avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, December 18th, 2014

We went 2-1 last night in the NHL Tips.

With 3 games on the board we only went with one game – Stars vs Canucks. We were expecting a big scoring game but the Canucks front line were frozen out again. Thankfully the Stars won which was at 2.50 odds – and then we also had the bet of the Stars to win in regulation at 3.25 odds. They did that easily enough in a 2-0 victory that did the business for us.

Tonight we’ve got a busier schedule. December 18th has 7 games on the board, and the big news is Fleury did not test positive for the mumps, so will be in goal tonight.

I should note that I had mumps as a kid – and I always assumed it was a disease you only had as a kid. I just can’t help but laugh when I see all these professional athletes going down with it – and then seeing someone like Sidney Crosby look like he’s chewing marbles.

Anyway – some big games tonight. The Habs are at home to the Ducks which will be a big test for the resurging Montreal team.

Leafs vs Hurricanes Betting Tips:

Leafs are rocking it at the moment, and the Hurricanes are going the opposite way. Leafs 8-1-1 in their last 20, Hurricanes 2-8-0.

It really seems ripe for a classic Leafs moment where they get blown out 4-0 doesn’t it?

But we have to go with the Leafs here. Hurricanes games are usually 1-2 goal losses at home, so we’re going to go with Leafs including OT/Shootout at 1.71 odds.

Avalanche vs Penguins Betting Tips:

Avs are having a bad time of it at the moment, and Penguins will have Fleury in net tonight after he tested negative for the mumps. Crosby is rumoured to be returning tonight too. Whether he does or not – this really shouldn’t be a game that the Penguins lose.

Take the Penguins in regulation at 1.80 odds. For those using Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv that’s under “Money Line 3-Way.

Habs vs Ducks Betting Tips:

We like the over on this one. A great price of 2.25. Both offenses have looked very solid in December and 2.25 at Bovada for Americans and http://www.Bet365.com for everyone else. is a price we can’t ignore.

Panthers vs Flyers Betting Tips:

Coming off the results 2 days ago, Flyers are on a low after their hammering by Tampa. Florida meanwhile must be on a high after that epic shootout.

We like the value in the Panthers tonight. They’re taking a lot of games to OT so we’ll go with 2.20 odds for the Panthers to win including OT & Shootout.

Value Bet: Oilers vs Sharks

The mathematically correct bet here is to take Sharks -1.5. They should absolutely decimate the Oilers.

However we’re not going to take it.

The Sharks are a weird team. They seem to lose to all of the worst teams in the NHL – and it extends to last season too. This season alone they’ve lost to Buffalo twice, Oilers, Arizona, Blue Jackets twice, Panthers twice.

We have to go with the Oilers for a value bet based on that. Going with including overtime and shootout for 3.20 odds, and will probably bet half a unit on OIlers in regulation.

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Simon Pekala

I thought I had my treble ready (including that -1.5 for sharks) but now I seriously doubt it. Was thinking about going for -1.5 for penguins at 2.55?


I don’t see anything wrong with betting the Sharks -1.5. As we said – it’s the right bet to make based on the form of both teams, and the way they’re playing. Just after some of the Sharks results this season we’ve decided yep – going with the Oilers.

Pens have had a lot of tight wins. It’s usually 1-2 goals, This same bet in November? 100% would be tipping Pens -1.5. That’s when they were killing the Habs 4-0, Kings 3-0, Devils 8-3 etc. But most of their games they’re winning by a goal, with the odd 2 goal win(2 in the last 13 games). We don’t think those are favourable odds based on that.

Simon Pekala

I was going for -1.5 for the penguins based on their convincing performance against tampa. With the oilers I just don’t know if the new man in charge had enough time to turn things around for them.


Hey boys interested to know what you would call your surest or safest plays tonight. I of course have to invest in my cousin and the Habs tonight at home!


Oilers/Panthers are more value bets. In order we’d say Habs over, Leafs win, Pens in regulation.


I agree with everything you just said except one thing, I am really feeling a Habs win more so than the over, even though I like the over as well. But i actually am not a huge believer in the Ducks and find it remarkable that before beating the Oilers last week by 2 via an empty netter that they hadn’t won by more than a goal since October!


Currently leaning towards parlaying Toronto, Pittsburgh, Montreal $20 bet for an unkown payout (waiting on the Pit line) and then parlaying Columbus +1.5, MTL/ANA Over, LA Win, and SJ -1.5 $10 bet for a $100 payout. What you think?

Simon Pekala

Some great games last night and some disappointing results.
What a game in Los Angeles!