avatar Written by Graeme on Monday, May 30th, 2022

Well we have one game left before we get to the conference finals.

Today we see the Hurricanes host the Rangers and then tomorrow sees the beginning of the Oilers vs Avalanche series.

We’ll have our thoughts on that series up tomorrow. For now let’s tackle Game 7:

Rangers vs Canes Bets:

Scott: I did pick the Rangers to win the series but with the way this series has gone it would seem like it’s the Canes who are going to win as they are at home and each game has been won by the home team.

The Rangers chased Raanta from the game after he allowed 3 goals on 13 shots. Chytil scored twice, Fox had 2 assists and Panarin scored his first of the series. If Panarin can catch fire it will only help the Rangers plus the continued great play of the Kid Line has been awesome for them. They’ll need to get to Raanta early and often again in this game 7.

Despite all of the signs pointing to a Canes home win I have to go with my original pick of the Rangers to win the series. They looked good in game 6 and I’m hoping they can build off of that.

Rangers win incl OT

Graeme: I mean I said it last time out – there’s really not much to say. Canes can’t win on the road, but they can win at home. Feels fine to take them again. Nothing in this entire series has really caused me to say “oh I should back the Rangers here”.

If the Rangers do the business then so be it, but with 6 games of solid sample data, I’m fine going with Canes in Regulation at 2.15+ odds. Really not much else I can write. They gud at home.

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Zinbanejad one assist

Western RattlersD

Could be the Rangers feel hamstrung by lineup matching when playing on Carolina ice. The games there are close and low-scoring. The Rangers have only driven up the scoring when playing at home, which further suggests lineup matching is their issue. Tonight, full game UNDER 6.0 is the only thing I’d consider. Not betting on a side, because if the Rangers can pull some new move that gets them out of lineup snares, they can score, and apparently under certain circumstances, more than Carolina can. Rangers seemed to have the same home/away problem against the Penguins, so this is their time to either evolve a little, or kiss the golf course.

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