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What an incredible comeback that was by the St. Louis Blues.

They were 3-0 down and looked out of it. We’ve seen so many final games like that in the past. The result just seems inevitable. The team is down by so many games that they just can’t muster that energy to get going again. It looked like both teams were just goin to play it out.

Then boom – the Blues manage to make a massive 3rd period comeback. It all seemed for nothing when when MacKinnon scored a great goal only for St. Louis to tie it up and then get the win.

Amazing stuff. Lost us our in regulation bet but wins me my series bet of over 5.5 games which I thought was done and dusted after Binnington got injured so that’s nice.

I really hope the Blues can win Game 6 now.

Let’s look at todays games:

Rangers vs Canes Bets:

Scott: This has been a great series so far. The Rangers have won two straight against the Hurricanes after losing eight of the previous nine. The Rangers have won 5 straight home games.

The Canes are 6-0 at home this postseason. One issue they are having is their powerplay has been bad scoring 5 times in 45 chances.

I picked the Rangers to win this series and they still can. But to do so they’ll need to win a game in Carolina which is going to be tough.

I have to follow the trend here and back the home team to win. Only one game has needed OT so I’m comfortable taking a regulation win here.

Canes win in regulation

Graeme:: I talked a bit yesterday about the Canes performances on the road. They still are usually able to do the job at home.

It’s always such a weird situation that as there really isn’t anything glaringly obvious in regard to why it happens – it’s just the way it is. Game 3 for example they were tremendous but completely killed off by a great goalie performance.

It’s a bit of a weird bet to make when there’s no real reasoning behind it other than the way results are going. And we know that Shesterkin has that ability to randomly pop up and turn a game so that’s a risk.

So I figure it’s odds dependent, and getting over 2.00 odds for in regulation – I’m fine with that. If this was 2.00 or below I’d skip it.

Canes in Regulation – 2.15 odds at B365

Oilers vs Flames Bets:

Scott: Well the Oilers have the Flames on the verge of elimination. Smith continued his strong play and Kane scored 2 more to give him 12 in 11 games this postseason. The Oilers were up 3-0 and the Flames tied it but the Oilers scored and added an empty net goal for the 5-3 win.

The Flames are at home here and they are going to need the home fans to get them through this game. Smith has outplayed Markstrom so they need to find a way to give him the support he needs. Score early and often to keep the fans in it and then defend.

Flames win incl OT – 1.68 at Sports Interaction

Graeme: I am skipping this one. I don’t like backing the over in games where one team is on the verge of elimination. The Flames haven’t shown enough for me to back them at such a low price.

I really hope the Flames win to extend this series. I just don’t know if they have the mojo to do it. I think not dumping Markstrom in that last game to give Vlad a chance was a big mistake. No Bet.

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Western RattlersD

Bravo to the St. Louis Blues for showing up like hockey players! Blues won as a team, making a game of it and playing hero music on the scoreboard.

Full game UNDER 6.5: Rangers/Canes
Prop Lean: Lindholm to get a point: Yes

Confidence high for the Under bet, and some obvious pick players likely to get a point in the Flames/Oilers game. Otherwise, no idea what happens in Calgary for the Over/Under, as Under 5 and Over 10 are possible. I just expect Calgary to put on a very good show because something clicked in this series in the last game, as sense of confidence showed in Calgary’s playing, and the Oilers were spotted being dissipated and very predictable. Tanev’s return made a huge difference in team puck control, and other situations had the Oilers looking quite shaky when not on another hero rush, which the Flames are by now quite good at shutting down. And Andersson using the new NASA-designed Disappearing Orbit Puck for a goal was cool astrophysics. The Flames have more offensive weapons than the Oilers, and now’s the time for this series to change direction, with a decisive Flames win.