avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, May 8th, 2021

No picks yesterday. The Stars, with their backs to the wall, became probably the only team this season with their backs to the wall to actually win a game. They got a massive 5-2 win over Tampa.

Their chances of making the playoffs are still very slim but it’s good to see them actually making a contest of it and giving us some interest.

As for today – no. Just no.

This is always a tough time of year to bet on hockey as it is. This bizarro season seems to be more of a factor as well. Usually at this point there’s a few teams we could look at and count on but I really don’t have that vibe this year.

I don’t mind going through a few games and analyzing them but on a day like today where there is like 600 freaking games? The majority of them all meaning nothing? No thanks. I mean we talk about playoff seeding and all that but I just don’t know how big a drive that is for these teams.

I mean you’ve seen these matchups a million times already and we’ve wrote about them. It’s not like much has really changed.

I’ll probably bet the Hurricanes myself just because man I want Preds to lose and get us some good drama to end the season. I’ll be cheering them on anyway.

If there’s a game you specifically want me to analyze feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll look at them.

But yeah after looking at todays slate – I am just not going to bother ha. A well deserved day off methinks.

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Hey, im new here and from Germany so sorry for upcoming typos. I just watched some games lately and will also bet on some for the rest of the season + Playoffs.

Today ill go with Rangers at Bruins over 5,5; and Buffalo at Pens under 5,5 with a parlay for 0,5 Units. ✅

I had the flyers yesterday and I will take them again today at 3,6 (1 Unit) in Reg. I just don’t see the caps throwing in everything with 2 Games left and Playoffs coming. ❌

I think Tampa at Panthers could be really interesting to watch. They both clinched Playoffs and they will play each other 2 games before Playoffs. I will go with the Panthers (ML) in this one with 1 Unit aswell. ✅

Good Luck everyone!


Welcome and thank you for your thoughts on the games

Western Rattlers

Welcome to the joy of NHL guessing games. Looking good on the Pens Under bet so far, the Bruins need to wake up today, they’re 2-1 in the third period.


Thanks to both of you. Never thought that this parlay would come through after the 1:1 in the 2 period. 7 goals in the 3rd shows how crazy this Season is 😅


Good to have you here 🙂 Hope to see lots of comments during the playoffs. Nice call with that Sabres/Pens one and Rangers/Bruins.


I get your frustration @betnhlca:disqus I think we all feel the same way. Screw the Preds, I hope they go down in flames.


Canes ML -130 – After watching (and betting) on a Preds team that was supposedly “desperate” but couldn’t close out the deal and lost leads in two critical games I love this matchup and the value on the Canes. Even though they are cruising into the playoffs, this is a team that has much more heart and commitment than the Preds. They will likely face the Preds and they’ll want to take their measure and show them what they’ll be facing when games really count.

Also on:
Buffalo Sabres/Pittsburgh Penguins over 6½ -125 ❌
Sabres L5 O/U 3-2
Pens L5 O/U 4-1

Buffalo Sabres team total over 2½ +120
L5 O/U 3-2, Pens starting Lagace who hasn’t seen NHL since Feb 1, 2019

Tampa Bay Lightning/Florida Panthers over 5½ -120
O/V between these teams is 5-1, Bobrovsky starting for Cats and he’s usually GAA 3-4

Philadelphia Flyers/Washington Capitals over 6½ +105
O/V between these teams is 5-2, Caps starting Craig Anderson who has seen 5 periods in NHL this season and last time was April 15. Alex Lyon starting for Flyers who has been in five NHL games this season and gave up 4+ in 3 of them.

Detroit Red Wings/Columbus Blue Jackets over 5 -120
7 goals in yesterday’s game, AHL kid starting again for CBJ and Bernier likely getting start for Red Wings.


Christopher  from Germany

Only tip today: Jeff Carter to score two or more goals for the Pens. Thinking and hoping, that he is still hot after that four goals night.

Western Rattlers

Likely bets:
To WIN: Carolina, Toronto
Add: 2nd Period OVER 1.5: Edmonton game
To TIE in regulation: the Florida and San Jose games
Leans I’ll likely avoid: Minnesota and Edmonton to WIN

Carolina is playing hot and isn’t letting up, while Hashville hasn’t had the juice this year at all. Nashville doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs; they just lost to Columbus, they have a -5 goal differential, and historically, it’s an absolute that to get into the playoffs, you have a positive goal differential (and at least 95 points in a regular 82-game year). Toronto is playing a preview to a First Round opponent game, so won’t take this lightly, and they’re far superior and more rested than Montreal. Minnesota and Edmonton are the superior teams in their games, but it’s WTF-WEEKEND in the NHL. When crap teams are involved, tie in regulation isn’t a good risk. Always consider the tie in regulation if teams near the middle of the pack have good reason to be apathetic.


I’ve gone with Oilers, Jets and Canes all to win…….


Anyone know of decent sites for AHL,OHL and KHL tips etc please???

Western Rattlers

I always seek depth of stats and standings before opinions. Here’s a good start: https://theahl.com/stats/standings


Thank you 😊

Western Rattlers

Also, in any sport, where the stats stop, you want more information, but cappers and most sports sites don’t have much, try going to the sports news services in the city of the team. Often local sports news in the team’s city will have good information on game day that you’ll rarely get elsewhere, such as player and coach interviews, and updates on injured players.