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Hey guys,

Only Scotts write-ups today.

I’m not in the best shape after yesterdays Europa League game!

Lightning vs Panthers Bets:

Scott: The Lightning came ready for game 2 a looked incredible. The Panthers scored first and were leading 1-0 after the 1st but the Lightning came alive in the 2nd to tie it and added 3 more in the 3rd for the 4-1 win. Vasilevskiy looked great and if he’s locked in its going to be tough for the Panthers.

But the Panthers are at home and they can’t go down 2-0 and have the series move to Tampa Bay for games 3 and 4. Win or lose the Panthers need to find a way to score goals. They led the league during the regular season in goals per game so they need to rediscover their ways.

Over 6.5 incl OT

Blues vs Avalanche Bets:

Scott: The Avs started the game slowly, they outshot the Blues 8-7 but were trailing 1-0 after the 1st. In the end the Avs won 3-2 in overtime and outshot the Blues 54-25 including a 13-0 overtime. Binnington looked great in the loss.

With the Avs still at home for this game I like their chances. But there is no value unless we take them in regulation and that’s just barely above our minimum. If game 1 was any indication of how this series could go, it may end up being closer than I expected.

No Bet

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What a boring game this EL final. Still, better team won. Let’s enjoy NHL again Scott!

Western RattlersD

1) Tampa/Florida, no idea.
2) I have never bought in to the worship of the Avalanche, and the pro-Avalanche sports media are full of crap. The Blues and Avalanche have almost identical goal counts this year, the Avalanche scoring only 1 more goal in the regular season than the Blues, and having only 8 less goals scored on them. Their “away game” records are almost identical. The playoffs are about adjusting your team to win against one other particular team, and Game One had to go to overtime. The Avalanche have “superstar” disease and are not balanced, for years also not consistent, they have their weaknesses and they can be beaten by quality players that look for the holes in the Avalanche system shift by shift.

St. Louis reverse puckline (+1.5), at x1.82

Maybe parlay that with the full game OVER 6.0 for the Flames/Oilers tomorrow. I saw no defense in the Oilers, they’re going to be attacked by wave upon wave of quality scoring talent. They can’t suddenly become an entirely different team, the Flames know how to skate, pass and shoot in the offensive zone, any adjustments the Oilers do on defense is going to be new, insecure and full of holes. Oilers are good for 3 more goals, I can’t see it staying Under.