avatar Written by Graeme on Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

Whew – my gut was correct yesterday. The Oilers game got off to a fast pace, with the Oilers taking a 2-0 lead nice and early on. The Stars however came back and put the game over the 5.5 goals.

Oh and I guess they won too. I didn’t really care about that. All I wanted was the goals.

Wonder if that series is going to be like Oilers/Canucks where they just trade wins.

Tonight we have Game 4 in the Panthers vs Rangers series. This is really the sweet spot in the playoffs isn’t it? One big game a night. As much as I love the Stanley Cup Finals, the break between games is always crushing when you’re used to so much playoff hockey.

Panthers vs Rangers Game 4 Betting Tips:

Scott: Well game 3 was a wild one. It again went to overtime and it again was won by the Rangers this time 5-4.

Bobrovsky wasn’t good in game 3 he faced only 23 shots and allowed 5 goals. Having a save percentage of .783 isn’t going to cut it. I would expect him to have a better game or its going to be over for the Panthers.

With this game still in Florida the Panthers can’t go down 3-1 in the series with game 5 in New York.

Panthers win would be my pick but it would have to be in regulation. And with the last 2 needing overtime I’m off of that play.

No Bet

Graeme: Last time I went with the Rangers as I felt these two were very close, and we were getting value on the Rangers. That proved correct as they went to OT, and then the Rangers got the win.

It’s pretty much the same thoughts today. Rangers are even bigger dogs now at 2.52 odds at BetOnline. and 2.50 odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

However two things:

– The advanced metrics for the Panthers in that game were a lot stronger. So that is concerning.

– In a vaccuum, I take the Rangers here for the same reasons. But as I won the last bet, I don’t really want to push my luck.

So personally? No bet from me. If you backed the Rangers last game, I’d say take the night off. If you didn’t. then bet them for the value.

The over is tempting as well. This Panthers offense is going to come out fired up, so that is going to be another potential bet.

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To WIN moneyline: Rangers

Player Props:
Trocheck OVER 2.5 shots (8/10 in last 10 games)
Trocheck OVER 0.5 points (7/10 in last 10 games)

I think the Rangers have the Panthers figured out. When the play opens up, it’s in favor of the Rangers. The Panthers are stumped for how to score when it’s 5 on 5; in their last two games against the Rangers, Florida scored 3 of their total of only 5 goals on the powerplay. The Rangers scored none of their goals in those games, on the powerplay. The Rangers are NOT losing games when/because of taking 3 to 5 penalties, so their penalty kill is doing very well. Sometimes a slightly elevated penalty count is not loss of composure, but when the play gets fast and furious and minor infractions simply happen as play goes to the extreme of action, or when the officials are shifty in how they make calls. That sounds about right for this matchup, and it means the play is opening up at times and when 5 on 5 or fast, the Rangers are taking the advantage. Florida is not a sit-back style, so they’re going to be vulnerable again.


Florida-1.5 +162

As a Ranger fan I can’t see being able to win another game in Florida if the stats are as heavily in favor of Florida as they were in Game 3. Last time Florida was that dominant metric wise at home, they beat Boston 6-1.

Hoping I’m wrong as Rangers style has defied the metrics throughout playoffs and regular season. But gambling wise I can only go by what I see.

One thing in Rangers favor is Shesterkin play compared to Bobrovsky recently. Though when you look at Bobs stats they are still impressive and I’d have to imagine this is a good spot for him here. Unless he has lingering effects from being kicked in the head on Lafreniere’s second goal. Which no one is mentioning so it would only be speculation on my part.

florida Barkov to score +260

reminds me of Kuznetsov in the Washington series and he was able to have success vs the Rangers.


Meant to say Kuznetsov had success against Rangers in the Carolina series. Just wanted to correct that.