avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Very good game for the Winnipeg Jets last night and it’s going to be an uphill task for the nights.

We will talk about that one next time but now we turn our attention to the caps and lightning.

Washington came out fast and strong in game 1 although Tampa picked up a bit at the end of the game.

Very interesting start to the series and a huge one for the Caps. Let’s talk about tonight’s game. 

Scott: Well game one saw the Capitals score 4 unanswered goals and limit the Lightning to only 10 shots through the first two periods and went on to win 4-2.  A huge win for them winning in Tampa taking away home ice advantage.

I expect a big bounce game from the Lightning in this game.  They have won 5 straight game two’s after losing the first game going back to 2014-15 playoffs.  They can’t afford to lose both games at home and have the series move to Washington.

Lightning in regulation – 0.5u  

Graeme: I loved what I saw from the Caps to open up the game. That was some killer motivated hockey.

Honestly when the Caps play like that it’s hard to bet against them and they looked like they could score at will. They have a blood thirsty offense. 

Based on their quality and the odds I’m good to bet 0.5u on Capitals to win incl OT


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