avatar Written by Graeme on Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Ahhh it’s good to be back.

I was away from December 23rd up until December 31st in Scotland for my sisters wedding. When I go on vacation, I generally just tune everything out and enjoy the vacation – and oddly enough that includes sports.

I mean at home in Canada I watch numerous NBA and NHL games a night – with at least 3 going at the same time. I watch highlights of every other game etc, reading everything about them from recaps to fan opinions on reddit, forums etc.

When I go on vacation? Sometimes I don’t even check the scores! And that was something that happened on this vacation – I came back absolutely clueless as to what had occurred in the last week of NHL.

And I mean ABSOLUTELY clueless. I tuned into the Winter Classic and when I heard them talking about Scrivens making his debut for the Habs the other night I thought I had a brain aneurysm. Had to go and make sure that was actually the case.

So anyway I’ve spent the last 2 days getting all caught up – going through every game etc and I think – hope – I’m back on track. Might be a bit rusty but thankfully with only 4 games tonight I can focus fully on them and not miss much. But yeah be warned – I might not be at my best here.

Stars vs Islanders Betting Tips:

Islanders go into this one off the back of a proper thumping by the Penguins. The Stars are reeling after that Devils game.

This will be the first meeting between the teams this season, and I like it to go Over 5.5 goals. Both teams will be seeking their first win of the year, and it should be a hard fought battle. The bookies have it as a pickem so they expect it to be close.

Neither team have showed much of a defense lately and the Stars offense has been clicking fairly well. Both teams have a good trend of high scoring games. I’d much prefer getting Over 5 with a strong 3-2 possibility – but I just think these two teams will be battling to see who can score more and we’ll get a good high scoring game.

Blackhawks vs Senators Betting Tips:

Another game where I like Over 5.5 goals.

Chicago will be honoring Kane before the game which should get them hyped up. The Blackhawks also have the same lineup that has seen them involved in a 7 goal and 12 goal thriller in their last 2 games. Sens offense is always a bit concerning as they run hot and cold – but I think the Sens have it in them to get a few goals here and make this an interesting game.

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Robert Craig

Moan the Scotland big man hope u enjoyed your self over here mate brilliant place to party happy New year

Eduardo Caldeira

Under 5 on The Panthers – Wild seems also good even if there is a chance for a push
Both teams have been solid and very rare to pass de 5.5 mark… And also between them there wasn’t any over for quite a while . This one seem also a tight one . So looks like a very good bet


Wild, Blackhawks and Ducks.
Hey Graeme, i seen the Winter Classic game and i’m curios about something.
Why the players have something like black paint under the eyes?

Mar Mar

sun reflection off the ice…reducesglare


Nice you are Back again! Yes you have followers from Europe! Sorry we knocked Canada out with very entertaining match 6-5 Youth U-20 Games Florida vs. Minnesota. Florida is in good form but I think better value take straight win for Wild. Florida starts with Montoya on goal. More tips on http://www.veikkausforum.com ne,Fizman


Anaheim Ducks vs Winnipeg Jets

Jets to win. Value bet

Price of 2.55 is just way too good to pass up on, with the way the Jets have been playing and the way the Ducks have been playing.

45% computer calculated win %. At current price of 2.55 gives +EV of 14.75%.

For the past couple of seasons the games between these two have always been close. Although last year the Ducks swept the series 3-0- 2 of the games went to OT.
This record will have to eventually end and the Jets take a win.
This game could be the one to do it in.

Jets are on pretty good form and Ducks have been quite poor at times and very inconsistent. They are looking better at this stage of the season than earlier on, but by no means as good as they should be.

Only downside is the Jets road form is ropey, but they have to try and string a few wins together at some point.

The Jets played last night and so tiredness could be a factor, but they smashed the Sharks 4-1 and I’m hoping they can carry this high and momentum into tonight’s game against the Ducks.


Also I really fancied the over 5.5 in the Stars game, like you guys have bet. But was so busy I missed putting the bet on before the game started.
It ended up 4 goals in the first period so I guess that bet will fly in haha. Always the way.
Next time I have to get priorities sorted and put bets on before listening to the missus lol