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We went 1-0 yesterday with the tips. The Blackhawks Over 5 goals was a push, and we won with the Flyers who came from behind to defeat the New York Rangers and tie up that series at 2-2. We had that series tipped to go 7 and it’s looking like it might do that.

In even better news – yesterday, we were able to pick up tickets for Habs Series 2 Game 1. And boy – was that a mess. First of all we still don’t know if it’s Red Wings or Bruins that the Habs play. Depending on who it is, the dates for the home games could be completely different. Oh and the prices are basically random and hope for the best.

Ever bought tickets for a hockey game where you don’t know the opposition, don’t know the date and time of it, and don’t know how much it’s going to be? Yep – that’s what we did yesterday.

Then we ALSO had to book hotels for 3 separate nights as we’re not even sure when they’ll play! We’ll cancel the hotels of course for the nights we don’t need them – but yeah, that’s still a pain.

To make matters worse – I’m in Edmonton April 30->May 5. So I have to sit here and hope that the Bruins play the Habs, that at least one series goes to Game 7, and then that Game 3 is on May 5th. Otherwise – ugh. I’ll be missing out. No fun at all.

Oh well – white people problems, amirite?

Today, April 26th we have hockey kicking off at 3pm EST. The Red Wings take on the Bruins in Boston. The Penguins host the Blue Jackets, the Wild/Avs series goes back to Colorado, and then at 10pm EST we’ve got LA Kings vs San Jose.

What a great full day of hockey.

And of course – daily fantasy hockey. We actually won $10 last night on it off a $2 entry so that was nice. Be sure to sign up as you think it’s great watching hockey? It’s even better playing daily fantasy hockey

Let’s get to the NHL Betting Tips for Saturday, April 26th 2014:

Penguins vs Blue Jackets: Over 5.5 Goals

Every game thus far has went to 7 goals, with a 4-3 result. Who knows – it might even be worth betting the correct score of 4-3 for one of the teams. If you want to do that, it’s 12.00 odds for Blue Jackets and 10.00 odds for the Penguins over at http://www.Bovada.lv for Americans and http://www.Bodog.eu for everyone else..

Wild vs Avalanche: Avs to Win

The series is tied at 2-2, after two amazing games in Minnesota.

This is a very tight series, but it seems to be that sort of series where the home team is always trumping the road team generally due to the crowd, and also the way they play.

Have to go with Avs 1.74 odds to win the game at http://www.Bovada.lv for Americans and http://www.Bodog.eu for everyone else..

King vs Sharks: Over 5 Goals

FYI I also will be placing a bet on Sharks in regulation at http://www.Bovada.lv for Americans and http://www.Bodog.eu for everyone else. – 2.05 odds on that one.

All 4 games have went over. Whether they play in LA or San Jose there’s lots of goals. In a desperation game for LA, plus a game where San Jose REALLY want to win – you have to go with the offenses to power in the goals. 1.76 odds for over 5 goals.

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