avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

I have a lot of friends who are Leafs fans. so I’ll say to you guys what I’ve been saying to them all day over text:


You have no idea how crazy some of them are. After Sparks shutout against the Oilers I was hearing things like “best goalie in Canada” etc.

And they were serious!

Glad we stayed away from that game – as it could have made a bad night even worse. Our thought process yesterday was if Bernier was in net, tip the Jets. If Sparks – tip the Leafs. But then we rewatched the Oilers and their shots and decided we’d wait on Sparks.

Sorry for the delay on tips today. I’m swamped with other things so unfortunately today is going to be short with no writeup.

Wild to win in regulation.

Rangers to win.

That’s all for tonight.


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Mr Dj 613

Gonna try ….

They seemed to pull the rangers game from betting ,
Any one else …..


Red Wings, Rangers, Predators and Leafs.
In regulation, of course.:))

Mr Dj 613

Sounds good

Marc Lachance

NY, Chicago,Dal,Flor and Nashville all moneyline. Fl is risky but Nashville is not constent + there’s a chance Pikka Rhine wont be in the goal. Id like to bet on Mtl-Was game because that’s the game I will mainly watch but I can’t see anything worth it. I know Washington will play hard and heavy on Mtl to make a statement and Mtl havent been playing alot of rough games this season. It can go either ways. Regardless, it will be a good game to watch. Last night NYR-NYI was a very good game.

Mr Dj 613

Hopefully Nashville picks up there game

Mr Dj 613

Do u bet moneyline NFL
If so leave me your thought for this week I’m seeing a very good winning tickets

As long as the teams pull through

Marc Lachance

Just hockey for now. Its my third season bettings im not near a winner yet but its very entertaining.

Mr Dj 613

Ok kool
I don’t bet online yet
I only bet proline

I’m 31
Have been playing since
I’ve been about 14
My parents use to buy my tickets for me no BS.

Last yr was a bad yr,
But this yr has been very
Good to me so far,
Other than the last 2 weeks

I look daily at this site now just to give my input and see the PROS picks and others fans that post on here to see what there saying .

I love to make $ any opportunity I can .
Also takes $ to make $

Some nights I place $100 bets on one or more tickets .


Dal ML -125 seems like a given. Under both TO and CAR

M. (Thelonious)

Over 5 in DET seems like a nice bet to me


Hi Guys can you please tell
Me where I can get this bet where you pick winner in regulation ?

Marc Lachance

Which betting site? Some site call it a 3 way