avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

The New York Rangers got a crucial win last night and it was a big one as they beat the Ottawa Senators 4-1.

The Nashville Predators also got a key win. They’re now just one win away from moving on to the next round.

We turn our attention to tonight, Wednesday May 3rd.

The early game sees the Pittsburgh Penguins hoping to go 3-1 without Crosby as they take on the Washington Capitals.

The late game sees an interesting one between the Anaheim Ducks and Edmonton Oilers.

The Ducks will hope to tie things up before going back to Anaheim where they lost both games.

Here’s our thoughts:

Capitals vs Penguins Game 4 Betting Tips:

Scott: The Caps got the win in the last game.  And not only did the Pens lose but they also lost Crosby to a concussion.  He will miss game 4 and then be monitored after.  It’s hard to say when and if Crosby will return.  Conor Sheary is also out with a concussion.

But even without Crosby and Sheary the Pens are still a deep team.  But the Caps now have a chance to tie the series up and regain home ice advantage.

They will need to take advantage of Crosby being out.

Capitals win incl OT/SO

Graeme: Last time I said I couldn’t bet the Capitals because it was a must-win game except they haven’t really shown that they have what it takes in the playoffs for those games.

Even though they DID win – I still wasn’t convinced.

A lot of times this season we’ve seen a big injury and the majority of the time, the team bands together well – at least initially.

Penguins have the depth and with the lack of confidence I have in the Capitals, I’m quite happy to back the Penguins incl OT/SO at such great odds. I was generally impressed with Holtby in Game 3 but his overall playoff performance hasn’t been great.

Ducks vs Oilers Game 4 Betting Tips:

Scott: The Ducks picked up the win in the last game and the series is now 2-1 Oilers.  The scored 3 goals in 12 minutes to start the game and the Oilers came back to tie it.  The Ducks ended up winning 6-3.

There has been 2 days off between games so we will see what the extra day of rest will do for the teams.

The Oilers are still at home so they will be looking to pick up a win on home ice and avoid heading back to Anaheim with the series tied.

Oilers win incl OT/SO 

Graeme: Honestly I’m just not sure. With the Oilers I think they’re relying a lot on two individuals in McDavid and Talbot. I haven’t been super impressed with the Ducks either though.

I’m leaning Oilers but just can’t back it. And even though the over is appealing there’s something in me that feels this may be a tight game. No bet.

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