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Tampa Bay Lightning took a 3-1 lead in the series against the Islander and with home ice advantage – it’s going to be tough for the Islanders to get back into this series. As the Lightning continue to win, Stamkos value drops more and more. Although it’ll be interesting to see if they can hang around long enough for a Stamkos return.

The Islanders have pushed Tampa every game in this series and you have to give major props to Tampa for some great results here and coming back from goals down.

The 5th game in that series will take place on Sunday.

Today we’ve got a much busier NHL day with 3 games. The Blues vs Stars kicks off at 1pm EST followed by two late games. And in perfect scheduling, in between all the hockey we have Raptors vs Heat.

Let’s get to todays betting tips:

Blues vs Stars Betting Tips:

Graeme: This has been a great series. I initially liked the Stars for this series and they DID take the lead – but a large part of me feels like they’re playing catch-up. Lehtonen had a pretty solid game last time out however and from everything I’m seeing in the media – Stars are ready to pull the trigger on Kari. More importantly the palyers seem to have confidence with him between the pipes. Goalie confidence is always huge in hockey and I’m going to take Stars to win based on that.

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Scott:  After getting pounded 6-1 in game 3 the Stars bounced back and won game 4 3-2.  This is a tough series to call.  2 of the games have gone over 5, 1 hit 5 and 1 stayed under.  I’m going with over in this crucial game 5.

Over 5

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USA: -140 Odds at GT Bets.
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Penguins vs Capitals Betting Tips:

Graeme: It’s do or die for the Washington Capitals and man I hate to say it – but I think they’re going with Option B: “Die”. The Penguins just seem to have some unreal chemistry at the moment and everything seems to be going right for them in the playoffs. That goalie situation? Couldn’t have worked out better. 0-14 on the Power Play over the last couple games? Doesn’t matter. I gotta take Penguins Win here.

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Scott:  The Pens have a nice 3-1 lead in the series. I have to think the Caps win this one and at least extended the series a little longer.  They’ll need help from players other than Ovechkin, Oshie and Carlson who have scored 12 of the 23 playoff goals for the Caps.

Capitals win

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USA: -130 Odds at GT Bets.
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Predators vs Sharks Betting Tips:

Scott: After being down 2-0, the Preds have stormed back to tie the series.  The Sharks have been a team that has thrived when on the road but this series has been different and the home team has won each game.  So I’ll follow that trend and take the Sharks.

Sharks Win

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USA: -160 Odds at GT Bets.
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Graeme: This is just a very unpredictable series that are bucking the trends. I tipped the Predators to win the series before Game 1 but my basis was I felt I just kept underestimating the Predators. I still have that feeling throughout every game these two have played. On paper the Sharks just look so much stronger but the Predators keep playing good. I’m tapping out for this series and going to ride my series bet alone. No Bet

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CAPS ALL the way


In regulation?

Eduardo Caldeira

First game Over 5
Second game capitals ML and probably an under 5 or 5.5
Last game tuff to predict, maybe +0.5 Nashville First Period . San Jose ML I would like to back but that odd has to grow.. I don’t see much value on that