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Well Scott is off to Mexico today for a family vacation, so I’ll be handling the tips for the next 10 days. Thankfully he left us on a winning note, going 2-0 last night.

The Blues had a nice win over the Jets to cover the -1.5, and the Bruins, as they’ve did so many times since the Olympics, easily handled the Minnesota Wild to win that one in regulation.

I’d be jealous of Scott – but I’m off to New Orleans at the end of the month for Wrestlemania – so meh, he can have his mango tangos sitting on the beach. I got the better end of that deal!

Hope some of you got on my F1Betting Tips on the weekend. It was a big money weekend, with Nico Rosberg winning the race as we predicted, and Kevin Magnussen getting a podium finish. Recommended there was either an E/W bet or a Top 6 finish and so that was a big payout depending on what you bet. Great start, and I hope to see many of you following those tips. There’s e-mail subscription set up over there.

Okay so it’s March 18th, 2014 and holy crap is there ever a lot of games tonight. We’ve got 12 games on board, with a lot of interesting ones. Sabres vs the Flames has the potential to be a really fun one, with both teams pulling off some surprises post-Olympics. Avs in Montreal is of course the big one, while Philly destroyed Pittsburgh twice over the weekend – can they do the same to the Blackhawks?

For Habs vs Avs – no way in hell I’m tipping that. So conflicted.

Going to be a great night of hockey. Let’s get to the NHL Betting Tips:

Oilers vs Predators: Oilers to Win

I wonder if this is the first time we’ve even tipped the Oilers this season. Wouldn’t surprise me.

They’ve played Nashville twice this season, winning 3-0 and 5-1. It’s just one of those matchups that seem to work out very well for the Oilers. Both teams are obviously crap this season – but when it comes to playing against each other – the Oilers seem the less crapper team.

Predators have had some nice wins recently, but Edmonton are also looking good. They’ve had a lot of competitive games against tougher teams, and for the most part have fought well.

With a nice price of 1.90, I like the Oilers tonight to sweep the Predators.

Hurricanes vs Blue Jackets: Blue Jackets to Win In Regulation

1.90 for that price, which you can get at Bovada for Americans and http://www.Bet365.com for everyone else..

Blue Jackets have been playing some great hockey, while the Hurricanes have been struggling a lot. Columbus at home are always solid, and have picked up some big wins here recently.

I’m going with Columbus to have this one wrapped up by the end of 60, and betting them to win in regulation.

Grand Salami: Over 67.5

12 games on board today, with the bookies setting the line at 67.5, or an average of 5.6 goals per game.

We won with the Under a couple of nights ago, but I like this one to go over. There’s a lot of potential for high scoring games – enough games tonight where I’m liking the Over 67.5. There’s no set game where I can look at it and say “Yep, that’s going over” otherwise I’d pick an individual game for the Over 5.5 But looking across the board, all we need is a couple to go our way and we should be good.

You can bet the Grand Salami Over 67.5 Goals at http://www.5Dimes.eu(Need to register to see lines) for 1.95 odds.

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Angelo Eden

hello Graeme do tou speak french? i wrote something in french about NHL and differents bets, i would like to show it to you and maybe making our pages working together. I m in france and i have a wordpress too. see you soon


I don’t unfortunately. I did take it for 4 years in school but I remember almost nothing. Send me an e-mail though with it betnhl.ca@gmail.com

Angelo Eden

email sent buddy


Grand Salami sure looks interesting with several second choice goalies tonight.


Yeah like I said above – I was finding it hard to pick one game where I could confidently say it’d go over – but there’s so many possibilities for high scoring games I’m feeling good about the Salami.


ello Graeme, may i ask how many games are left in this season before playoffs start


Regular season ends April 13th.


but how many games will they play, last season they played 48 games regular season, how many this season, am asking because i will like to know which teams are actually playing for something and those who can’t make playoffs anymore




lol. Graeme can you google some symptoms for me? Runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat. Please let me know what this could be. Thx.


lol. Sounds like something a bottle of fireball whiskey would fix. I prescribe a 26er of that.

Mathieu Bedard

No offense but how can you not bet Over 5,5 goals in the CHI vs PHI match?


I just wasn’t fully convinced on that one. It was close to being a tip though but I decided to go with the Salami instead. Post Olympics Chicago have been quiet on the road – although Hossa being back will most likely change that.

Mathieu Bedard

PHI are red hot and CHI are just waiting to explode AND both team start their second goalie, sounds good to me ๐Ÿ™‚


Do you guys have any leans/hits on the Buffalo/Calgary game? I’m following someone’s system that suggests a puckline bet on the Sabres, but I’m hesitant given how bad they’ve been playing…


Sorry I didn’t reply to this yesterday. That game I would’ve stayed away from as both teams are always weird – they can get hammered 4 or 5 games in a row then come out firing. Initially I looked at the Over on that one but as both unpredictable decided to stay away from that and roll the dice with the salami.


No worries. I ended up skipping it. I came to the same conclusion you did and also went with the Salami. Talk about an easy win!


HIT the AVS! great value, most books over 2. Roys first game back in MTL. The boys are going to go HARD to get the W for him. Plus they’ve been steam rolling besides the hiccup against the ducks.


I meant to write more about that game yesterday but I must’ve got distracted. I was conflicted because it seemed like the perfect opportunity for Price to put on an amazing performance and shut out the Avs. On the other hand I think Roy is a top coach who’s able to really approach the big games well when it comes to how they play. Decided to just sit back and enjoy that one…and boy did I enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚