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Well the AHL cancelled their season. This is the first time since 1936 that the league won’t be awarding the Calder Cup.

And another thing that sucks about this pandemic, and there are a lot of things, is the halting of production on television and movies. I have been going hard on Netflix, now midway through season 2 of Ozark, but I’m one of the few remaining who still watch and enjoy The Walking Dead. They have put the season finale on hold as it wasn’t quite finished. They have another series based on the world of The Walking Dead which won’t air until after the finale. No sports, no new movies or TV shows, no bars, people are dying and very sick. This Covid stuff is terrible. We are now living through history and people will talk about this long after we are all gone.

I’m going to go back to Madden Simulations. I realize that not many people care about simulations but just trying to find stuff to bet on is getting harder as time goes on.

Madden Simulations Betting Tips

The Bodog Sim Classic is taking place. It’s a 32-team team showdown combining the NFL season and playoffs with FIFA’s World Cup tournament format.

You can bet on the games at Bovada/Bodog. You can watch the games at https://www.twitch.tv/livefootballsims

Giants vs Eagles – The Giants went 4-12 and faced a pile of injuries to key players. The Eagles went 9-7 and won the NFC East.

The Eagles are favored here but the line is 8.5. I think the Eagles win but i don’t see it being a blow out so I’ll go with the Giants with the points.

Giants +8.5 at Bovada/Bodog

Redskins vs Cowboys – This is another game with a huge point spread.

The Cowboys went 8-8 and finished in 2nd place in the NFC East. The Skins went 3-13 and finished in last place in the NFC East.

Yes on paper the Cowboys are a good team but the spread is too big. I’ll take the Redskins +13.5 at Bovada/Bodog

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