avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, March 21st, 2015

In our one non value bet of the evening, the Tampa Bay Lightning got the win over the Red Wings. Depending on whether you bet them in regulation or at -1.5 as we suggested – it was a good night. That’s a stat I’ve been exploring further lately – looking for the team who like that 2 goal cushion. Tampa seem to stand out more than anyone else for that.

Alright I am actually away for the weekend and typing these on my Tablet so write ups will be short lets get to it

Senators vs Leafs Betting Tips

Tricky one. With the way the Sens are playing you want to tip them blindly but then the Battle of Ontario is usually a blind over bet based on the odds.

This one is actually causing me a lot of problems trying to figure out what to go for here. Sens are playing exceptional hockey but you can often throw the form guide out the window for this sort of game.

I think I will go with Sens in regulation at 1.70 odds. It is just hard to ignore the form of both teams despite what game it is.

And honestly that is all I am going to take tonight. I dont have access to my usual array of tools and trying to do these on a tablet while also looking stuff up on my phone and ugh it is hard. I guess Rangers in regulation too actually is probably fine.

Good luck tonight. Sorry I couldnt provide more tips.

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