avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

It was a nice winning night for us with our lone consensus pick, the Dallas Stars, picking up the big win at 2.45 odds. They force a Game 7 against the St. Louis Blues and that continues a winning record for us with our consensus picks.

We had differing picks in the Sharks/Preds game and went 1-1 there with the game going Over 5 but the Preds managing to win the game in overtime. Sharks had just 18 shots on goal in that one.

The Blues vs Stars Game 7 will take place tomorrow night while the Predators vs Sharks Game 7 will take place on Thursday.

Tonight sees the Pittsburgh Penguins vs the Washington Capitals. It’s been a great series thus far but the Capitals have to do something they haven’t did yet this playoffs – win in Pittsburgh. They were able to do it once during the regular season with a 4-1 win back in December and they’ve had two tight games in the playoffs so this is going to be an extremely interesting one.

Let’s see what we got:

Penguins vs Capitals Game 6 Betting Tips:

Graeme: First – I think it’s difficult to bet this one with any sort of statistical analysis. Practically all of our bets during the regular season are based on that and a strong degree of confidence – but I feel this one is essentially a coinflip.

As it’s a coinflip, I should be going with the Washington Capitals as they are the other side of 2.00. I think their odds represent value.

However I WANT the Capitals to win really badly. I think it’s because a lot of my friends hate Ovechkin – but I’ve sort of adopted them as my playoffs team and I’d really, really love to see them win a cup after the great regular season they had.

When I’m emotionally invested in an outcome like that – I often bet the other side. As a big Conor McGregor fan for example, I put a ton on Nate Diaz in their fight because that’s how bad I wanted McGregor to win and if he loses – well I’m sad but richer. So I’m going to do the same here with Penguins to Win. But boy do I hope I am wrong because man do I want a Game 7 between these teams. It would be amazing.

Scott: The Penguins are up 3-2.  This has been a great series with all games, except game 5 when the Caps won 3-1, have been decided by a single goal. Brooks Orpik is back after serving his 3 game suspension and he will help to contain some of the Penguins offensive depth.  Its that depth and the play of rookie goalie Murray that has helped Penguins fans ignore the fact the Crosby and Malkin have been very quiet in this series.  Just like the last time these teams played in the playoffs, it looks like this will go to game 7.  And some good odds for a Caps win so I have to take them.

Caps win

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The Penguins haven’t lost back to back games since mid January. They know this game is huge because if they lose, knocking off the caps in 7 on the road is a whole different scenario.
Tonight I am taking the Penguins ML
—3 units
Good luck everyone and lets go pens!!!


Thanks for your Pens back to back stat as it made my mind up to back them ML.

A welcome winner as Playoff betting is much harder imho. A bit like betting on every frame of a snooker match!

Arto Reinikainen

Man what a disappointment the Blues were last night. I still think they’re going to win the series, but i thought they’d be focused to do it in front of their fans. They were the better team outside of those 1st period miscues, but oh well. I guess they want to do it the hard way.

Sharks lost the lead just like they did in game 4. Big props to Preds for not giving up and getting it done again in OT.

This has been a tough series to bet (2nd round as a whole have been extremely tough to predict). Caps have the better roster IMO, but the Pens have been able to negate that gap all series long. So in that sense, Trotz haven’t been able to do what Sullivan has done.

Not only that, but goal totals are extremely hard to predict. You have 2 extremely potent offenses going head to head and yet, only game 1 have seen over 5 goals.

Game 1 i went for the Caps in regulation as i thought they would come out flying after struggling with the Flyers, but they lost the lead in the 3rd and ended up winning in OT.

Game 2 i skipped.

Game 3 i wanted to try Caps In reg. as i felt like their odds were too good, and despite outshooting the Pens 2:1 they still lost.

Game 4 i felt like i had to go for the Caps ML as it was almost a must-win and Pens were without Letang. Losing in OT was a huge disappointment.

Game 5 i made the only high confidence pick of this series as i went for the Caps in regulation. That was a gimme IMO. But at the same time, i promised myself i’d go for the Pens in game 6.

Now that game 6 is here im tempted to go for the Caps once again. Maybe i have the same thing as Graeme – i really want the Caps to win the series. But im also trying my best to keep it realistic..

This is such a toss up. If Holtby can build off of game 5 and weather the storm i feel like the Caps have enough confidence to score the needed goals. Orpik is also back, and you’d have to think Trotz has figured out something new after 5 games.. So far game 3 was the only game where the Caps looked like they have the better team.

I don’t know.. Common sense says NO BET, my heart says Caps ML and gut says Pens win in regulation. Go figure LOL

I think im going to go with my heart & value. Caps to win.


I have a good therapist to recommend. I’m taking Caps too, but I bet the series so I’m leaving the game alone

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Pens vs Caps going to OT
Pens win
Under 5 goals