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What an incredible night of hockey last night.

Our first series pick came in. We both went for the Chicago Blackhawks to beat the Wild. We didn’t expect them to do it that fast though – you have to feel bad for the Wild who fought well in the series, yet were just beaten by a better team. Holy crap what an ending that was too with the 2 late goals – that was some really thrilling hockey.

And then we have the Canadiens vs Lightning series. Looking out of it with no offense – the Habs decided to score 6 goals – all by different players, as they beat Tampa 6-2 and forced Bishop to be pulled out. Holy crap what a game that was.

Much like the Flames needed a late win to potentially turn things around – that’s what the Habs needed too. And I know the guys at Sports Interaction will be sweating that. On that topic, before the tips let’s do our weekly chat with them:

BetNHL.ca: While only the Blackhawks series is decided thus far – we can sort of see the landscape for the Conference finals. Any teams you’re sweating winning the cup?

Sports Interaction: Being primarily a Canadian sportsbook, we always get more action on the Canadian teams. So the Montreal Canadiens would hurt us, as would the Calgary Flames – although we’re not too concerned about the latter. The Blackhawks won’t be good though as they always get a lot of action.

BetNHL.ca: A week ago, you told me that the Habs and Rangers were getting the most betting action out of anyone when it came to individual games. Now they’re both one game away from being eliminated. How has the betting action changes?

Sports Interaction: Well a lot of sharp bettors actually saw the Habs results coming and have made a lot on that. We did have action on the Habs but not as much as the first round. This is probably due to the regular season results between Montreal and Tampa. People have been losing on the Rangers, but we’re seeing a lot of sharp money go on the under.

BetNHL.ca: With the playoffs being so big, and so much on the line, is the under bet a lot more popular compared to the regular season?

Sports Interaction: Oh yes of course – although the oddsmakers do adjust too, which is why you see a lot of lines at 5 and there are some set at 4.5. Statistically the later in the playoffs, the lower the line. However there’s risk factors too in the sense that goalies are being pulled earlier.

BetNHL.ca: Finally with the two big favourites not looking good – where’s the action for the Stanley Cup futures at the moment?

Sports Interaction: All the action is on the West, for the Blackhawks and the Ducks. The Blackhawks are now the favourites to win the Stanley Cup.

Capitals vs Rangers Betting Tips:

Scott: With the Rangers being down 3-1 and in New York for game 5, you have to think that this is there game. But who knows. I didn’t see them being down 3-1 in the series. No value in a Rangers win. And I’m not confident enough to do it without OT with all games being decided by one goal. The over/under line is 4.5 so I’m going to avoid the under as well.

Graeme: I keep waiting for the Capitals to drop the ball. But at this point you have to look at the stats. They’re up 3-1, they’ve played great, and they’ve beaten the Rangers once at home already. The other game was tight as well. I think there is slight value on the Capitals 2.55 at http://www.5Dimes.eu for Americans(Need to register to see lines) and and http://www.Bet365.com for everyone else.. I’d price them at 2.25 so there is value on that play.

Ducks vs Flames Betting Tips:

Scott: It was great to see the Flames not only stick with the Ducks but come away with the 4-3 OT win. This game wasn’t really a goalie showcase with both teams each having only 21 shots. As much as I want the Flames to tie the series up and take it back to Anaheim for a best of three, I can’t see it happening. Ducks Win for 1.71

Graeme: Flames got the win they needed – a big late win to make it 2-1. This is a team who relied on late wins all season, and that’s the confidence they needed back. I do think the Ducks are better and probably win – but again, the value is there. Flames, confident they can get those late goals, at home, 2.25 odds. Have to go with the Flames.

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