avatar Written by Graeme on Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Well it looks like the playoffs are over for the Florida Panthers. They were absolutely decimated yesterday by Tampa Bay. Just very sad to see and now they have to play on a back to back tonight.

The Flames were destroyed by the Oilers. Markstrom did what he could but the Oilers seem to have always had his number. Gotta think they may be looking at Vladar for the next one. Mike Smith also had a solid game to unfortunately help that one go under.

Shesterkin stepped up big for the Rangers yesterday. It really looked like Canes were going to make the comeback but just weren’t able to do so.

Let’s look at todays games:

Panthers vs Lightning Bets:

Scott: So the Lightning haven’t suffered at all from playing all the hockey they have over the last couple seasons. They now lead the Panthers 3-0 on their quest for a third straight Cup.

I had liked the Panthers to win the series to win the series in 6 or 7 games and now if they were to win it it would have to be 7.

I can’t believe the Panthers inability to win a game here. They are stacked yet can’t get a win. I can’t back them at this point but I really can’t see them getting swept but all signs point to that happening. I have to avoid this game.

No Bet

Graeme: I feel bad for the Panthers. This looks really bad on them but Vasy has just found his groove. Panthers have an xG of about 10 goals yet have only scored a whopping 3. Says it all.

One last big effort is needed but with it being on a back to back and after last game? Man I think they are toast. This sort of thing affects players mentally when you can’t beat a goalie. Tampa will be looking to wrap this one up.

I’m going to go with Lightning in Regulation if Vasy plays which I presume he will. I just don’t think the Panthers have anything left.

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Avalanche vs Blues Bets:

Scott: I called the Avalanche in 5 so they need to win this and the next.

Lehkonen scored twice for the Avs in the win. That’s the luxury the Avs have when they can get offense from secondary help and not have to rely only on the top line.

Avalanche win in regulation

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Graeme: Well I said last time out I’d bet the Blues blindly in game 3 and 4 assuming no injury. Of course there was a slight injury in Binnington who is now out for the rest of the playoffs. Well the rest of the Avs series at least but you know what I mean. That one is a killer.

Blues will start Husso and I mean stats wise over the regular season he was still solid. I did feel he was at fault for a couple of the Avs goals but man a lot of pressure to step into.

He has put up solid regular season performances against some decent offenses so you can’t just write the Blues off. And an injury often fires a team up.

Alas I just can’t bring myself to bet them here after the loss last time out and the way it happened. I do expect their most passionate, fighting performance of the season. So maybe? I personally hope so.

No Bet.

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Western RattlersD

To WIN moneyline: Tampa
Lean: puckline win: Tampa

Didn’t want to bet on this series, I thought the Panthers were too good to dismiss quickly, but the Panthers look like they’re done. President’s Cup curse on full display. Their powerplay is a ghastly 7% in their last 10 games, while Tampa’s is 25%. Florida’s penalty kill is really bad for playoff time, a morbid 67%. They’re getting on the shot counter, but obviously not with high danger attempts. A rivalry, and therefore, relentless situation on the ice. Florida away games in the regular season were risky business; now Tampa is walking through them and it’s in Tampa. The puckline Tampa win is a strong consideration. Winning the last game may have a history of being difficult, but not when the losing team shows this end of season lack of integrity. Tampa will be smelling blood today, so why would they lose this game? No way. They’ll want the time off before Round 3.


I totally agree with Graeme and I’m waiting to see some passion from the Blues tonight. Graeme do u think Girard’s injury effects also Avs to lead in Blues win ?