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It was a 1-1 night with the tips last night.

We had Tampa/Florida to go over 6 goals and it did with a 9 goal thriller settled in OT. That was a game I was really looking forward to – everything pointed towards it being a tight, high scoring clash and that’s exactly what it was. I really enjoyed that one.

Our loss was with the over in the Preds/Stars game as the Stars threw in a rather lacklustre performance.

What a night it was for Laine who scored a hat trick as the Jets beat the Rangers. That was impressive.

Just 3 games on the board tonight. The Flames hope to turn this losing streak around as they visit Buffalo. The Flyers are in a similar boat as they host the Penguins. And we can all go to bed early as it’s Coyotes vs Canucks as the late game.

It’s been interesting testing out the variable units. One thing we’ve learned is that while we’re comfortable betting maximum unit bets, we’re not as comfortable advising it. That Tampa/Florida game last night for example we both felt it was a max unit game, yet couldn’t advise that.

Meanwhile we’re a lot more comfortable advising 0.5u bets, and they have a positive record of 18-15 for +2.62 at the end of February. I think going forward we’re going to be sticking with just the 0.5u bets and then the 1u bets. And then if there’s a game we REALLY like, mention that we’re personally betting it max.

So from now on we will do our normal write-ups for the tips and at the end list if it’s a 0.5u play or a 1u play as opposed to having that separate section.

Flyers vs Penguins Betting Tips:

This is a real coin flip of a game and Vegas agrees with that, with the odds set at -110 either side. Scott likes the Penguins but I think the Flyers can put in a big performance tonight and would only back either side if I was getting 2.05 or above.

Pens continue to struggle defensively and make up for it with the goals. I don’t think we have to worry too much about them trying a big defensive game.

Flyers offense is very hot/cold but I think they raise their game here. Simmons is apparently back and he wasn’t out too long so that shouldn’f affect much.

Big rivalry game and with the status of both teams this is a big one and I’ve got to hope both teams throw caution to the wind, and the Flyers PP steps up.

Over 6 Incl OT/SO – 1u

Canada: 1.88 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: -120 Odds at GT Bets..
Everyone Else: 1.88 Odds at BetOnline..

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