avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

We had just the 1 tip yesterday and we went 1-0, as the New York Rangers defeated the Florida Panthers.

Even though there were a lot of games there wasn’t much we were liking. That’s been the case a lot for the past couple of weeks – but we’re not complaining. There’s been a lot of surprising results lately and we’ve been able to steer clear of most of them.

A lot of people got burnt on the Oilers yesterday. That was a dismal performance by them and very disappointing to see at this stage of the season. You have to wonder if they’re losing a bit of steam.

Tonight there’s three games on the board as the Bruins hope to recover from a loss to beat the Red Wings. The Stars and Senators are on winning streaks as they face off and the Penguins visit Winnipeg.

Real quickly before I get to todays tips – gotta plug my Golf Betting Tips site again. I’ve now managed to get a ridiculous FOUR winners in three weeks. Here was last weeks:


Golf is an insanely high variance sport so don’t expect something ridiculous like this all the time. However I’ve been profitable since I started posted the tips in 2015, so head on over to the Golf Tips in time for this weeks.

Right – todays NHL action.

Red Wings vs Bruins Betting Tips:

Since the coaching change, the Bruins have been on a general tear. They lost to the Senators on Monday but Ottawa are fighting hard at the moment and that was a tough game.

Wings are on a back to back but they’re 5-5 for that this season.

Rask is confirmed in net and word is the Wings may have Coreau in net. I actually think Coreau isn’t too bad a goalie if the Wings would just give him a regular shot. He had a nice run for the Griffins earlier this season. However with such sporadic appearances it’s very hard for him to get settled.

Bruins just seem so much more solid and they’re good at beating up on teams lower than them in the rankings. We like that to continue here.

Bruins in Regulation

Senators vs Stars Betting Tips:

I’m expecting a high energy game from the Sens tonight. They know the playoffs are still a possibility and they’re playing that way -with some terrific performances.

However they generally play to their opponents and we like the Stars to perform well in this game. Dallas are incredibly leaky in the net but do well at scoring at home.

We’re going with Over 5.5 Goals in this one.

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Nice job Graeme!

Red Wings vs Bruins over 5.0



over 5? what are the odds -250?

Paulo Pacheco

Red Wings vs Bruins over 5.0 @ 1.751 or -133

If you like those odds take over 4.5 @ 1.458


For that you can take over 4.5 @ 1.45, approximately.

Petri Kontiola

Bad luck for me last night. Ducks hit the post two time in the third.
Combo in reg.: Red Wings, Jets and Stars.


You really think the wings have a chance tonight? Or is it Just the odd you like?

Petri Kontiola

Like two night ago when i was thinking Stars beat Caps in regulation.
Possible to get wrong.


I always like youre tips! But this one is to risky for me


Yea, I feel the same way, so I will take just Jets and Stars …


I like Red Wings PL at -115

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I like your combo, Petri. Sometimes you have to take risks and if this pays off, it’ll be enormous. Good luck!

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Great work on the golf, Graeme!

As Graeme says, the NHlL has gotten tougher in March. Any way we can turn the calendar back to February when all the units were being won? (sigh).

Jets TT O 2.5
Stars TT O 2.5

Good luck gents!

John UduakD

Let hope for tonight outcomes.


6.5 total Pens/Jets?! WTF

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Watch this be a 1-0 game. lol


Pens are coasting to the finish line but Jets are still in the hunt so Jet’s ML might be a good pick. Not great odds though

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Jets can take it in reg, pens away record isn’t so good.


Red Wings PL -115 – Red Wings keep things tight against good teams and the Bruins can play down to the competition. Great value on the PL here. I like the under too, but not enough to place a bet with odds of -140

Pens-Jets under 6.5 -120 – both teams have a lot of firepower but both goalies have been pretty good lately. It’s a coin flip but I’ll take it.

Sens-Stars under 6 -125 – see above.



Bruins in reg, Stars over 3!

Goal: Laine

John UduakD

Hi guys any news on AHL today

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Unfortunately I may be done with OHL/WHL/AHL for the season. A combo of the seasons wrapping up and just a lack of time over the next few weeks.

John UduakD

Today is only two tips right. God bless. Pray God should be with us


ive got Bruins PL 1.95 and OTT-DAL o5,5

Jeff Douglas

Congrats on the golf tips Graeme!

Are you still taking Bruins reg even tho it’s -200? I know you don’t like heavy -EV and stray away once it hits a particular odd.

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

I wouldn’t take them in regulation at those odds. Pinnacle had them at -140 which was just enough for me to take. I don’t think I’d touch it at below -160.


Bruins and Under 5.5, Stars Reg, Pens and Under 6.5