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It was a 1-0 night last night with the tips, as the Penguins/Flyers game went over 6 goals. I was worried that one was going to be a push with a goalless third period but luckily Malkin scored an empty netter to give us the W just as I’d given up hope.

The Flames got a dominating victory and that was a frustrating one to watch. That was probably the most expected result and we wanted to tip it, but there were so many red flags that kept us off the Flames and avoided that one altogether. Always annoying when you do that then you see the team just blow the other team out.

That was a much needed win for the Flames and it’ll be interesting to see if they can get back on track following that.

It’s Thursday, March 8th and we’ve got a big slate of 12 games on the board. It’s a very tough day with so many games that are very hard to call. Always a tough time of the season.

In saying that it’s also a very exciting time of the season as we’re exactly one month away from the close of the regular season. The final regular season game will be the Bruins vs the Panthers on April 8th.

The Atlantic Division is probably the only division wrapped up at this stage, so that means it’s a very crucial time for Florida who will be going for the wild card spot. Every single game is important for them and they’ll be one to look at and back over the next month. To their credit they have been playing excellent as of late and fully deserve that wild card spot.

Tips wise this time of year can be more difficult for a variety of reasons but sometimes I feel it takes the pressure off. I’m going to take the Panthers in regulation tonight, and I feel like the pressure is off me. With us so close to the end of the season it’s all on them. If they’re going to be a team to make the playoffs then they win games like this convincingly. They know their goal, they know how important the wins are. If they don’t do it? Welp – guess they’re not a playoff team.

Annoyingly we had the Wings tonight at 2.30 odds but all the odds weren’t out yet at that time and we were waiting for them Now when we’re going to post they’re 2.10. Big jump there and not worth it at that price anymore in my opinion.

Lets’ get to it:

Panthers vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

Just what I said above. Panthers going to the playoffs they need to win games like this. They’ve been exellent lately and have wins in regulation against two big wild card contenders in the Flyers and the Devils, plus wins against the Pens and Caps.

They’ve proven they can do it and it’d be a surprise if they slip up here even though the Habs have found some form as of late.

Panthers in Regulation for 1u

Senators vs Sabres Betting Tips:

The Ottawa Senators could be playing the Kingston Frontenacs and I’d scoff at this line – the Senators should NOT be such big favourites even at home, based on the way they’ve played this season.

The Sabres season is over and they’re a mess that’s for sure – but I still think they’ve got a chance here. After the way the Flames cleaned their clocks they might come out motivated. Hell I know I would be. Regardless of losing helping your chances at the #1 draft pick, I don’t think any of these players want to be part of the worst team in the East, so that gives them motifvation.

They’ve got their injuries but they’ve bounced back strong from big losses lately beating the Bruins and the Leafs, and I think they’re worth a play here.

Sabres incl OT/SO – 0.5u

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