And if Nashville doesn’t have a day off, the away win in Winnipeg is quite likely?