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Game 3 of the Sharks vs Blues series takes place tonight in the NHL Playoffs.

The Blues won Game 1 against the run of play at home, however the Sharks came back strong in Game 2 with a convincing 4-0 victory.

Can the Blues come back from that or was that a demoralizing one for them? 3 of the top 4 players in the points are Sharks, with Kessel the only non-shark (and props to him for that).

On the road against the Stars, the Blues won 3 out of their 4 games including the crucial Game 7 6-1. They also won 2 out of 3 on the road in Chicago so they are a formidable opponent on the road.

The Sharks went 1 for 2 at home against the Kings, however won all 4 of their home games against the Nashville Predators in convincing fashion.

Blues vs Sharks Game 3 Betting Tips:

Graeme: I really want the Blues to win. They’re a team that beat two extremely tough opponents but a lot of people seem to be writing them off. The Sharks do have momentum on their sides however.

The Blues are a nice price of 2.35. At this stage of the playoffs that’s really a bit of a ludicrious price and I’m going to throw a small value bet on it later. However the medias response to Game 1 and then the demolition of the Blues in Game 2 might be in their heads so I can’t back them with any real confidence.

I’ll instead go for Over 5 Goals counting on the Blues offense to at least step it up.

Scott:  The Sharks had their strong powerplay shut down in game 1 but it came back to life in game 2 with 2 powerplay goals both from Brent Burns.  The Blues had their own powerplay shut down in game 2 going 0-6 including a 4 minute double minor to start the 3rd. 

I had mentioned at the start of this series that I thought this could be a long one and I still feel that way.  The Blues need to, and will,  fix their powerplay issues from the last game.  And there is some decent odds for a Blues win which helped me choose them for this game.  They have traded wins so far and let’s hope that continues tonight.

Blues Win

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Blues win