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An incredible series between the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers has came to an end, with another banger of a game.

The Canes were up 3-1 going into the third period when a hat trick from Chris Kreider stopped them in their tracks. That was awesome to see, and the Rangers pull off the upset to progress to the next round.

The Oilers/Canucks switcharoo continued again with the Canucks winning and taking the lead in that series. That one seems destined for Game 7.

Two games tonight. Panthers and Dallas both on the road, both up 3-2.

Bruins vs Panthers Game 6 Betting Tips:

Scott: The Panthers were held to only 4 shots in the 1st period which was their lowest shot total in the 1st all playoffs and regular season.

Game 5 was a close one and despite the low shot count in the 1st the Panthers still outshot the Bruins 29-28. Swayman made some huge clutch saves in the win.

This is going to be a good game. The Panthers don’t want to let the Bruins force a game 7 and the Bruins know they can win in Florida as both of their wins came there.

No Bet

Graeme: Thought it was a bit of a disappointing performance from Florida in that last one and their offense had a bad game. Lowest xGF of the playoffs, and vey low Corsi & Fenwick. Low HDCF as well. Just an off night.

They’ll likely bounce back tonight and take it but I’m not liking the odds. I do think they’ll do it – just not really seeing the value.

Actually, over 5.5 is jumping out at me. I think if I were to make a play it’d be that although it’s too close for me to recommend. So no bet but I think we see a more open game and the Panthers get goals to help put it over.

Avalanche vs Stars Game 6 Betting Tips:

Scott: The Avs were down 2-1 but scored the next 3 goals and held on for the 5-3 win.

Makar scored twice and MacKinnon and Lehkonen both had one of each.

With the Avs winning game 5 they now have a chance to tie the series and force a game 7. They have gone 2-1 in Dallas but haven’t won a home game in this series.

I had picked the Avalanche to win the series and for that to happen they will need to win a game in Colorado. I do like their chances as they surely gained some momentum in that win but it’s their home play in this round that has me off of betting this game.

No Bet

Graeme: By a few metrics, Stars were the better side in that last one and they were unfortuante. Plus Avs had that big chip on the shoulder game now they come down back to earth.

I like the Stars here. Just not the 2.00 price I’d want about 2.20 to take them. That one seems right on the nose. So No Bet but I like Dallas to win.

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To WIN moneyline: Dallas
Full game OVER 5.0: Colorado/Dallas
(lower odds, but as parlay bait good quality)

Otherwise, Zip.
A lot of player props look enticing, but the fact that these are Game 6’s and stats are showing elevated variations, has put me off.
Wouldn’t be surprised to suddenly see scores nosedive. I think we’re seeing fatigue show in these games >>> is it just me or are a lot of top line scorers becoming average-to-ineffective and out of desperation the lower lines and defense are putting up some impressive goals because their top scorers are being hounded and neutralized?
Something I’ve noticed with Colorado is what appears to be lack of depth. Dallas has full depth of talent, speed, character and relentless drive, to drill holes through Colorado defense regularly.

If “Penalty” bets were available anywhere, I’d bet the Bruins/Panthers game goes OVER 6.0 penalties called. Isn’t it a steady aspect of hockey? Has anyone seen a bookie that offers penalty-related bets?


The only penalty related bets I´ve seen are number of PP goals with the line 1.5