avatar Written by Graeme on Monday, May 12th, 2014

Hope everyone in North America had a great Mothers day. It was a bittersweet day for Martin St. Louis that’s for sure – losing his mother, but then scoring the goal that started the Rangers off on a rout of the Pittsburgh Penguins to tie the series and go to a Game 7.

Blackhawks came back from 1-0 down to win the game 2-1 and go up 3-2 in the series.

Tonight – Monday May 12th, we have Game 6 in the Bruins vs Montreal series, which takes place in Montreal at the Centre Bell. Then we have Game 5 in the bizarre Kings vs Ducks series as the Ducks have fought back and have momentum going into that one.

Let’s look at both games tonight:

Bruins vs Habs Betting Tips:

The first thing you have to look at is the Over. I was unlucky in that I tipped the Over 5 in Game 4 and that’s the ONLY game in this series that has went under 5 thus far.

1.90 odds for the Over 5 goals – I don’t know how you can’t bet that based on the previous games.

I also think the Canadiens to win you need to go for too – value bet of 2.15 there. 2.90 in regulation is tempting, but with Habs winning in OT once and every game there being tight – I’d stick with the 2.15 there.

Kings vs Ducks Betting Tips:

What a bizarre series. Kings had all the momentum, racked up 2 wins on the road, and then lost it all. Ducks have won the last 2, tied the series up 2-2 and now THEY have the momentum.

Can the Ducks win the first home game in the series tonight?

I think you have to go with them – the only issue is 1.76 odds is quite low considering how flip floppy the series is. Personally I feel you’re getting 1.76 odds on what is a total coin flip. Maybe take the risk and go with Ducks in regulation instead. 2.30 odds there and only one game has went into OT.

If you went with Under 5 in the previous 4 games you would have won 2, and got 2 pushes. Based on that, the 1.83 odds are pretty decent – I’d expect it to be more around 1.75. But it is hockey – so that’s a tricky one that in a bizarre series I don’t know if I’d say it’s worth betting.

Screw it – stick with fantasy hockey for tonight when it comes to that series.

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Duglas Fowts

While your tips are generally okay, it seems like you are far too biased when it comes to the Canadiens. Bruins have clearly shown to be a better team, however you seldom pick them to win here. A good handicapper leaves his emotions behind when making picks..something to think about!


Nah emotions are left behind with the Habs so don’t worry about that – Scott is the one that handles the Habs picks and Graeme handles Blackhawks games. So far this series we’ve picked the Habs twice and the Bruins once – both Habs picks were due to the value. Last time out they were 2.65 including OT/SO which was way too high, and after the way they played in Montreal in Game 3 and having 2 wins already in what could be the final game of the series – to have them as underdogs tonight at home it’s worth betting them there.

Phil Porter

Nice call with the Canadiens. Going to be a great game 7. Strange how the team who is “clearly” better couldn’t finish them off before now

Duglas Fowts

Good pick last night, would help if the Bruins hadn’t hit 15 posts this series. Puck luck has clearly gone the other way.

Phil, you’re going to be eating your words after a game 7 Bruins win! Watch and see my friend!