avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Last nights tips were like going out for a nice steak dinner and having some wonderful draft beer…then leaving the pub and stepping straight into a puddle.

We went 2-1 for a winning night, but wow did we ever have the losing tip to end all losing tips. We tipped the Blue Jackets to beat the Oilers and……..yeah, “wow” pretty much sums that game up.

The Blackhawks offense was nowhere to be found but the Avs more than made up for it by hammering in the goals to put us over. I’m heading to the Blackhawks vs Oilers game on Monday and based on the performance of both those teams last night – it should be a good one.

Our other win was the LA Kings, who made easy work of Tampa Bay.

Tonight there are 4 games on the board. We should also have our BetNHL Divisional December contest posted either today or tomorrow so keep an eye out for that. A cool and free way to win some cash prizes.

Wild vs Senators: Wild To Win

Minnesota have been a beast at home, but on the road is a different story. They had a really bad outing last night against my Habs, losing 6-2.

Wild have been playing great but getting a bit over-confident and that win grounded them. Stylistically, we like the Wild when matched up against the Sens.

This game could just be a case of one team showing up and the other doesn’t – but the Wild slowed down a bit versus the Habs in the 3rd period. You really got the sense they were accepting defeat, and resting themselves for tonights game.

We’re backing the Wild to win for 1.86 odds at Bovada for Americans and http://www.Bet365.com for everyone else..

Blue Jackets vs Flames: Over 5.5

Calgary are usually good for goals, and going up against the Columbus Blue Jackets – who they defeated 4-3 at the beginning of the season there is a good sign that we will get the goals tonight.

We like this one to go over. Back that at http://www.5Dimes.eu for Americans(Need to register to see lines) and and http://www.Bet365.com for everyone else..

That’s it for the tips tonight. Ducks vs Devils is a really tough one that could go either way – Devils are slightly appealing at 2.40 odds, but the Ducks home record is just too scary. Penguins vs Capitals? Just incredibly tight. If you want an entertainment bet with that, bet the Tie at http://www.Bovada.lv for Americans and http://www.Bodog.eu for everyone else. for 3.80 odds. That means it needs to be a tie at the end of regulation time. Or for shorter odds, bet Goal before 9:30 at http://www.carbonsports.ag which Scott suggested.

That’s actually quite a fun bet too because as soon as one team scores you’re cheering on the other, then when it’s tied you’re cheering no goals etc.

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Hello guys, just a friendly advice ๐Ÿ™‚ As you already know, tradition is very important in the NHL so betting on Toronto to win in Vancouver 2-3 weeks ago, Columbus yesterday and Minnesota today is risky move. Toronto hasn’t won in Vancouver for 8-9 years, Columbus hasn’t won in Edmonton for five straight games in three years and Minnesota hasn’t won a game against Ottawa in 2-3 years. I agree that they should have won but maybe we should take traditions more seriously before we place our bets ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work


Hi Sam,

Oh we respect tradition for sure – but it’s something that really shouldn’t factor into betting as much as you suggest. For example Minnesota and Ottawa have played what – 3 times in the last 4 years? With all the changes in the teams over the years that really shouldn’t be a factor. And yes the Leafs hadn’t won in Vancouver in 9 years – but you have to remember for many of those years the Leafs have just plain sucked. On top of that – you’re talking about a period that includes the likes of Belfour, Domi, Sundin and Eric Lindros playing for the Leafs.

Tradition is important but we don’t feel results or trends from years ago should be a factor, considering how much not just the teams have changed, but the game has changed too.


Well Minnesota won so hopefully you will have another winning night since Columbus and Calgary should go over. I won my bet for tonight-goal before 9:30 in the same game. Good luck to you and like I said, I like your bets and keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚