avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

The first team to be in the Stanley Cup Finals 2017 was confirmed last night as the Predators beat the Ducks 6-3 thanks to the empty netters.

With Bernier in net the Ducks came out on fire knowing they needed the goals. They racked up a whopping 41 shots on goal to the Predators 18 with it being 25-8 in the first two periods.

That wasn’t enough though as the Predators got the win.

Who will they beat? They might find out tonight as the Pittsburgh Penguins visit Ottawa. The Penguins are up 3-2 and could wrap it up here.

The Final is to begin next Monday, the 29th of May. So the Penguins will hope to take it here to give them that extra two days rest.

Penguins vs Senators Game 6 Betting Tips:

Scott: Not sure how the Sens are going to respond to having their asses kicked like they did in game 5.  They seemed to try and play the same way the Penguins do and that resulted in the disaster that happened.  They need to get back to playing the way they have which got them to this point.

But with the way the Pens are playing it’s hard to bet against them.  They had 7 different goal scorers in the last game.

I do see the Sens coming out with a better effort in this game.  Bobby Ryan has been a big part of the Sens success in these playoffs.  He has 14 points in 17 games including 5 in 5 games this series.

Bobby Ryan to register a point for 2.02 odds at 888 Sports

Graeme: I said I wouldn’t bet against the Sens for the rest of the playoffs but man – it’s so hard to do that. Murray being back in net seems to have helped the Penguins.

Honestly I don’t know what to expect from this game. I’ve struggled to read Ottawa all season. They need a big performance but do they have it in them? I just don’t know.

That thrashing the Senators gave the Penguins a week ago seems to have woken Pittsburgh up. Can the Sens play like that again?

I just don’t feel confident enough. Generally in a spot like this I’d take the Senators to win. They’re underdogs and teams tend to bounce back strong after a thumping – we’ve seen that in the playoffs before. But my inability to read the Sens this year is putting me off.

I’ll probably throw some money on them as I think mathematically its gotta be the right move, but I just can’t back the Senators. No Bet.

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Penguins win %100

Good luck!


Hi , Lion ,low or high score tonight


Very difficult to say mate. Really sorry

Geir Aage R Jensen

Ottawa win 100%

Good Luck!


Pølsevev! Crosby kommer til å begrave Sens i natt!

Cold as Ice

Okay I am a bit confused now. Both teams win 100% how come 🙂

Petri Kontiola

I think both teams lose 100%.:))

Cold as Ice

So the play is draw in regulation and the match goes to OT?


People believed in Ottawas much and they cannot give up so easily. Its last chance for Ottawa and they are going to make many mistakes. Anderson cannot focus fully and his performance for this year was not stable at all. Pens ll play very relax and after the game ended 7-0 they are all motivated and ready.


Pens regulation. I think Sens are out of gas and Pens will step on their necks tonight


I just want to say people have to think this is Sens life game.

For those who are betting the logic says Pens to win in reg or even by PL or whatever in their favor but I simply don’t trust Sens tonight. So for me, the logic bet is no bet. See the vs Rangers series example and you will conclude that Sens are capable to bounce back!

Do never forget it’s hard to win money and their is no need to be betting in all the single game ?



My words are only for those who are in doubt, of course. Everyone has is own read and I just wanted to post mine to help who is doubt. Is more like a rule of thumb.


Now they won, the next game will be another Sens’s life game. This can be a one time opportunity for the most of Sens players. At this stage, mentality is more important than stats. And the other factor is that Pens like to underestimate the other teams, but of course, on the game 7 they’ll have to think different if they want to be at the final. I mean Pens are great, but there is always a “but” that make think twice about them.

Sorry for this long writes but this were I can talk about my NHL thoughts and is also good to practice my English. Lol ?